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Cuscinetti radiali a sfere

Cuscinetti radiali a sfere

Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearing. Deep groove ball bearings consist of an outer ring, un anello interiore, a set of steel balls and a cage. Deep groove ball bearings are available in single row and double row. Deep groove ball structure is also divided into sealed and open type. Open type refers to bearings without a sealed structure.

As a leading bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide various types of deep groove ball bearings, imperial thrust ball bearings, as well as support metric and imperial bearing sizes.
Various sizes can also be customised according to the customer’s requirements for the bearings. If required, please email me.

Marchi di cooperazione

Prezzo cuscinetto SKF
SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearing
FAG Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Cuscinetti a sfere a gola profonda NTN
distributore di cuscinetti Timken
Cuscinetto a sfere a gola profonda TIMKEN
Cuscinetti a sfere a gola profonda KOYO
NACHI Deep Groove Ball Bearings
INA Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Cuscinetti a sfere a gola profonda UBC
è lì
IKO Deep Groove Ball Bearings
NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearing
FYH Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Parameters of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

As deep groove ball bearing manufacturers, we can provide all types of deep groove ball bearings. The most common and most easily damaged deep groove ball bearing types and parameters are listed below for your reference

Nuovi modelli domestici Vecchio modello domestico Diametro interno (mm) Diametro esterno (mm) Larghezza(mm) Cr(kN) Cor(kN) Velocità di lubrificazione a grasso (giri/min) Velocità di lubrificazione ad olio (giri/min) Il peso (kg) Visualizza dettagli
6001 101 12 28 8 5.1 2.38 20000 26000 0.022
6002 102 15 32 9 5.58 2.85 19000 24000 0.03
6003 103 17 35 10 6 3.25 17000 21000 0.04
6000 100 10 26 8 4.58 1.98 22000 30000 0.019
6200 200 10 30 9 5.1 2.38 20000 26000 0.032
6201 201 12 32 10 6.82 3.05 19000 24000 0.037
6202 202 15 35 11 7.65 3.72 18000 22000 0.045
6203 203 17 40 12 9.58 4.78 16000 20000 0.065
6204 204 20 47 14 12.8 6.65 14000 18000 0.106
6205 205 25 52 15 14 7.85 13000 15000 0.128
6300 300 10 35 11 7.65 3.48 18000 24000 0.053
6301 301 12 37 12 9.72 5.08 17000 22000 0.06
6302 302 15 42 13 11.5 5.42 16000 20000 0.082
6303 303 17 47 14 13.5 6.58 15000 18000 0.115
6304 304 20 52 15 15.8 7.88 13000 16000 0.142
6305 305 25 62 17 20.6 11.3 11000 13000 0.232

Product types, designs and variants

Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing

single deep groove ball bearings
are the most widely used roller bearing type in the world due to their versatility and comprehensive performance. They are characterised by having deep raceway grooves and the radius of the inner and outer ring arcs is slightly larger than the radius of the ball. They also have non-separable rings. Their straightforward basic design offers a number of advantages.

  • Very suitable for high speeds
  • Good radial load capacity
  • Acceptable axial load capacity in both directions
  • Low torque capacity at start-up and running speeds
  • Can be operated with low noise
  • Little maintenance required

Double row deep groove ball bearing

In terms of design, double row deep groove ball bearings are similar to ball bearing single row deep groove. Their deep, complete raceway grooves are tightly integrated with the balls, enabling the bearings to withstand radial and axial stresses. These ball bearings are ideal for bearing systems when the load carrying capacity of a single row bearing is insufficient. The deep groove double row ball bearing
in the 62 e 63 series are somewhat wider than the single row bearings in the same bore. Two-row deep groove ball bearings can only be used as open type bearings.

Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings

Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings have a higher chemical and corrosion resistance. Like the usual deep groove ball bearings, they are particularly versatile, have low friction and are optimised for low noise and vibration, enabling high speeds to be achieved. They can withstand radial and axial loads in both directions, are easy to mount and require less maintenance than many other types of bearing.

