Installation Method Of Tapered Hole Bearing In Skf Bearing
Installation Method Of Tapered Hole Bearing In Skf Bearing
Disassembly And Installation Skills Of Iko Bearing
Disassembly And Installation Skills Of Iko Bearing

Five Causes Of Timken Bearing Overheating

Timken Bearing Overheating

The inspection of Timken bearing should be carried out under the astigmatism lamp, and the appearance, cracks and other Timken Bearing Overheating parts of Timken bearing should be carefully observed.

1. Peeling and folding:

The local combination of these two defects with the base metal is not firm, and decarburization or carbon deficiency often exists around them to varying degrees. The material is easy Timken Bearing Overheating to collapse, dent or wear, which is very unfavorable to the service life and accuracy of Timken bearing.

2. Riveting or welding quality of cage:

Mainly observe whether the rivet head is offset, skewed, loose, missing meat or double eyelid, whether the welding position is correct, whether the Timken Bearing Overheating welding spot is too large or too small, and whether the rolling element is stuck due to loose welding or excessive welding.

The above items are the key inspection parts in the inspection of skftimken bearings. In addition to the above inspection parts, in addition, if the typing quality is poor, such as Timken Bearing Overheating blurred and damaged handwriting, they should be considered defective, and the serious ones can not be accepted.

Five Causes Of Timken Bearing Overheating

3. Rust, black skin and pitting:

The latter two are defects that are easy to store moisture and dirt, and are easy to develop into corrosion. Corrosion is the pollution source Timken Bearing Overheating leading to poor installation, early wear and fatigue. Serious corrosion will scrap Timken bearings.

4. Various mechanical scars:

Such as abrasion, scratch, crush, collision, etc., will cause poor Timken Bearing Overheating installation of Timken bearing, cause eccentric load and stress concentration, and reduce rotation accuracy and service life.

5. Various cracks:

Such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks. These cracks will become a source of stress Timken Bearing Overheating concentration and expand rapidly in the future operation of Timken bearing, resulting in the rupture of Timken bearing,

which has a great impact on the service life and workability of Timken bearing. In fact, Timken bearing Timken Bearing Overheating factory has conducted 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection on its components for Timken bearings with important applications.

The tapered hole bearing can be directly installed on the tapered journal, or it can be installed on the cylindrical journal with the tightening sleeve and disassembly sleeve as the intermediary. However, in any case, the interference of the inner ring of the tapered hole can be measured according to the reduction of the clearance of SKF Bearing.

The reduction of radial clearance

is the difference between the radial clearance of SKF Bearing before and after installation. The original radial clearance of SKF Bearing shall be measured before installation, and the clearance shall be measured frequently during installation until the radial clearance reduction corresponding to the ideal interference is achieved

The measurement of radial clearance reduction can also be replaced by the measurement of the propulsion of SKF Bearing on conical journal. For the standard taper of 1:12, the reduction of radial clearance is about 1 / 15 of the axial thrust. In this proportion, for the solid shaft, the interference of the mating surface is only 75% ~ 85%, which plays a role in expanding the inner ring.

The reduction of radial clearance of large spherical roller SKF Bearing and cylindrical roller bearing is usually measured with feeler gauge. Note that for spherical roller SKF Bearing, the radial clearance at the two rows of rollers must be measured from the two end faces respectively. Only when the clearance value at the two rows of rollers is the same, can the inner ring and outer ring be relatively positive.