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Noise Analysis Of Ntn Bearing Raceway
Noise Analysis Of Ntn Bearing Raceway
How To Distinguish The Quality Of Timken Bearing
How To Distinguish The Quality Of Timken Bearing

How To Ensure The Service Life Of Nsk Bearings

Ensure The Service Life 

It is important to keep NSK Bearings and lubrication clean.

Clean the surface of the machine before inspection, and then remove the parts around the NSK bearing. The oil seal is a very fragile part, so it needs to be Ensure The disassembled carefully. Do not apply excessive force,

and then carefully check the oil seal and its surrounding parts. If there are bad symptoms, be sure to replace it. The bad oil seal will Ensure The cause damage to NSK bearing and severe equipment shutdown.

Cover exposed NSK Bearings:

When inspecting NSK Bearings, never expose NSK Bearings to Ensure The pollutants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine shall be covered with oil paper, plastic sheet or similar materials.

If it is possible to clean the NSK bearing without cover without disassembly, clean it with a brush coated with white spirit, and then wipe it dry with a piece of lint free cloth or blow it dry with Ensure The compressed air (be careful not to start the rotation of NSK bearing assembly).

How To Ensure The Service Life Of Nsk Bearings

Check lubricant:

Rub a little lubricant between your fingers. If there are pollutants, you can feel it, or apply a thin layer of Ensure The lubricant on the back of your hand, and then seal it for light inspection.

Change lubricant:

After draining the old engine oil, if possible, fill the NSK bearing with fresh engine oil and let the Ensure The machine rotate at low speed for a few minutes. Make the engine oil collect residual pollutants as much as possible, and then drain the engine oil. The engine oil is filtered before use.

For grease lubricated NSK Ensure The Bearings, the arbor used when replacing grease should avoid connecting the angle of cotton to any part of NSK Bearings, because these residual fibers may wedge between rolling parts and cause damage, especially for the application of small NSK Bearings.

How to distinguish the quality of Timken bearing

Failure Classification Of Imported Bearings

The first thing to judge is whether the outer packaging of Timken bearings is clear: whether the indication of the packaging is Ensure The clear. Generally, the brands of the main factory have their own special designers to design the outer packaging.

After careful observation, they should be able to identify it, and arrange factories with qualified production conditions for production. Therefore, the packaging is very clear from lines to color blocks, Unambiguous. Some manufacturers will have some special identifiers, so pay attention

Then listen to the Timken bearing for any noise. Hold the inner Ensure The sleeve of Timken bearing, move the outer sleeve to rotate it, and listen for any noise. This is a big difference from the original brand that produces Timken bearings and operates with machines.

The production conditions of most counterfeit products are backward and completely manual workshop operation. It is inevitable that impurities such as sand will be mixed in the production process and hidden in the Timken bearing,

so it will make a noise when rotating. Next, check whether there is muddy oil on the surface. Pay special attention when purchasing Timken bearings.

At present, the domestic antirust technology is not mature enough, so it is easy to leave thick oil traces when antirust The Timken bearing body, and there is almost no trace of antirust oil on the original imported Timken bearing.

If you are an expert, you can smell the antirust oil by smelling the taste of Timken bearing, but you can’t see it. After that, check whether the chamfer is uniform, that is, at the junction of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Due to the limitation of production technology and the lack of high-tech equipment, fake Timken bearings will be poorly handled at these corners. It is not difficult to see if they should be carefully observed.

Then check whether the steel seal is clear. The Timken bearing body will be printed with brand words, labels, etc. The font is very small, but most of the products produced by the original factory use steel printing technology, and they are pressed before overheating treatment.

Therefore, although the font is small, it is concave – deep and very clear. If it is a fake product, its font is very fuzzy, because the printing technology is rough, the font floats on the surface, and some can even be easily erased with a wet cloth or hand.

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