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Analysis of noise detection technology of INA needle roller bearing raceway
Analysis of noise detection technology of high quality INA needle roller bearing raceway
Rolling mill NSK bearings
About the characteristics of the internal clearance of NSK bearings

Cement machinery SKF import bearing

Damage to Cement machinery SKF bearing is very common, because cement manufacturing tends to wear and tear on these machinery and equipment. How to better understand its vulnerable parts better production is what we are concerned about! Machinery and equipment of the Cement machinery SKF bearing is a fragile parts, its operating condition is good directly affect the performance of the whole equipment. Cement machinery and equipment, from the early failure of rolling Cement machinery SKF bearing lead to equipment failure in many cases. Therefore, to find out the root cause of the failure, take remedial measures to eliminate the failure, is one of the keys to improve the operation rate of the system.

CTBU Class G 7 x 9 bearings
Cement machinery SKF import bearing

Identifying the root cause of faults and taking remedial action to eliminate them is one of the keys to improving system availability

  • Overheating. Roller raceway, steel ball or keeper change colour, indicating that the Cement machinery SKF bearing overheating. The rise of temperature will make the lubricant role is reduced, so that oil lubrication is not easy to form or completely disappear. The temperature is too high, will make the raceway and steel ball material annealing, hardness decline. This is mainly unfavourable heat dissipation or heavy load, high speed in the case of cooling is not sufficient to cause. The solution is adequate heat dissipation and additional cooling.
  • Overloading. Serious surface spalling and wear, indicating the rolling Cement machinery SKF bearing due to overload caused by early fatigue failure (in addition to fit too tight will also cause a certain degree of fatigue). Overload will also cause serious import bearing ball raceway wear, large area spalling and sometimes accompanied by overheating phenomenon. The remedy is to reduce the Cement machinery SKF bearing load or improve the import bearing bearing capacity.
  • Low load vibration corrosion. In the axial position of each steel ball oval wear marks, which indicates that when the Cement machinery SKF import bearing does not work and does not produce lubricating oil film, by the external vibration of excessive or low load vibration caused by failure. The remedy is to make the import bearing vibration isolation or in the import bearing grease add anti-wear additives, etc.

SKF Bearing Damage Analysis and Remedial Measures

  • Rolling Cement machinery SKF bearing damage form analysis and remedial measures B, rolling import bearing vibration analysis
  • The typical way in which a rolling Cement machinery SKF bearing fails is by simple fatigue spalling of its rolling contact. This spalling, spalling surface area of about 2mm, depth up to 0.2mm ~ 0.3mm can be detected through the monitoring instrument vibration to determine. Spalling may occur on the surface of the inner seat ring, outer seat ring or rolling body. Among them, the inner seat ring because of high contact stress, the occurrence of rupture is more often.
  • Among the various diagnostic techniques used for rolling inlet bearings, the vibration monitor method is still the main one
  • In general, the time domain analysis method is relatively simple, suitable for occasions with little noise interference, and is a good method for simple diagnosis; among the frequency domain diagnosis methods, the resonance demodulation method is mature and reliable, and is suitable for precision diagnosis of Cement machinery bearing faults; the time-frequency analysis method is similar to the resonance demodulation method, and can correctly delineate the time and frequency characteristics of the fault signal, which is more superior.
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