Correct Assembly And Disassembly Method Of Timken Bearing During Use
Correct Assembly And Disassembly Method Of Timken Bearing During Use
Accurate Installation Can Effectively Control The Noise Of Ina Imported Bearing
Accurate Installation Can Effectively Control The Noise Of Ina Imported Bearing

Precautions For Installation And Disassembly Of Tower Crane

Tower Crane

For the use of tower crane, the technical bearing preparation before installation, the preparation of installation personnel, installation matters and disassembly precautions are very important. These attention details can ensure the service performance of tower crane and prolong the service life of tower crane. Precautions for installation and disassembly of tower crane:

Technical preparations and precautions before installation of tower crane:

(1) Check the main control items of foundation construction quality according to the requirements of tower crane instructions and foundation design data. Detect the geometric dimension error of tower crane foundation, and measure the horizontal error within the allowable range for sizing block. The tower crane foundation construction shall meet the strength requirements in this scheme.

(2) Understand the technical conditions of the crane for installation in detail. The operator shall stand by. The technical director shall explain the installation process and the size, weight and height of the main components to the crane driver, and jointly agree on the main technical parameters such as the parking position of the crane, boom length and elevation angle.

(3) The person in charge of installation shall convene the installation personnel, crane crew and hoisting commander to hold a meeting to jointly explain and implement the technical measures, and specifically specify the person in charge of crane foot support operation. The foot support must be solid.

Precautions For Installation And Disassembly Of Tower Crane

Preparation of personnel and tools before installation of tower crane:

(1) Foundation construction: the foundation setting shall be ensured according to the tower foundation position determined in the construction scheme, the foundation bearing capacity shall be ≥ 200kn / ㎡,

the concrete shall be dense, and the position deviation of the anchor bolt shall be ≤ 2mm (the anchor bolt shall be processed according to the drawing requirements in the operation manual or the construction scheme before installation). Before installing the tower crane, the strength of the foundation concrete shall reach more than 90%.

(2) The concrete strength at the force of the attachment frame shall be ≥ 70%, and the embedded position deviation of the embedded parts shall be ≤ 5mm.

(3) The power box shall be installed on the construction site according to the three-level protection standard.

(4) Before installation, the tower crane must be overhauled to ensure good performance. The construction site must be open and flat, the road must be flat and compacted, and there must be enough installation personnel.

(5) Prepare hoisting machinery, installation tools, auxiliary equipment and technical data

(6) Before installation, the installation and disassembly scheme must be submitted to the competent department of the industry for approval before installation and disassembly.

Precautions for tower crane disassembly:

(1) Before dismantling, the project leader shall organize all dismantling personnel to re learn the operation technical measures, carry out technical disclosure and implement each work. A special person shall be designated to take charge and delimit the area. Non staff are not allowed to enter the work area and reinforce the wall frame and connecting bolts.

(2) The disassembly operators shall have a clear division of responsibilities and stick to their posts. They must concentrate on their work and observe the descending dynamics of the upper part of the tower crane. If there is any situation, stop the machine immediately for inspection. The disassembly shall not be continued until the fault is eliminated.

(3) Operators working at heights must fasten their belts, wear anti-skid shoes and hats.

(4) Check the operation of the hydraulic system to ensure that it is stable and normal without jamming, loopholes, etc.

(5) If the tower body is not lowered to the specified height, the wall attachment device shall not be removed first