Daily Maintenance Of Fag Sliding Bearing
Daily Maintenance Of Fag Sliding Bearing
Key Requirements Of Grease Injection Quantity For Fag Thin Wall Bearing Lubrication
Key Requirements Of Grease Injection Quantity For Fag Thin Wall Bearing Lubrication

Cause Analysis Of Noise In Raceway Of Iko Thrust Ball Bearing And Anti Rust Maintenance Method

Anti Rust Maintenance Method

1、 Cause analysis of bearing raceway noise

a. Noise and vibration are random;

b. The vibration frequency is above 1kHz;

c. No matter how the rotating speed changes, the main frequency of noise is almost unchanged, while the sound pressure level increases with the increase of rotating speed;

d. When the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increases sharply;

e. When the rigidity of the bearing pedestal increases, the lower the total sound pressure level is, and even if the speed increases, the Anti Rust Maintenance total sound pressure level does not increase much;

f. The higher the viscosity of lubricant, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, its viscosity and the shape and size of soap fiber can affect the noise value.

The sound generation source of raceway is caused by the natural vibration of ferrule after being loaded. The elastic contact between the ferrule and the rolling body Anti Rust Maintenance constitutes a nonlinear vibration system.

When the lubrication or machining accuracy is not high, the natural vibration related to this elastic feature will be excited, and when it is transmitted to the air, it will become noise. As we all know, even if IKO bearing parts are processed with contemporary superb manufacturing technology,

there will always be small geometric errors in varying degrees on the working surface, resulting in small fluctuations between the raceway Anti Rust Maintenance and the rolling body and exciting the natural vibration of the vibration system.

Cause Analysis Of Noise In Raceway Of Iko Thrust Ball Bearing And Anti Rust Maintenance Method

Although the raceway noise of thrust ball bearing is inevitable, the working surface of parts can be Anti Rust Maintenance machined with high precision, IKO bearings can be selected correctly and bearings can be used accurately to reduce noise and vibration.

2、 Rust prevention maintenance method

1. Immersion method: IKO bearing Anti Rust Maintenance is immersed in antirust grease and a layer of antirust grease is adhered to its surface. The thickness of oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of antirust grease.

2. Brush coating method: it is used for IKO bearings or bearings with Anti Rust Maintenance special shapes that are not suitable for soaking or spraying. During brush coating, attention should be paid not only to avoid accumulation of antirust oil, but also to prevent missing coating.

3. Spray method: some large thrust ball bearings can not be oiled with immersion method. Generally, the filter compressed air of about Anti Rust Maintenance 0.7Mpa pressure is used for spraying in the clean air area.

Spray method is suitable for solvent dilution antirust oil or thin layer Anti Rust Maintenance antirust oil, but must adopt perfect fire protection and labor protection measures.

Failure prediction and prevention of IKO outer spherical bearing

Common Maintenance Methods For Prolonging The Service Life Of Ina Micro Bearing

1. Ways to predict and prevent early bearing failure

In important mechanical equipment, the service life of spherical bearings is an important index. It is very necessary to understand and Anti Rust Maintenance master the working state of IKO bearings, predict and prevent early failure of bearings. There are usually the following main ways.

(1) Adopt advanced technology to improve the service life and reliability of bearings. Including structural optimization design, reform of processing technology, selection and refinement of materials, lubrication with high efficiency and cleanliness, fine assembly and installation, etc.

(2) Strengthen the quality inspection and supervision of bearing products to ensure that the quality of outer spherical bearing products meets relevant standards or design requirements.

(3) Strengthen the monitoring and diagnosis of IKO bearing working state, find abnormalities as soon as possible, and take preventive measures to prevent major losses that may be caused by sudden accidents.

2. Fault diagnosis and detection system

Modern IKO bearing fault diagnosis technology is associated with precise test system and monitoring means. At present, there are several mature detection systems in practical application.

(1) Bearing pulse side vibration device

After bearing fatigue wear (or fatigue peeling), vibration is generated, and the receiver converts the mechanical pulse signal into electrical signal and amplifies it. When the number of pulses exceeds the normal range and reaches a sudden change, an alarm shall be given immediately and the outer spherical bearing shall be stopped.

(2) Bearing temperature alarm device

Poor lubrication, surface wear or fatigue of IKO bearing will make the surface heat. When the heat reaches a certain limit temperature, the alarm will be given and the bearing will stop running.

(3) Regularly detect the current state of the bearing in operation, find or monitor the existing defects and development trend.

(4) Ferrography diagnosis

Regularly take the lubricating grease samples of the working outer spherical bearing, and use the Ferrograph to detect the number, size and shape characteristics of the wear particles, which can find the degree of fatigue and wear and the signs of IKO bearing failure.

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