How to identify NTN bearing quality
How to identify NTN bearing quality
What should be paid attention to when using fag bearing
What should be paid attention to when using fag bearing

Function of deep groove ball bearing

Self aligning groove ball bearing

  • Self aligning ball bearing is a double row bearing with spherical outer race. The inner ring, ball and cage can rotate freely around the bearing center and have self-aligning property. 
  • Its centering ability can compensate the centering error, shaft deformation and bearing seat deformation. Self aligning ball bearings are suitable for transmission bearings where it is difficult to center the shaft and upper shell and the shaft is prone to deflection.
  • Self aligning ball bearing is a double row ball bearing whose outer race is processed into spherical shape and the inner race has two deep groove raceways. It has self-aligning performance. It is mainly used to bear radial load. While bearing radial load, it can also bear a small amount of axial load, but generally it can not bear pure axial load. Its limit speed is lower than that of deep groove ball bearing. 
  • This kind of bearing is mostly used on double bearing shafts that are prone to bending under load, and in parts where the double bearing seat hole cannot ensure strict coaxiality, but the relative inclination between the center line of the inner ring and the center line of the outer ring shall not exceed 3 degrees.
  • 12. The inner holes of 13, 22 and 23 series self-aligning ball bearings can be cylindrical or conical. The self-aligning ball bearing with inner hole taper of 1:12 (code suffix K) can be directly installed on the conical shaft or on the cylindrical shaft through a tight set sleeve. Fag can not only provide non sealed self-aligning ball bearings, but also provide basic types of self-aligningwith sealing covers at both ends (code suffix 2RS).

Bearing clearance of self-aligning ball bearing

  • The basic type of cylindrical hole is self-aligning ball bearing. The clearance group is ordinary group, and the bearing with larger radial clearance than ordinary group (code suffix C3) is available on cable. The basic type of tapered hole is the radial clearance of self-aligning ball bearing, which is C3 group larger than the ordinary group. 
  • The inner and outer race raceways of deep groove ball bearings are arc-shaped deep grooves, and the groove radius is slightly larger than the ball radius. It is mainly used to bear radial load and certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the function of angular contact ball bearing, can bear large axial load, and is suitable for high-speed rotation. 
  • The bearing can still work normally when the shell hole and shaft are relatively inclined by 8 ′~ 16 ′, but its service life is affected. When the rotating speed is high and thrust  is not suitable, this kind of bearing can be used to bear pure axial load.
  • Deep groove ball bearings generally use a steel plate stamping cage composed of two parts, but large-size or high-speed bearings use a solid cage. This cage is made of balls like the stamping cage. The cage of high-speed deep groove  is usually blocked by the inner ring or outer ring.
  • Compared with other types of bearings with the same size, deep groove ball bearing has small friction coefficient, low vibration and noise, high limit speed and high precision. It is the preferred bearing type for users. However, such bearings are not resistant to impact and are not suitable for bearing heavy loads.
  • Deep groove ball bearing has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. It is a kind of bearing with large production volume and wide application range. 
  • It is widely used in automobiles, household appliances, machine tools, motors, water pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery and many other fields. Its output accounts for more than 70% of the total output of bearings. It is a kind of with high output, universal use and low price in China.
  • Deep groove ball bearing is a common type of rolling bearing. The basic deep groove ball bearing is composed of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a group of retaining structures. There are two types of deep groove ball bearings: single row and double row. 
  • The type code of single row deep groove ball bearing is 6 and the code of double row deep groove ball bearing is 4. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. It is a kind of bearing with universal production and wide application.
  • Deep groove  mainly bear radial load, and can also bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When it only bears radial load, the contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has large radial clearance, it has the performance of angular contact bearing and can bear large axial load. The friction coefficient of deep groove ball bearing is very small and the limit speed is also very high.
  • Deep groove ball bearing has simple structure and is easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy compared with other types, so it is convenient for series mass production, low manufacturing cost and widespread use. In addition to the basic type, the deep groove ball bearing also has various variant structures.
  • Deep groove ball bearings can be used in gearboxes, instruments, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, traffic vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, yo yo, etc.
  • Deep groove ball bearing mainly plays the role of supporting and reducing friction in machinery, so the accuracy and noise of deep groove ball bearing are directly related to the service life of machinery. However, business personnel often encounter some customers, that is, the efficiency of deep groove ball bearings or imported deep groove ball bearings is not high, which is related to the use and selection of deep groove ball bearings. Some people may say that the use and selection of deep groove ball bearings are the business of users. I only care what users want and what I sell.
  • However, as a qualified salesperson, in addition to being proficient in their own product knowledge, they should also be proficient in the use of products, that is, doctor type sales, and the matching deep groove ball bearings selected according to the performance and service conditions of users’ supporting products.
  •  This is the professional manufacturing and sales popular among major companies in the world. This method has also achieved good results since its implementation in renben group.
Function of deep groove ball bearing