  • Greater chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Simple, versatile and robust design
  • Low friction and high speed capability
  • Withstands radial and axial loads in both directions
  • Requires little maintenance

Miniature deep groove ball bearings

Single row deep groove ball bearings with a ball filling groove have a ball filling groove on both the inner and outer rings, which can accommodate more balls than standard deep groove ball bearings.
Filled slot bearings have a higher radial load carrying capacity than bearings without filled slots, but their axial load carrying capacity is limited. They also cannot operate at the same high speeds as bearings without filled slots.
Deep groove ball bearings with filled slots are available open or with dust caps on one or both sides. They can also be supplied with or without snap ring grooves. Open type bearings with dust caps may also be supplied with recesses in the outer ring.
We can supply large size deep groove ball bearings with ball filling slots without cages on request.

Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

  1. Easy interchangeability

    Our deep groove bearings are designed as metric bearings, conform to ISO standards and are dimensionally interchangeable with our competitorsmetric products.

  2. Brass cage availability

    Deep groove ball bearings with brass cages (available in selected sizes) provide extra strength and durability under the harshest conditions: extreme shock loads, high vibration and high forces from acceleration.

  3. Motor quality for quiet running

    Deep groove ball bearings are often used in electric motor applications to minimise vibration and noise. To meet our long-established motor quality guidelines, we have designed.

  • Superfinishing of the raceways to reduce friction
  • Preferred clearance markings (C3)
  • High-performance, low-torque and low-noise premium grease

Application of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

I cuscinetti a sfere a gola profonda sono il tipo di cuscinetto più utilizzato e sono adatti a molti settori diversi. Matching the versatility of many different applications, sono disponibili in una vasta gamma di design, varianti e dimensioni. The following are examples of applications where deep groove ball bearings may be used.

Riparazione di motori elettrici
Riparazione di motori elettrici
Macchine utensili
Macchine utensili
Ricambi marini
Ricambi marini
Movimentazione materiale
Industria siderurgica
Lavorazione dei metalli
Macchine per la lavorazione degli alimenti
Imballaggio/lavorazione alimentare
Conversione e stampa della carta
Conversione e stampa della carta
Lavorazione e formatura plastica
Lavorazione e formatura plastica
Turbine eoliche
Produzione di energia
Pompe & Compressori
Pompa, Compressore e giacimento di petrolio
Robotica e automazione
Camion, rimorchi e autobus
Camion, rimorchi e autobus

Spedizione & Package of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Porto di spedizione: Qingdao/Tianjin
Capacità di fornitura: 100,000 pezzi al mese

  1. Sacchetto di plastica + scatola singola + cartone + pallet in compensato
  2. Imballaggio industriale neutro + imballaggio in cartone neutro + pallet
  3. In base alle esigenze del cliente

Prodotti caldi

Display di fabbrica e magazzino

SKF,FAG,NSK,Kbc, Sono stati prodotti NTN e altre marche di cuscinetti e cuscinetti speciali personalizzati in base alle esigenze del cliente, imballato in scatole nel nostro magazzino, e sono in attesa di essere imballati e consegnati alle tue mani. Inviaci il modello di cuscinetto di cui hai bisogno, and we will give you the best deep groove ball bearing price.



Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used type of bearing and are commonly used. They have low friction and are optimised for low noise and low vibration, resulting in high speeds. They carry radial and axial loads in both directions, are easy to mount and require less maintenance than other types of bearing.

They are available in two designs: single-row deep groove ball bearings and double-row bearings with two ball bearings. They can also be made in different sizes depending on the application and the different loads, from miniature ball bearings for light loads to large and small assemblies of deep groove ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings for heavy loads.

