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Accuracy Detection And Adjustment Of Ina Bearing
Accuracy Detection And Adjustment Of Ina Bearing
Installation Of High Speed Precision Iko Bearing
Installation Of High Speed Precision Iko Bearing

Identify Timken Bearings By Sound

By Sound

The sound detector is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of the running Timken bearing. Even if there is By Sound slight peeling and other damage, the Timken bearing will produce abnormal sound and irregular sound, which can be distinguished by the sound detector.

listen for

It is a common method to use hearing to identify irregular By Sound operation. For example, it is often used by experienced operators to detect the abnormal noise of a part with the help of an electronic stethoscope.

If Timken bearing is in good continuous rotation state, it will make a low whine sound. If it makes sharp hiss, squeaks and other irregular sounds, it often By Sound indicates that Timken bearing is in poor continuous rotation condition.

Sharp squeaking noises may be caused by improper lubrication. Improper Timken bearing By Sound clearance can also cause metallic sound.

Dents in the concave track on the outer ring track of Timken bearing will cause vibration and cause a smooth and crisp sound. If the knocking scar caused by By Sound installation will also produce noise, the noise will vary with the speed of Timken bearing.

Identify Timken Bearings By Sound

If there is intermittent noise, it indicates that the rolling parts may be damaged. This sound occurs when the damaged surface is By Sound rolled out. If there are pollutants in Timken bearing, it will often cause hissing sound. Serious damage to the bearing will produce irregular and loud noise.

Timken bearing damage can be detected by hearing, but usually it is time for Timken bearing to be replaced immediately. Therefore, it is better to use, for example, electronic condition monitoring instruments. The Timken bearing condition can be estimated more accurately by using a wooden stick than the old method.

Installation of high speed precision IKO bearing

Storage Method Of Skf Bearing

High speed precision IKO bearings are mainly used in high-speed rotating occasions with light load. IKO bearings are required to have high precision, high speed, low By Sound temperature rise, low vibration and certain service life.

It is often used as the support of high-speed motorized spindle. It is the key kit of high-speed By Sound motorized spindle of internal surface grinder.

Main technical indicators:

1. IKO bearing accuracy index: exceeding grade P4 accuracy in GB / 307.1-94

2. High speed performance index: DMN value 1.3 ~ 1.8x 106 / min

3. Service life (average): > 1500 H

The service life of high-speed precision IKO bearing is closely related to installation, and the following matters should be paid attention to

1. IKO bearings shall be installed in a clean room without dust. IKO bearings shall be carefully selected and matched. Spacer rings for IKO bearings shall be ground. On the premise of maintaining the equal height of inner and outer spacer rings, the parallelism of spacer rings shall be controlled below 1um;

2. IKO bearing shall be cleaned before installation. During cleaning, the inner ring slope shall be upward, and the hand shall be flexible without stagnation. After drying, put the specified amount of grease. If it is oil mist lubrication, put a small amount of oil mist oil;

3. IKO bearing shall be installed with special tools with uniform stress, and it is strictly prohibited to knock;

4. IKO bearings shall be stored in a clean and ventilated manner without corrosive gas, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 65%. For long-term storage, they shall be regularly rustproof.

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