Basic types of self-aligning ball bearings


  • Selection of clearance of deep groove ball bearing: when purchasing deep groove ball bearing, users generally only tell what model and grade, and rarely put forward requirements for the clearance 
  • Business personnel must ask about the service conditions of deep groove ball bearing, in which the speed, temperature and fit tolerance of deep groove   are directly related to the selection .
  • Generally, CM clearance is adopted for motors with speed below 3500 rpm. For example, relatively large clearance is required for high-temperature and high-speed motors. After assembly, the clearance of deep groove ball bearing will be reduced due to the increase of inner hole and the reduction of outer circle. The reduction of clearance = interference × 60% (except that the deep groove ball bearing chamber is made of aluminum).
  •  For example, if the clearance of deep groove ball bearing before assembly is 0.01mm and the interference during assembly is 0.01mm, the clearance of deep groove ball bearing after assembly is 0.004mm. Theoretically, the noise and service life of deep groove ball bearing reach the state of zero clearance, but considering the problems of temperature rise in actual operation, the clearance of  assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm.
  • Selection of grease: the selection of grease is generally based on the speed, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque of  . Business personnel are required to know the performance of various greases.
  • Selection of sealing type of deep groove ball bearing: the lubrication of deep groove ball bearing can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated deep groove ball bearings are generally in the form   and grease lubricated  generally sealed with dust covers or rubber seals. 
  • The dust cover is suitable for parts with high temperature or good service environment. The seals are divided into contact seal and non-contact seal. The contact seal has good dust-proof performance but large starting torque, and the non-contact seal has small starting torque, but the sealing performance is not as good as the contact seal

Function of deep groove ball bearing

  • At present, humanistic deep groove ball bearings have been professionally manufactured in automobile motor deep groove ball bearings, household appliance motor deep groove ball bearings, motorcycle deep groove ball bearings, health care motor other industries, so that the noise and service life   can reach the state.

Precautions for use of deep groove ball bearing

  • Selection and control of tolerance of shaft and deep groove ball bearing chamber: the deep groove ball bearing shall rotate flexibly without blocking feeling after being pressed into the deep groove ball bearing. If there is obvious inflexible rotation, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance should be reduced.
  •  If the deep groove ball bearing has obvious sand feeling when rotating by hand after being pressed into the shaft, it may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, when controlling the tolerance of shaft and deep groove ball bearing chamber, it is also necessary to control the roundness. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance, not the roundness.
  • Assembly method of deep groove ball bearing: because deep groove ball bearing is a high-precision product, if it is not assembled properly, it is easy to damage the groove of deep groove ball bearing and cause damage . special mold during assembly, and can not be knocked at will. 
  • When pressing the shaft, only the small ring can be stressed, and when pressing the large ring, only the large ring can be stressed. Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is required during assembly. During press assembly, the upper and lower molds shall be outside the horizontal state. 
  • Prevention of assembly foreign matters: when the deep groove ball bearing is installed on the rotor for dynamic balance, it is easy to put the iron filings generated during dynamic balance into the deep groove ball bearing, so it is necessary to perform dynamic balance before installing. 
  • In order to facilitate assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease in the deep groove ball bearing chamber for lubrication effect during assembly, but it is often difficult for the operator to control the amount. 
  • If more oil or grease is accumulated in the deep groove ball bearing chamber, it is easy to enter the deep groove ball bearing along the shaft when the deep groove ball bearing rotates. The deep groove ball bearing chamber shall not be coated with oil or grease. If it must be coated, it shall be controlled, and there shall be no accumulation in the  chamber.
  • Prevention of paint rust: paint rust is often found in sealed motors. The sound of the motor is very good during assembly, but after being placed in the warehouse for some time, the abnormal sound of the motor becomes very large, and there is serious rust when removing   . In the past, many manufacturers thought.
  • After our continuous publicity, now the motor factory has realized that it is mainly the problem of insulating paint. This problem is mainly because the acidic substances volatilized from the insulating paint form corrosive substances at a certain temperature and humidity, which corrodes the channel of the   and leads . 
  • At present, the problem can only be to select good insulating paint and assemble after drying and ventilation for a period of time.
  • The service life of   closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It must be done well in each link in order to make the deep groove ball bearing in the running state, so as to prolong the service life .

