Lubricating Oil
What Are the Main Factors that Affect the Operation of Lubricating Oil?
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Cleaning, Maintenance and Judgment of Bearing

How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

 Excellent high temperature stability:How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

it is made of white graphite and biological base oil.

which greatly reduces the tendency of carbon deposition and coking in high temperature applications (the white semi-solid to solid film is soft and easy to keep clean).

2. Super cleanliness:How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

it helps to eliminate the maintenance problems or shutdown of equipment cleaning caused by carbon deposition.

And it can also clean the chain polluted by other poor chain lubricating oil.

3. Provide better protection for equipment: containing special patented ingredients and additives.

it has excellent anti-wear, anti rust, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.

Prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces the maintenance cost.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection:How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

it has ultra-high viscosity coefficient, provides better lubrication at low temperature and high temperature.

and significantly reduces energy consumption.

5. Biodegradable products are renewable, environment-friendly, low toxic, reliable, protect workers’ and promote sustainable economic development.

Recommended:How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

1. Oven conveyor, roller chain, lithographic chain, bearings,beverage can line, drying bin, bread oven chain, full-automatic lubrication system

2. High temperature chain of tenter and setting machine in textile factory

3. Hanging chain, paint line and spraying line drying oven in paint testing workshop of automobile factory

4. Roller chain, kiln car wheel hub bearing in ceramic factory and kiln car wheel hub bearing in refractory factory

5. Lubrication of film equipment chain

6. High temperature chain in glass fiber production

Lubricating Oil

High temperature requires high performance of lubricating grease, so when selecting high temperature lubricating grease, all factors involved in equipment lubrication should be fully considered.

When selecting grease, it depends on whether the nlgi consistency of grease is appropriate.How to Choose Practical High Temperature Resistant Lubricating Oil?

whether the viscosity of base oil meets the requirements, and whether the type of grease meets the requirements.

When selecting high-temperature grease, more factors should be considered.

In addition to selecting the appropriate nlgi consistency grade and the appropriate base oil viscosity.

we should also consider the type of base oil, the viscosity index (viscosity temperature property) of base oil, bearings,the type of thickener.

The stability of grease colloid structure at high temperature, the oxidation stability of base oil at high temperature, evaporation loss Type of additive, ambient temperature, temperature of lubricating grease during use.

whether it is exposed to pollutants such as moisture and impurities during use, load and speed during equipment operation, how often it is required to change the lubricating grease, whether it is compatible with other lubricating greases, cost, etc.

It can be seen that the selection of high-temperature grease needs to fully consider all aspects of details to make the grease meet all aspects of requirements to the greatest extent.

Although the maximum service temperature of polyurea grease is similar to that of composite lithium grease, polyurea thickener belongs to non-metallic soap based thickener and does not contain metal ions, which avoids the catalytic effect of metal ions in soap based thickener on the oxidation of grease base oil. 

Therefore, polyurea grease has good oxidation stability and thermal stability, especially when the temperature exceeds 180 ℃, The thermal stability of polyurea grease is better than that of metal soap based thickener..

Polyurea thickener itself has anti-wear type (even without adding anti-wear agent, polyurea thickener itself has certain anti-wear type).

 Similarly, when selecting polyurea grease, pay attention to the high temperature performance of base oil. 

Some toxic substances will be produced in the production process of polyurea resin, so its popularization is limited.

The compound calcium sulfonate thickener is more resistant to high temperature and has better thermal stability than polyurea grease.

 In addition, the compound calcium sulfonate thickener itself has good oxidation resistance, rust prevention, extreme pressure and wear resistance.

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