Installation And Vibration Detection Method Of Ntn Imported Bearing
Installation And Vibration Detection Method Of Ntn Imported Bearing
Whether Skf Imported Bearings Are Installed Correctly Affects The Accuracy, Service Life And Performance
Whether Skf Imported Bearings Are Installed Correctly Affects The Accuracy, Service Life And Performance

Analysis Of Installation And Disassembly Skills Of Ina Bearing

Analysis Of Installation 

Installation method of INA Bearing

INA Bearing Installation: whether ina bearing is installed correctly affects accuracy, service life and Analysis Of Installation performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the installation of INA Bearing. It is hoped that the installation will be carried out according to the operating standards. Items of operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) Clean INA Bearing and its related parts;

(2) Check the size and finish machining of related parts;

(3) Installation;

(4) Inspection after installing ina bearing;

(5) Supply lubricant.

It is hoped that the INA Bearing package will be opened just before installation. General grease Analysis Of Installation lubrication, do not clean, directly fill with grease. For lubrication with lubricating oil, it is not necessary to clean in general. However, ina bearings for instrument or high-speed use should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the rust inhibitor coated on ina bearings. ‘

INA Bearing with rust inhibitor removed is easy to rust, so it cannot be placed regardless. In addition, ina bearings sealed with grease can be used directly without cleaning. The installation method of INA Bearing varies according to the structure, fit and conditions of INA Bearing. Generally, because it is mostly shaft rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit.

Cylindrical bore ina bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot installed. In the case of taper hole, it Analysis Of Installation can be directly installed on the taper shaft or installed with sleeve.

When it is installed on the shell, there is usually more clearance fit, and the outer ring has interference. It is usually pressed in by a press, or there is a cold shrinkage fit method for installation after cooling. When dry ice is used as coolant and cold shrinkage is used for installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of INA Bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti rust measures are required.

Analysis Of Installation And Disassembly Skills Of Ina Bearing

Disassembly skills of INA Bearing

The disassembly of INA Bearing shall be carried out with the same care as the installation. Pay attention not to damage ina bearings and parts, especially the disassembly of Analysis Of Installation interference fit ina bearings, which is difficult to operate. Therefore, in the design stage,

it is necessary to consider the convenience of disassembly in advance, and it is also very important to design and manufacture disassembly tools according to needs. During disassembly, the disassembly method and sequence shall be studied according to the drawings, and the matching conditions of INA Bearing shall be investigated, so as to ensure the safe disassembly operation.

1. Removal of outer ring

Remove the outer ring of the interference fit. Set several outer ring extrusion screws on the circumference of the shell in advance. Tighten the screws equally while removing. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings and other separated ina bearings. Several notches are set on the housing shoulder. Use cushion blocks, disassemble with a press, or knock gently.

2. Disassembly of cylindrical bore bearing

The inner ring can be easily removed by pressure machinery. At this time, Analysis Of Installation pay attention to make the inner ring bear its pulling force.

The inner ring of large ina bearing is disassembled by oil pressure method. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole arranged on the shaft to make it easy to pull out. The INA Bearing with large width is disassembled by the Analysis Of Installation combination of oil pressure method and drawing fixture.

The inner ring of Nu and NJ cylindrical roller bearings can be disassembled by induction heating. It is a method of drawing after heating part in a short Analysis Of Installation time to expand the inner ring.

3. Disassembly of tapered bore bearing

Disassemble the smaller INA Bearing with fixed sleeve, support the inner ring with the stop fastened on the Analysis Of Installation shaft, turn the nut back several times, and knock it with a cushion block and a hammer.

For large INA Bearing, it is easier to disassemble by oil pressure. Pressurize and send oil in the oil hole on the taper hole shaft to expand the inner ring and disassemble the INA Bearing. In operation, INA Bearing may come out suddenly. It is better to use the nut as a stop.