Function of deep groove ball bearing

  • Sliding bearing is a bearing that works under sliding friction. The sliding bearing works stably, reliably and noiseless. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface of the sliding bearing is separated by the lubricating oil without direct contact.
  •  It can also greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. However, the starting friction resistance is large. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal, and the parts matching the journal are called the bearing bush. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing surface, the antifriction material layer cast on its inner surface is called bearing lining.
  •  The materials of bearing bush and bearing liner are collectively referred to as sliding bearing materials. Common sliding bearing materials include bearing alloy (also known as Babbitt alloy or white alloy), wear-resistant cast iron, copper based and aluminum based alloys, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, hardwood and carbon graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), modified Polyoxymethylene (POM), etc. 
  • Sliding bearings are generally used in low-speed and heavy-duty working conditions, or in operating parts where maintenance and lubricating oil filling are difficult.
  • Rolling bearing is a kind of precision mechanical element that changes the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, so as to reduce the friction loss. Rolling bearing is generally composed of outer ring, inner ring, rolling element and cage. The function of the inner ring is to match with the shaft and rotate with the shaft. 
  • The function of the outer ring is to match with the bearing seat and play a supporting role. The rolling element evenly distributes the rolling element between the inner ring and the outer ring with the help of the cage. Its shape, size and quantity directly affect the service performance and service life of the rolling bearing. The cage can evenly distribute the rolling element to prevent the rolling element from falling off, and the rolling element rotates for lubrication.
  • The rolling bearing has the advantages of convenient use and maintenance, reliable operation, good starting performance and high bearing capacity at medium speed. Compared with sliding bearing, rolling bearing has large radial size, poor damping capacity, low service life and large sound at high speed. 
  • The radial bearing (mainly bearing radial force) in rolling bearing is usually composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and rolling element cage. The inner ring is tightly sleeved on the journal and rotates with the shaft, and the outer ring is installed in the bearing seat hole. 
  • A raceway is arranged on the outer circumference of the inner ring and the inner circumference of the outer ring. When the inner and outer rings rotate relative to each other, the rolling elements roll on the raceway of the inner and outer rings. They are separated by cages to avoid mutual friction. The thrust bearing is divided into two parts: tight ring and movable ring. 
  • The tightening ring is tight with the shaft sleeve, and the movable ring is supported on the bearing seat. The ring and rolling element are usually made of rolling bearing steel with high strength and good wear resistance. The surface hardness after quenching shall reach HRC60 ~ 65. The holder can be made of copper or plastic alloy.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are bearing the most common type of bearing that is mainly used for pure radial loads, but also can stand radial load while small axial load.

Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, but limiting speed is high. Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, and manufacturing costs is low, widely used in transmission, instrumentation, motors, household electrical, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and engineering machinery. .

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Cooperation Brands

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Timken Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

NTN Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Koyo Deep Groove Ball Bearings

NACHI Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Parameters of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

New domestic models Old domestic model Inner diameter (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Width(mm) Cr(kN) Cor(kN) Grease lubrication speed (r/min) Oil lubrication speed (r/min) Weight (kg) View Details
6001 101 12 28 8 5.1 2.38 20000 26000 0.022
6002 102 15 32 9 5.58 2.85 19000 24000 0.03
6003 103 17 35 10 6 3.25 17000 21000 0.04
6000 100 10 26 8 4.58 1.98 22000 30000 0.019
6200 200 10 30 9 5.1 2.38 20000 26000 0.032
6201 201 12 32 10 6.82 3.05 19000 24000 0.037
6202 202 15 35 11 7.65 3.72 18000 22000 0.045
6203 203 17 40 12 9.58 4.78 16000 20000 0.065
6204 204 20 47 14 12.8 6.65 14000 18000 0.106
6205 205 25 52 15 14 7.85 13000 15000 0.128
6300 300 10 35 11 7.65 3.48 18000 24000 0.053
6301 301 12 37 12 9.72 5.08 17000 22000 0.06
6302 302 15 42 13 11.5 5.42 16000 20000 0.082
6303 303 17 47 14 13.5 6.58 15000 18000 0.115
6304 304 20 52 15 15.8 7.88 13000 16000 0.142
6305 305 25 62 17 20.6 11.3 11000 13000 0.232

Product Description of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Application of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of ball bearing.
  • They are commonly used in electric motors and household appliances, automotive motors, office machinery, automation controls, and garden and household tools. They have deep raceway grooves and their raceway dimensions are close to the dimensions of the balls running inside.
  • Deep groove ball bearings are available in many sizes, materials and varieties depending on the needs of the consumer, including special industrial applications, such as high temperature applications. High-temperature bearings can withstand temperatures up to 350°C (660°F) and are suitable for machines in the metal industry or industrial ovens.
  • They come in two designs: a single-row deep groove ball bearing with one row, and a double-row bearing with two rows of bearing balls. They can also be made in different sizes and for different loads depending on the application, from miniature ball bearings for light loads and small assemblies to large deep groove ball bearings and heavy-duty deep groove bearings.
  • Replacing deep groove ball bearings with plain bearings can bring a range of benefits, including lower costs, reduced maintenance, much lower noise at low speeds and easier mounting. Plain bearings can also have higher load capacity, simplify assembly, increase life, and reduce housing size and assembly dimensions and weight.


