Installation And Adjustment Method Of Low Noise Skf Bearing
Installation And Adjustment Method Of Low Noise Skf Bearing
Disassembly Method Of Nsk Bearing
Disassembly Method Of Nsk Bearing

Identification Method Of Inferior Bearing

At present, many series of rolling bearings sold in the markets all over the country are acquired,Some of the used bearings are not made of special materials for bearing steel.

1: Look at the surface

Due to the limited technology and equipment of some small bearing manufacturers, the precision of fag bearing is low, the bearing surface is rough, the chamfer size is uneven, and some still have black skin and pitting.

2: Look at the hardness

Some inferior bearing materials are ordinary steel, carbon steel, Maanshan Steel and iron pipes, and most of these materials are white, and the color of special bearing steel is green. However, just looking at the color can not completely determine that hardness needs to be done. Ordinary steel has low hardness.

3: Look at the shape

Some small manufacturers have simple dipping technology, uneven heating of bearings and slight deformation.

4: Rotating bearing

Check whether the bearing rotates evenly and the sound is continuous without noise.

5: Look at the holder

The bearing cages of regular manufacturers are regular and free of burrs, and the rivet pier heads of riveted bearing cages are the same size, while the processing technology and equipment of irregular manufacturers are simple, so the cages are rough, some riveted structure cages are unevenly divided or offset, and the rivet pier heads are different in size or riveted offset.

6: Look at the packaging

The packaging of regular manufacturers is consistent, and the font on the packaging is clear. The packaging of some counterfeit ina bearings is inconsistent, or simple and informal.

7: Look at the font on the bearing end face

Both steel characters and laser fonts of the original bearings are very clear and uniform. The laser fonts have a certain depth, and the counterfeit bearing fonts have broken marks. The laser fonts will disappear after being gently wiped with gauze, while the regular laser fonts will leave fuzzy font marks after being wiped with gauze.

Identification Method Of Inferior Bearing

8: Look at the certificate

The bearings of regular manufacturers have certificates, and the size of the certificates is the same. Most of the certificates are oil proof paper. The font is clear. Some manufacturers have query information on the certificate, and some counterfeit certificates have fuzzy fonts. The paper is ordinary paper, and the size of the certificate is different. It is recommended to keep a formal manufacturer’s certificate for comparison and reference.

9: Some imported bearings are different from domestic ones in terms of antirust oil

Imported NSK Bearings are not without rust inhibitor, but no trace can be seen. The bearing surface is clear, while some counterfeit imported bearings coated with domestic rust inhibitor feel sticky in hand, which will taste like rust preventive oil.

10: Understand and understand the bearing typing specifications of normal products of some regular manufacturers

For example, some bearing brand products are typed with three points, namely: bearing model, trademark and year code. There are two kinds of font models and letters of origin on some imported bearings: pickling and laser processing, while some fake bearing fonts are engraved, even if some fonts are blurred by laser.

11: If you have the conditions to visit the bearing manufacturers in person and consult with the relevant production technology departments of the bearing manufacturers, each manufacturer has some unique manufacturing and identification methods in bearing anti-counterfeiting, which will be of great help to bearing identification.