Bantalan rol dorong

Bantalan rol dorong

Thrust roller bearing is used to bear axial load mainly shaft, radial combined load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this kind of bearing friction factor is lower, higher speed, and has the performance of adjusting heart.

Parameters of Thrust roller bearing

Model domestik baru Model domestik lama Diameter dalam (mm) Diameter luar (mm) Lebar(mm) Cr(kn) Cor(kn) Kecepatan pelumasan gemuk (r / menit) Kecepatan pelumasan oli (r / menit) Bobot (kg) Melihat rincian
29416 9039416 80 170 54 468 1380 2000 5.91
29412 9039412 60 130 42 293 854 2700 2.61
29413 9039413 65 140 45 344 1000 2500 3.34
29414 9039414 70 150 48 378 1110 2300 4.06
29415 9039415 75 160 51 438 1270 2100 4.76
29417 9309417 85 180 58 536 1610 1900 7.04
29418 9039418 90 160 60 598 1810 1800 8.18
29420 9039420 100 210 67 722 2220 1650 11.2
29422 9039422 110 230 73 845 2610 1500 14.7
29424 9039424 120 350 78 975 3080 1350 18.2
29426 9039426 130 270 85 1130 3530 1250 22.8
29428 9039428 140 280 85 1170 3790 1250 24.6
29430 9039430 150 300 90 1330 4320 1100 29.9
29432 9039432 160 320 95 1480 4860 1050 36.2
29434 9039434 170 340 103 1640 5340 950 44.3
29436 9039436 180 360 109 1870 6110 900 52.6
29438 9039438 190 380 115 2040 6730 850 60.7
29440 9039440 200 400 122 2250 7580 800 72.2
29444 9039444 220 420 122 2300 7910 750 74.9
29448 9039448 240 440 122 2390 8500 700 80
29452 9039452 260 480 132 2870 10400 650 104
29456 9039456 280 520 145 3380 12000 550 134
29460 9039460 300 540 145 3360 12000 550 142
29317 9039317 85 150 39 287 927 2600 2.82
29318 9039318 90 155 30 299 966 2500 3.06
29320 9039320 100 170 42 355 1160 2300 3.81

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Bantalan rol dorong
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Bantalan rol dorong
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Bantalan rol dorong
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Bantalan rol dorong
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Bantalan rol dorong
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Deskripsi Produk bantalan rol dorong

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings can only accept axial loads, but support high load applications and provide high axial rigidity. Cages are usually machined from brass.


  • High Load Capacity/High Rigidity
    The design is structurally simple, providing high axial load capacity and rigidity.
  • Ideal for low speeds
    Cylindrical roller thrust bearings have a compact cage design, although they are not suitable for high speeds due to differential sliding of the rollers.
Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

These are thrust bearings using tapered rollers. Single tapered thrust bearings include those with and without ribs on the housing raceway washers, as well as the full complement roller type. Double-type bearings are mainly used to support axial loads, such as those on rolling mill roll necks.

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Spherical roller thrust bearings are self-aligning and are therefore unaffected by mounting errors and shaft deflection. The E-type is designed for higher load capacity and features a drawn steel cage. We recommend machined brass cages for horizontal shafts and high speed applications. As these bearings have many areas that are difficult to reach with grease, oil lubrication is used even at low speeds. Cages are usually made of machined brass.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

Needle thrust bearings are equipped with a dimensionally stable cage that reliably holds and guides a large number of needle rollers.Axial needle roller bearings
provide a high degree of rigidity in a minimum of axial space. In applications where the surface of an adjacent machine component can serve as a raceway, thrust needle roller bearings take up no more space than conventional thrust washers.

Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

Roller Thrust Bearing Washers

There is a range of thrust bearing washers available for purchase. Available washer types are: self-aligning washers, housing washers, raceway washers, thrust washers and low profile general purpose washers. Compatible bearing type options include thrust cylindrical roller and thrust needle roller. Available in various inner and outer diameters.