Motor field

Motor field

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

Wind power

Wind power





Shipping & Package of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Shipping port: Qingdao/Tianjin
Supply Ability: 100,000 pieces per month

  1. Plastic bag + single box + carton + plywood pallet
  2. Neutral industrial packaging + neutral carton packaging + pallet
  3. According to customer requirements

Why choose us

  1. Sample requirements: Contact us via email or trade manager, we will send samples according to your requirements.
  2.  World-class bearings: We provide customers with world-class quality domestically produced bearings.
  3. OEM or non-support bearings: As we have a wealth of knowledge and connections in the industry, we can easily meet any requirements for non-standard bearings.
  4. Outstanding quality of genuine products: The company has been proving that it provides 100% quality products with genuine intentions.
  5.  After-sales service and technical assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance according to customer requirements and needs.
  6. Fast delivery: The company provides on-time delivery through its streamlined supply chain.
  7.  Cost-saving: We provide long-life, anti-vibration, high-reliability bearings with high quality and better performance. This increases cost savings.
  8.  Answer customers’ questions in time: We believe that if customers are satisfied, it proves our value.
    Customers always get fast support.

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Due to their internal design, ball bearings cannot usually be disassembled down to the component level; therefore, they cannot usually be refurbished.

Solid base shells are manufactured without cavities and fillers; they are stronger than hollow bases, and there are no traps for bacteria and fungi to grow. In the thermoplastic shell, the sturdy base will not break under steam or high-pressure washing. The hollow base saves material and weight to reduce costs. Some people use epoxy resin to backfill the hollow base to eliminate the trap of bacteria breeding, but this will not increase the strength, will cause the installation surface to be uneven, and water will seep between the shell and the filling material, causing cracking.

Use particularly thermally stable bearing rings, larger internal clearance (C4), specially selected lubricants that will not decompose at high temperatures, and zinc anodized flinger. There are two basic versions of our high temperature bearings. The suffix “C4HR5” represents the bearing that can withstand 400°F, and the suffix “C4HR23” represents the bearing that can withstand 450°F.

For critical applications such as pulp and paper processing, printing and packaging, material tearing can cause expensive downtime due to excessive torque and vibration.

The two biggest factors affecting the starting and running torque of the bearing are the seal design and lubricant selection. The shaft and bearing seat fit, component accuracy and surface finish, and retainer design also have some influence.

In higher speed applications, non-contact sealing devices are usually required to minimize operating torque and heat generation, so oil baffle rings and secondary sealing devices are usually required. Flowing oil lubrication systems are usually the best solution.

After proper installation, most seated bearings only need to be relubricated regularly with a small amount of grease and checked to ensure that they operate at low temperatures, quietness, and sufficient accuracy.

This depends on many factors, such as the application’s load conditions, operating speed, duty cycle, temperature, and operating environment. The technical information section of this website provides some basic information. Our engineers can help you determine more specific theoretical life calculations.

When noise and/or operating temperature increase or operating accuracy decreases, bearings should be replaced.

Lubricant of choice
Lubrication joint type or location
Sealing materials and design options
Dimensions, suitable for housing or insert
Fixing screw options
Paint the shell in any color

Too little or too much lubricant
Incorrect lubricant type
Poor bearing installation
Improper internal clearance
Excessive load and/or speed
Extreme temperature
Movement between mounting surfaces

The noise emitted by the bearing may be caused by a combination of one or more factors, such as insufficient working clearance, excessive working clearance, changes in working clearance due to temperature, damage to the contact area, contamination, inappropriate lubricants or The raceway is damaged.

Lubricants have five basic functions for bearings:

Reduce friction
Reduce wear
Reduce temperature rise
Minimize corrosion
Seal contaminants

We do not recommend mixing grease. Mixing incompatible greases will cause the mixture to harden, preventing it from releasing any oil. Mixing incompatible greases can also soften the mixture, which releases all the oil. In either case, the mixture will not be able to properly lubricate the bearing. We strongly recommend using the same type of grease originally provided with the bearing.

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