Comparison Of Grease Lubrication And Oil Lubrication In Rolling Fag Bearing
Comparison Of Grease Lubrication And Oil Lubrication In Rolling Fag Bearing
Technical Conditions Of Nsk Bearing Stock
Technical Conditions Of Nsk Bearing Stock

Application Of Nsk Bearing In Construction Machinery Industry

Construction Machinery Industry

There are many kinds and models of construction machinery and equipment, mainly including forklift, shovel transportation machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc.

Many modern large-scale construction machinery, such as asphalt mixing equipment, stabilized soil mixing equipment, combined crusher, etc., have a large scale, and the quality of each part is tens to hundreds of tons.

Moreover, most of the construction machinery operate in harsh environments such as sediment, gravel, rain and wind and snow, and its technical condition is bound to decline faster than that of other machinery, There will be looseness, wear, corrosion and scaling in varying degrees in the coordination between parts.

Application Of Nsk Bearing In Construction Machinery Industry

The coordination nature of each connector, the mutual position relationship between parts and the coordination of mechanism work will be affected in varying degrees, resulting in the decline of performance indexes such as power, economy and reliability, and even machine accidents.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection and technical maintenance of parts in construction machinery, especially NSK Bearings. A high-quality NSK bearing can improve the working life and efficiency of construction machinery, so as to improve the economic benefits.

Comparison Of Grease Lubrication And Oil Lubrication In Rolling Fag Bearing

Inspection Of Deterioration Method Of Nsk Bearing Grease

The advantages of using lubricating oil for rolling fag bearings are:

1) Under certain operating Construction Machinery specifications, the starting torque and friction loss of lubricating oil are significantly smaller than that of grease lubrication.

2) As the lubricating oil takes away heat in the circulation and plays a cooling role, it can make the fag Construction Machinery bearing reach a relatively high rotation speed.

3) It can ensure relatively high service temperature.

4) When changing grease, relevant connecting parts must be Construction Machinery disassembled. When lubricating with oil, there is no such trouble.

5) When the fag bearing in the reduction gearbox is lubricated Construction Machinery with lubricating oil, it is very suitable, because the oil can simultaneously lubricate the gear and fag bearing in a splash way.

6) In fag bearings, the lubricating grease is gradually contaminated by the products of product wear, abrasives, products penetrating through the sealing device from the outside and aging itself.

If it is not replaced in time, it will cause accelerated wear of fag bearings. When liquid lubricant is applied, it can be filtered to ensure its normal operation.

Advantages of grease lubrication for rolling fag bearings:

1) Individual fag bearing points must be refueled frequently by hand. If the grease is changed, it will not only save trouble, but also avoid accidents caused by lack of oil.

2) The grease itself has a sealing effect, which allows the mechanism with low sealing degree to be used to simplify the design.

3) Experience has proved that in a certain speed range (n < 20000 R / min or DN < 20000 mm. R / min), lubrication with lithium grease has lower temperature rise and longer service life of fag bearing than oil dropping method.

2. Theoretical basis of rolling fag bearing lubrication: the lubrication mechanism of rolling fag bearing belongs to the theory of elastic fluid hydrodynamic lubrication.

3. Relationship between failure types and lubrication of rolling fag bearings: most failure causes are damage caused by faulty assembly and poor sealing. A few failures are caused by wear, gluing, corrosion and overheating caused by lack or excess of lubricant or unqualified quality.

4. Basic characteristics of lubricating grease and general criteria for selecting lubricating grease:

When selecting lubricating grease, it is necessary to select the lubricating grease suitable for the service conditions (temperature, speed, load and environment, etc.), which are related to the basic characteristics of lubricating grease, and the basic characteristics of lubricating grease depend on the type of thickener and base oil.

Rolling fag bearings have both rolling friction and sliding friction. Sliding friction is caused by the deviation of rolling fag bearing on the surface curve and the deformation of fag bearing under load.

For example, between the rolling element and the ring, because the ball and the ring are not absolute rigid bodies, their contact area will always produce elastic deformation. In theory, it is point contact or line contact, but in fact, it will always become surface contact under load working conditions.

Therefore, the contact points with different diameters have different linear velocities, resulting in sliding friction. Similarly, due to various reasons, sliding friction will also occur between the rolling element and the retainer, as well as between the retainer and the inner and outer rings. The sliding friction increases with the increase of speed and load.

In order to reduce friction, wear, reduce temperature and noise, prevent the parts of fag bearing from rusting, correctly select lubricants and adopt reasonable lubrication methods,and appropriately control the amount of lubricants are important topics to improve the service life of fag bearing.

The above is the comparison of the effect of grease lubrication and oil lubrication in rolling fag bearings. I hope you can have some experience after it appears.