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Precautions for Koyo bearing selection
simple rolling NTN bearings
Identification method of simple rolling NTN bearings

Function and structural characteristics of INA Bearing Cage

  1. Many customers may sometimes have such questions when using ina bearings. Why do some ina bearings have cages while others do not.

  2. Ina bearings (especially rolling ina bearings) are divided into two structures with and without cages. Among them, large ina bearings are generally required to bear large loads, often without cages, but filled with rolling elements between the inner and outer raceways. Most small and medium-sized rolling ina bearings are equipped with cages.

  3. In the processing process of characteristics of INA Bearing Cage, how do the outer ring, inner ring, rolling element and cage of INA Bearing fit together. To put it simply, first put the inner and outer rings of characteristics of INA Bearing Cage, put the inner ring aside, then put the rolling element (put it aside), then adjust the position of the rolling element, and then put the cage.Cage is also involved in the processing of INA Bearing, so what role does characteristics of INA Bearing Cage play?

characteristics of INA Bearing Cage
characteristics of INA Bearing Cage
characteristics of INA Bearing Cage

The purpose of the characteristics of INA Bearing Cage

  1. And drive the rolling body to roll on the correct raceway;

  2. The cage separates the rolling elements at an equal distance and evenly distributes them on the circumference of the raceway to prevent the rolling elements from colliding and rubbing each other during operation;

  3.  In the separate characteristics of INA Bearing Cage, the rolling element and a ferrule are combined to prevent the rolling element from falling off.

  4. Ina bearing is called window, which is used to isolate the rolling element. The pocket clearance makes the cage have a certain amount of activity in the radial and axial directions. The total amount of activity in the radial direction is called the clearance of the cage.

  5. There are many structural types and complex shapes in roller cages. There are many equally spaced pockets on the cage. The shape of the pockets is spherical, circular, elliptical, rectangular and toothed, and its size is larger than the size of the rolling body. The difference between the two is the pocket gap characteristics of INA Bearing Cage. Sometimes, the connecting part between the windows of the rolling cage is called lintel, which plays the role of connecting and increasing the strength of the cage.

Maintenance judgment method of characteristics of INA Bearing Cage

Using the bearing working state monitoring instrument
  1. It is a convenient and reliable method to judge the working state characteristics of INA Bearing Cage and decide when the bearing should be repaired by using a Ferrograph or SPM or i-id-1 bearing working state monitoring instrument.
  2. For example, when using HD-1 instrument, when the pointer approaches the dangerous area from the warning area, and the pointer does not return after taking measures to improve lubrication, it can be determined that it is the problem of the embedded solid lubricated bearing itself. At this time, the bearing can be reported for repair before entering the dangerous area. How far away from the dangerous area to start the repair can be adjusted by experience.
  3. Using such an instrument, we can make full use of the working potential of the bearing, report the bearing for repair in time, and avoid faults, which is economical.

Maintenance judgment method of characteristics of INA Bearing Cage

Monitor with simple tools
  1. In the absence of the above instruments, the operator can hold a round bar or wrench and other tools to collide with the machine shell close to the INA Bearing, put his ear on the tool and monitor the sound of the embedded solid lubrication shaft transmitted by the tool. Of course, it can also be modified with a medical stethoscope.
  2. Normal bearing operation sound should be uniform, stable and not harsh, while abnormal bearing operation sound has various intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First, get used to the normal ina shaft rotation sound, and then you can grasp and judge the abnormal bearing operation sound. Then, through the accumulation of practical experience, you can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomenon characteristics of INA Bearing Cage. There are many kinds of abnormal sounds of inlaid solid lubricated bearings, which are difficult to speak and mainly depend on experience accumulation.
  3. Bearing maintenance: bearing cleaning: when disassembling the lower bearing for maintenance, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual amount of smoothing agent, and then wash the bearing after sampling the smoothing agent used for inspection. As a cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used.

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