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Inspection Method Of Fag Bearing Lubricant
Inspection Method Of Fag Bearing Lubricant
Several Misunderstandings In Testing The Quality Of Skf Bearing
Several Misunderstandings In Testing The Quality Of Skf Bearing

How To Solve The Noise Of Fag Bearing And The Problems Needing Attention In Use

Noise Of Fag Bearing 

(1) Scar sound and its control method

If there is crack, indentation or Noise Of corrosion on the rolling surface of rolling bearing, periodic vibration and noise like riveting rivet will occur. Its cycle can be fixed, but most of it has an inevitable corresponding relationship with the speed.

The scars will continue to occur Noise Of on the channel, and the scars will appear on the steel ball from time to time, and this noise will change with the device and smooth premise.

The control methods of this kind of noise include: do not knock the bearing when installing the device, and avoid the oblique installation of the bearing

when assembling the fag bearing with the shaft and then installing it into the bearing seat; Avoid bearing corrosion during storage and impact vibration during Noise Of transportation; Use smooth grease with high viscosity.

(2) Dust sound and its control measures

There are dust and other foreign matters in the rolling bearing, which will produce aperiodic vibration and so-called dust Noise Of sound. The magnitude of vibration and noise is uncertain, and there is or no.

The control methods of dust noise include: improving the cleaning methods of bearings, and strictly clearing the bearings, shafts, seat holes and matching parts before the device; Remove foreign matters in the smoothing agent; Improve the sealing of bearings; Prevent the use of plastic holders with impure data or embedded foreign matters.

How To Solve The Noise Of Fag Bearing And The Problems Needing Attention In Use

(3) Noise caused by lubricating elements and Its Countermeasures

Wrong selection of lubricant, lack of lubricant or aging hardening Noise Of can lead to vibration and noise of fag bearing, and this noise has no inevitable rules.

For this situation, as long as the appropriate smoothing agent is selected, the smoothing dose is adjusted, the service life of the Noise Of smoothing agent is extended, and the replacement cycle is reasonably determined.

Precautions for use:

Rolling bearing is a precision component, and its use must be carried out with corresponding caution. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, the expected high performance will not be obtained. Precautions for the use of bearings are as follows.

(1) Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean.

Even small dust that cannot be seen by the eyes will have a bad impact on fag bearings. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean so that the dust will not invade the bearing.

(2) Use with care.

Strong impact on the bearing Noise Of during use will produce scars and indentation, which will become the cause of the accident. In serious cases, it will crack and fracture, so we must pay attention to it.

(3) Use proper operation tools.

Avoid replacing with existing tools, and appropriate tools must be used.

(4) Pay attention to the corrosion of bearings.

Sweat on your hands can be a cause of rust when operating fag bearings. Pay attention to operate with clean hands and try to wear gloves.

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