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Factors affecting the service life of imported bearings and control methods
Function and structural characteristics of NTN bearing cage

Fag bearing heat treatment classification and hardness testing method

  1. The hardness of the Fag bearing heat treatment workpiece shall be tested with a durometer. Phr series portable surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of surface heat-treated workpieces, and can test various surface heat-treated workpieces with an effective depth of more than 0.1mm. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use and low price. It can directly read the hardness value.

  2. Surface heat treatment is divided into two categories: one is surface quenching and tempering Fag bearing heat treatment, which uses vibration absorption or vibration isolation devices to reduce or isolate fag bearing noise.

Fag bearing heat treatment
Fag bearing heat treatment
Fag bearing heat treatment
  1. Chemical heat treatment is to make the surface of the workpiece infiltrate atoms of one or several chemical elements, so as to change the chemical composition, structure and performance of the surface of the workpiece. After quenching and low temperature tempering, the surface of the workpiece has high hardness, wear resistance and contact fatigue strength, while the core of the workpiece has high strength and toughness.
  2. The main technical parameters of chemical Fag bearing heat treatment workpiece are the depth of hardened layer and surface hardness. The depth of hardened layer should be tested by Vickers hardness tester. Check the distance from the workpiece surface to the point where the hardness drops to 50HRC. This is the effective hardening depth
  3. The surface hardness test of chemical Fag bearing heat treatment workpiece is similar to that of surface quenching heat-treatment workpiece. One kind of rolling fag bearing noise is generated by fag bearing itself, which can be tested by Vickers hardness tester, surface Rockwell hardness tester or Rockwell hardness tester. However, the thickness of nitriding thickness is relatively thin, which is generally not more than 0.7mm. At this time, Rockwell hardness tester can no longer be used.
  4. If the local hardness requirements of parts are high, induction Fag bearing heat treatment and other methods can be used for local quenching heat treatment. Such parts usually need to mark the location of local quenching heat treatment and local hardness value on the drawing. The hardness test of parts shall be carried out in the designated area. The hardness testing instrument can use Rockwell hardness tester to test the HRC hardness value. If the heat treatment hardening layer is shallow, the surface Rockwell hardness tester can be used to test the hrn hardness value.

Precautions for use of fag bearing heat treatment on running track

  1. It is the premise to ensure the service life and feasibility of the one-way bearing to select the specification, size and accuracy according to the use position, use conditions and environmental conditions, and cooperate with the appropriate Fag bearing heat treatment.
  2. Use position: the Fag bearing heat treatment is suitable for bearing the combined radial and axial load dominated by radial load. It is usually used in pairs with two sets of bearings. It is mainly used in the front and rear hubs, driving bevel gears, differential, reducer and other transmission parts of the car.
  3. Allowable speed: in the environment with correct installation and good lubrication, the allowable speed is 0.3-0.5 times the limit speed of Fag bearing heat treatment. Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate to use 0.2 times of the limit speed.

  4. Allowable inclination angle: generally, the shaft of Fag bearing heat treatment is not allowed to tilt relative to the housing hole. If there is any inclination, it is not more than 2 ‘.

Precautions for load application of fag bearing heat treatment

  1. Allowable temperature: generally, FAG bearings are allowed to work at an ambient temperature of -30 ℃ -150 ℃ under the conditions of normal load, high temperature resistance of the lubricant and sufficient lubrication.

  2. When Fag bearing heat treatment rotates, the raceway surface of inner ring and outer ring is in rolling contact with the rolling element, so the running track is a dark surface. The bearing running track attached to the raceway surface is not abnormal, so the load condition can be known. Therefore, when the bearing is removed, please pay close attention to and observe the running track of the raceway surface. If you carefully observe the running track, you will know that it only bears radial load, bears large axial load, one-way bearing bears moment load, or there is extreme rigidity inequality on the bearing housing. It can be checked whether the unexpected load is added to the bearing and whether the installation error is large, which will become a clue to investigate the cause of bearing damage.

  3. If there is no wrong choice and it can be used correctly, it will take a long time before the service life of fag bearing. In this case, the damage state is peeling. On the other hand, there is the early damage of the bearing, which is accidental and can’t stand the use. As the cause of this early damage, there are insufficient consideration on the use and lubrication, and then there are foreign matter intrusion, the error of bearing assembly and the deflection of the shaft, the insufficient Research of the bearing on the shaft and the bearing housing, etc.

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