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What Harm Does Shaft Current Do To Bearings?
What Harm Does Shaft Current Do To Bearings?
Influence Of Nsk Bearing Installation On Bearing Life
Influence Of Nsk Bearing Installation On Bearing Life

Harm Of Bearing Inferior Lubricating Oil

Fag bearing ina bearing NSK bearing NTN bearing oil is a special lubricating oil for spindle bearings of precision machine tools and similar equipment. It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and service performance of spindle and prolonging its service life. Therefore, the selection of lubricating oil is extremely important.

(1) . five functions of lubricating oil:

a. Lubrication:

provide lubricating oil film separating the friction surface. The cold start wear accounts for 70% of the overall wear of the engine.

b. Cleaning:

clean the pollutants from the lubricating part of the bearing and disperse them into very fine particles for discharge.

c. Cooling:

reduce the heat generated by friction and take away the heat through circulation for cooling.

d. Anti corrosion:

prevent the corrosion of components by air and water.

e. Sealing:

prevent blow by.Good lubricating oil has the above five functions, but if you use poor quality lubricating oil or improper use method, it will bring some problems to the engine.

Harm Of Bearing Inferior Lubricating Oil

(2) . hazards of inferior lubricating oil

a. Burning bearing bush:

if the quality of the selected lubricating oil is not good, or the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil is not correct, the lubrication effect is not good. Low oil pressure, engine oil shortage and cooling system failure can cause engine overheating.

 In this case, high-speed operation is easy to burn out the bearing, commonly known as “burning tile”. In addition, if the inferior engine oil filter element is used or the engine oil filter element is not replaced on time, impurities will be caught in it, resulting in “tile burning”.

b. Snap ring:

if the cleanliness and dispersion of lubricating oil is not good, carbon deposition will be generated around the piston ring after long-term use, and when the carbon deposition is serious, the piston ring can be stuck or broken.

c. Excessive oil consumption:

if the anti-wear performance of the lubricating oil is not good, the wear between the piston ring and the cylinder will be intensified, and the oil scraping effect of the oil ring will be weakened, so that the oil enters the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, resulting in blue smoke from the exhaust pipe.

 If the engine seal is not good and the valve oil retaining ring fails, it will also cause oil leakage, which will also accelerate the consumption of oil.

d. Engine oil lamp alarm:

once this phenomenon occurs, the reasons are mainly found in the following aspects: insufficient lubricating oil (adding); The oil sensing plug is damaged (replace); Filter screen of oil pump is blocked (cleaned); Insufficient viscosity of lubricating oil (replace lubricating oil or check for fuel dilution and engine overheating); The spring of oil pressure limiting valve fails (clean and replace).

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