Type Of Iko Bearing Used For Radiator
Type Of Iko Bearing Used For Radiator
Selection Requirements Of Long Life Timken Bearing
Selection Requirements Of Long Life Timken Bearing

Several Characteristics And Characteristics Of Timken Bearing Are Analyzed

Types and characteristics of Timken bearing

I type of sliding Characteristics Of Timken bearing Or called radial sliding Timken bearing, 1. Sliding Timken bearing is divided into centripetal sliding Timken bearing according to the accepted load. Mainly accept radial load; Thrust sliding Timken bearing mainly accepts axial load.

2. Sliding Characteristics Of Timken Bearing is suitable

for places with low speed, high precision, heavy load and structural requirements. Compared with sliding Characteristics Of  Timken bearings, rolling Timken bearings are rolling friction.

Its contact surface is small (ball Timken bearing is point contact and roller Characteristics Of Timken Bearing is line contact), with low friction coefficient, less heating, less wear and good precision persistence. It is suitable for operation at higher speed, but its bearing capacity is slightly poor and its vibration resistance is poor.

3. Centripetal sliding Characteristics Of Timken Bearing imported bearing

there are two types of centripetal sliding Characteristics Of Timken Bearing: integral type and split type.

Several Characteristics And Characteristics Of Timken Bearing Are Analyzed

II characteristics of sliding Characteristics Of Timken Bearing

It has large contact surface, simple structure, small volume, strong bearing capacity and good vibration resistance, but it has large friction coefficient, easy to heat and needs sufficient lubrication. Sliding Characteristics Of Timken Bearing is sliding friction. Suitable for low speed and heavy load.

2) Types of rolling Characteristics Of Timken Bearing

I type of rolling Characteristics Of Timken Bearing. Rolling Timken bearings are usually classified according to the direction of load and the shape of rolling element 1.

It is divided into centripetal Timken bearing and thrust Characteristics Of Timken Bearing according to the load receiving direction 2 according to the shape of rolling element, it is divided into ball Timken bearing and roller Timken bearing. Rollers are divided into cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, spherical rollers and needle rollers. II characteristics of Timken rolling bearings

Type of IKO bearing used for radiator

In the bearing machinery industry,

there are many types of IKO bearings, but there are few types of IKO bearings used on radiators: sleeve bearings, ball bearings, magnetic bearings, water wave bearings, magnetic core bearings, etc. Among them, magnetic bearing, water wave bearing, magnetic core bearing and Laifu bearing are also improved from the above two sleeve bearings and rolling bearings, and the working principle has not changed. At present, IKO bearings mainly used in ordinary air-cooled radiators include oil bearing and ball bearing.

Oil containing IKO bearing is a sleeve bearing with sliding friction.

Lubricating oil is used as lubricant and drag reducer. At the beginning of use, the working noise is low and the manufacturing cost is low. However, IKO bearing is seriously worn and its service life is much lower than that of ball bearing. Moreover, the IKO bearing has been used for a long time. Due to the oil seal, the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize, and the dust will enter the IKO bearing, which will cause problems such as reduced fan speed and increased noise. In serious cases, the fan eccentricity caused by IKO bearing wear will cause severe vibration. Affect the service life of the bearing.

The ball bearing changes the friction mode of IKO bearing and adopts the rolling friction method.

This method more effectively reduces the friction resistance of IKO bearing, effectively improves the service life of fan bearing, and therefore prolongs the service life of radiator. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is more complex, resulting in higher costs. These are probably the types of IKO bearings often used by radiators. When using them, we must choose suitable bearings, do a good job in maintenance, prolong service life and reduce production costs.

From the point of view of long life, the type selection requirements of Timken bearing are:

(1) Select Timken bearing model with high load capacity。 Timken bearing selection should take into account the price of Timken bearing, or use Timken bearing with higher load capacity but more expensive, or try to prolong its service life by using ordinary Timken bearing.

Timken bearings with high load capacity are used,

such as cylindrical roller bearings with convexity, spherical roller bearings with symmetrical rollers, reinforced tapered roller bearings and ball Timken bearings, ball Timken bearings with corrected ball groove bus, or 70000cd series Timken bearings are used to replace deep groove (single row centripetal) ball bearings, These Timken bearings with high load capacity may have higher fatigue life due to the improvement of stress distribution or the large number of rolling elements.