Deruna Bearings offers a wide range of the best deep groove ball bearings and the Instrument range of ball bearings, with over 500 types to choose from. Precision tolerances from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9 are typically available for most miniature products. Typical bore diameters for miniature ball bearings start at 3 mm and have an outside diameter of 10 mm. Customised miniature bearings are available with bearing sizes as small as 1 mm!

single row deep groove ball bearingsceramic deep groove ball bearings
double row deep groove ball bearingshigh-speed deep groove ball bearings
flanged deep groove ball bearingspreloading deep groove ball bearings
miniature deep groove ball bearingsprecision deep groove ball bearings
sealed deep groove ball bearingspaired deep groove ball bearings
hybrid deep groove ball bearingsthin section deep groove ball bearings

The most popular deep groove ball bearings in the market: 6000 series deep groove ball bearings, 6909 cuscinetti radiali a sfere, 6901 cuscinetti radiali a sfere, 6200 cuscinetti radiali a sfere, 608 cuscinetti radiali a sfere.

Versions of deep groove ball bearings

  • Fila unica of main dimensions in accordance with DIN 625-1. Beneficialall-round bearing”. Versatile.
  • Double row main dimensions in accordance with DIN 625-3. Much higher load carrying capacity than single row bearings, slightly wider.
  • Deep groove ball bearings with flanged outer ring
    Simplified locating bore for axial fixing of the bearing.
  • With groove and snap ring
    Suitable for shape-fitting axial fixing of bearings in bores.
  • Full ball set
    Without cage and maximum number of balls, with a higher load carrying capacity than deep groove ball bearings with cage of the same size.

Deep groove ball bearing material description

  • Ball bearings made of rolling bearing steel
    are extremely economical, can withstand high load ratings and are suitable for temperatures from approx. -10°C to +120°C, if rubber seals are used for long periods up to approx. +100°C. Rolling bearing steel is wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, electrically conductive and magnetic.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
    Hygienic, corrosion-resistant, lubricated mainly with grease for the food industry, provide high load ratings, are magnetic and can be used in the temperature range from approx. -20°C to +120°C in the case of rubber seals Up to +120°C in the long term
  • Hybrid bearings with ceramic balls and ceramic rings made of stainless steel or rolling bearing steel
    They are subject to less wear and tear than steel ball bearings of similar dimensions. Ceramic balls are currently insulated. Hybrid bearings are lighter than steel ball bearings of the same size, can withstand higher speeds and operate in a temperature range of approx. -20°C to +130°C if the rubber seals are up to approx. +100°C in the long term. Hybrid bearings are magnetic.
  • Ball bearings made of ceramic
    They are hard, corrosion-resistant and durable, and therefore very wear-resistant. They have good emergency running characteristics, are lighter than steel bearings of the same size, are suitable for dry running, are current-insulated, non-magnetic and can be operated at temperatures up to around +160°C. The ceramic material of the balls and the rings are heat-resistant up to approx. +800°C and the cage material up to +160°C.

Deruna Bearings is a professional manufacturer of deep groove ball bearings. Also, we are a professional bearing import and export trading company. We can provide the following miniature bearing manufacturers: NSK deep groove ball bearings, NMB deep groove ball bearings, NTN deep groove ball bearings, Timken deep groove ball bearings, Cuscinetti radiali a sfere SKF, Koyo deep groove ball bearings.

Deruna has long-standing relationships with the world’s top 20 deep groove ball bearing manufacturers. Inoltre, our deep groove ball bearings can be customised to suit your needs, so keep this in mind when choosing which products you need to order for your application.

If a deep groove ball bearing sounds like a good fit for your application, or if you have further questions about deep groove ball bearings, be sure to get in touch with us today.

DGBB can withstand axial loads in two directions, while angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial loads in one direction.

Seals and shields provide additional protection for the bearing components and help to improve and maintain lubrication. In terms of sealing performance, sealed bearings rank best, followed by shielded bearings and finally open bearings. NSK uses supplementary designations D, DU, DW and V (DD, DDU, DDW, VV) for sealed bearings and Z (ZZ) for shielded bearings. No supplementary designations are added for open bearings.

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