Assembly Precautions Of Fag Linear Bearing
Assembly Precautions Of Fag Linear Bearing
Cooperative Application Method For Improving The Installation Accuracy Of Iko Linear Bearing
Cooperative Application Method For Improving The Installation Accuracy Of Iko Linear Bearing

The Installation Of Fag Roller Bearing Indirectly Affects The Service Life

Fag Roller Bearing

Whether the roller bearing is installed correctly affects the accuracy, service life and performance. Fag Roller Bearing  It is hoped that the installation will be carried out according to the operating standards. Items of operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) Check the size and finish machining of related parts;

(2) Installation;

(3) Supply lubricant.

(4) Clean the bearing and related parts of fag bearing;

(5) Inspection after installation of roller bearing;

It is hoped that the bearing package will be opened just before installation.

For lubrication with lubricating oil, it is not necessary to clean in general. However, Fag Roller Bearing  imported bearings for instrument or high-speed use shall be cleaned with clean oil to remove the antirust agent coated on fag bearings. General grease lubrication, do not clean, directly fill with grease. Moreover, the roller bearing sealed with grease can be used directly without cleaning. The roller bearing with rust inhibitor removed is easy to rust, so it can not be placed regardless.

When it is installed on the shell, there is usually more clearance fit, and the outer ring has interference. It is usually pressed in by a press, or there is a cold shrinkage fit method for installation after cooling. When dry ice is used as coolant and cold shrinkage is used for installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the roller bearing. Fag Roller Bearing  Therefore, appropriate anti rust measures are required.

The Installation Of Fag Roller Bearing Indirectly Affects The Service Life

The installation method of roller bearing varies according to the structure, fit and conditions of fag bearing. Generally, since most of them are shaft rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit. Fag Roller Bearing  In the case of taper hole, it can be directly installed on the taper shaft or installed with sleeve. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot installed.

Method for detecting installation failure of NTN self-aligning ball bearing

Method For Detecting Installation Failure Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing
The joint venture between NTN bearing and shaft is transition joint venture, Fag Roller Bearing  and the joint venture between race and bearing seat hole is clearance joint venture.

The middle shaft ring of two-way bearing shall be fixed on the shaft to avoid migration and transformation with respect to the shaft. The installation method Fag Roller Bearing  of bearing is mostly shaft modification under common conditions, so the joint venture between inner ring and shaft is win-win joint venture, and the joint venture between bearing outer ring and bearing chamber is clearance joint venture.

When installing the bearing, first fix the dial indicator on the end face of the box shell so that the contact of the dial indicator is against the raceway of the bearing shaft ring. While moving and changing the bearing, observe the pointer of the dial indicator while moving and changing.

If the pointer is deflected, it is Fag Roller Bearing clear that the shaft ring is not perpendicular to the middle line of the shaft. If the shell hole is deep, it can also be honed with an extended micrometer gauge. This is a good way to hone the perpendicularity of the shaft ring and the shaft centerline. If the bearing device is installed reversely, not only NTN bearing will not work normally, but also all joint surfaces will be seriously worn.

Because the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring is not obvious, special care should be taken in the assembly, and the Fag Roller Bearing  reverse assembly should not be present. The accurate time division of the device should be that its seat ring can actively adapt to the rolling of the rolling element and ensure that the rolling element is located in the raceway of the upper and lower circles.

In addition, a clearance of 0.2-0.5mm shall be reserved between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole of the self-aligning ball bearing to compensate for the error caused by inaccurate processing of parts and devices. When the middle of the bearing ring is offset during operation, this clearance can ensure its active adjustment, avoid contact friction and make it operate normally. Otherwise, the bearing will be seriously damaged.