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Rust Prevention And Maintenance Methods Of Fag Imported Bearings
Rust Prevention And Maintenance Methods Of Fag Imported Bearings
Daily Maintenance Of Ina Bearing StabilityDaily Maintenance Of Ina Bearing Stability
Daily Maintenance Of Ina Bearing Stability

Causes Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance Methods

Simple Maintenance Methods

If the fag imported bearing is installed askew, the ball will not roll in the correct position of the Simple Maintenance bearing raceway, and even cause the large axial force between the end face of the ball and the inner race and outer race stop of the fag imported bearing seat, resulting in overheating of the bearing.

It takes a lot of effort to check the abnormal bearing. The heating of Simple Maintenance the limestone crusher bearing of LY Company is this kind of situation. The solution is to suck the dial indicator on the shaft and hit the needle on the outer ring end face of the fag imported bearing.

Check the end face runout in one week. Generally, the end face runout value is controlled within Simple Maintenance 0.05. You can also directly check the clearance on the left and right sides of fag inlet bearing with feeler gauge.

The fit between the fag imported bearing inner hole and the shaft adopts the base hole system, and the fit between the bearing outer circle and the bearing seat hole Simple Maintenance adopts the base shaft system. Generally, under normal load, the shaft is matched with the fag inlet bearing inner race

by J5, js5, js6, K5, K6 and M6, and the fag inlet bearing seat hole is matched with the bearing outer race by J6 and J7. The rotating seat ring usually adopts Simple Maintenance interference fit, which can prevent the seat ring from rolling and sliding on the mating surface of shaft diameter and bearing seat hole under load.

However, sometimes, due to the inaccurate measurement of shaft diameter and bearing seat hole size or the roughness of mating Simple Maintenance surface does not meet the standard requirements, resulting in excessive interference fit and great extrusion of bearing race,

resulting in the reduction of radial clearance of fag imported bearing itself, making it difficult for fag imported bearing to rotate, heat, intensify wear or jam, and in Simple Maintenance serious cases, it will cause the internal and external race of bearing during installation

Causes Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance MethodsCauses Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance Methods

crack. The non rotating seat ring often adopts the fit with small clearance or interference.

In this way, the non rotating seat ring may produce small crawling, so that the contact surface Simple Maintenance between the seat ring and the rolling element is constantly replaced, and the wear of the seat ring raceway is uniform.

At the same time, it can also eliminate the axial jamming of the rolling element in the fag inlet bearing due to the thermal elongation of the shaft.

However, excessive clearance fit will make the non rotating race rotate with the rolling element, resulting in serious wear between the shaft (or bearing seat hole) and the inner race (or outer race), resulting in friction, heating and vibration of fag inlet bearing.

1. The accuracy of rolling bearing is low. Solution: select fag imported bearing with specified accuracy grade.

2. The main shaft is bent or the box hole is not concentric. Box or spindle repair method.

3. The belt is too tight. Solution: adjust the belt to ensure proper tightness.

4. Poor lubrication. Solution: select the lubricating data of the specified brand and clean it properly.

5. Low assembly quality. Solution: improve the assembly quality.

6 rolling fag inlet bearing inner shell race. Solution: replace the imported bearing of rolling fag and relevant wear parts, correct the diameter of impeller balance hole and verify the static balance value

7. The axial force is too large. Solution: clean and adjust the clearance of sealing ring between 0.20.3mm

8. The rolling bearing is damaged. Solution: replace the rolling bearing fag.

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