Roller Thrust Bearing Washers

Penerapan bantalan rol dorong

  1. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust tapered roller bearings are suitable for low speed applications. The speed of thrust tapered roller bearings is slightly higher than that of thrust cylindrical roller bearings. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of separated bearing, can only bear one-way axial load and slight shock, and limit the shaft (or shell) in a direction of axial displacement, for one-way axial positioning. Namun, its bearing capacity is much greater than that of thrust ball bearings. Roller rolling, due to the roller ends of the linear velocity is different, the roller will inevitably slide in the raceway of the collar. Karena itu, the limit speed of these bearings is lower than the thrust ball bearings, usually only for low speed operation.
  2. Spherical thrust roller bearings are widely used in the steel industry, mining and construction, paper machinery, wind turbines, peralatan mesin, gearboxes, motors, pumps and compressors as well as injection moulding machines.
Perbaikan Motor Listrik
Perbaikan Motor Listrik
Peralatan mesin
Peralatan mesin
Suku Cadang Laut
Suku Cadang Laut
Penanganan Bahan
Steel Industry
Pengolahan Logam
Mesin Pengolah Makanan
Pengemasan/Pengolahan Makanan
Konversi dan Pencetakan Kertas
Konversi dan Pencetakan Kertas
Pemrosesan dan Pembentukan Plastik
Pemrosesan dan Pembentukan Plastik
Turbin angin
Pembangkit listrik
Pumps & Compressors
Pompa, Kompresor dan Ladang Minyak
Robotika dan Otomasi
Truk, trailers and buses
Truk, trailers and buses

Factory and Warehouse Display

SKF,HOMO,NSK,KBC, NTN dan merek bantalan lainnya serta bantalan khusus yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan pelanggan telah diproduksi, dikemas dalam kotak di gudang kami, and are waiting to be packaged and delivered to your hands.Please send us the bearing model you need, and we will give you the best thrust roller bearing price.

Pengiriman & Paket bantalan rol dorong

Pelabuhan pengiriman: Qingdao/Tianjin
Kemampuan Pasokan: 100,000 potongan per bulan

  1. Kantong plastik + kotak tunggal + karton + palet kayu lapis
  2. Kemasan industri netral + kemasan karton netral + palet
  3. Sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan

Mengapa memilih kami?

  1. Persyaratan sampel: Hubungi kami melalui email atau manajer perdagangan, kami akan mengirimkan sampel sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda.
  2. Bantalan kelas dunia: Kami menyediakan pelanggan dengan kualitas kelas dunia yang diproduksi di dalam negeri bantalan.
  3. OEM atau bantalan non-dukungan: Karena kami memiliki banyak pengetahuan dan koneksi di industri ini, kami dapat dengan mudah memenuhi persyaratan apa pun untuk bantalan non-standar.
  4. Kualitas luar biasa dari produk asli: Perusahaan telah membuktikan bahwa ia menyediakan 100% produk berkualitas dengan niat tulus.
  5. Layanan purna jual dan bantuan teknis: Perusahaan menyediakan layanan purna jual dan bantuan teknis sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan kebutuhan pelanggan.
  6. Pengiriman cepat: Perusahaan menyediakan pengiriman tepat waktu melalui rantai pasokannya yang efisien.
  7. Penghematan biaya: Kami menyediakan umur panjang, anti-getaran, bantalan keandalan tinggi dengan kualitas tinggi dan kinerja yang lebih baik. Ini meningkatkan penghematan biaya.
  8. Jawab pelanggan’ pertanyaan tepat waktu: Kami percaya bahwa jika pelanggan puas, itu membuktikan nilai kami.
    Pelanggan selalu mendapatkan dukungan cepat.

Produk Panas



The fixed side rings (outer rings) do not require particularly precise positioning; however, guides should be used to prevent the raceways from deflecting and protruding from the rolling surfaces of the rollers.

This clearance is recommended for thrust ball bearings, as they may be subjected to radial loads. Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are not designed to withstand radial loads and therefore do not require such a large clearance.

With the exception of cylindrical roller thrust bearings and some tapered roller thrust bearings (type TTF), thrust roller bearings can theoretically withstand radial loads as a proportion of the axial load. Namun, stable operation under these conditions requires careful restriction. For this reason, we mainly recommend thrust roller bearings for axial load applications.

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