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Treatment of vibration excitation of Koyo bearing
Treatment of vibration excitation of Koyo bearing
How to extend the three principles of NSK imported bearings
How to extend the three principles of NSK imported bearings

Influence of common IKO bearing damage state

  • When mass Timken one-way bearing is produced, the adjustment process system such as template, sample, stop and profiling is generally adopted; In single piece small batch production, the scale on the machine tool or gauge block is usually used for adjustment. 
  • The content of adjustment also varies with the complexity of the workpiece. For simple surfaces (such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces), generally only the position relationship of each forming motion is adjusted; For complex surfaces (such as spiral surface and involute surface), the speed relationship of forming motion must be adjusted. Therefore, the error of adjusting Timken one-way bearing is caused by many factors.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • The measurement error of Timken one-way bearing shall be less than 10% of the tolerance. The general measurement error is 10% ~ 33% of the combat merit difference. With the improvement of tolerance level, the larger the proportion of error is, that is, the smaller the tolerance is, the higher the proportion of error is. While the tolerance of Timken one-way imported bearing is more than it5, it is difficult to reach 10%. The measurement error does not mean that the inspection tolerance can be relaxed by 10%, but a certain margin should be given to ensure that the user can pass the acceptance according to the standard.
  • In each process of Timken one-way bearing parts processing, in order to obtain the size, shape and position accuracy of the bearing processing surface, the machine tool, fixture and cutting tool must be adjusted, and any adjustment work will inevitably bring some errors.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  •  In machining, the production batch and machining accuracy of bearing parts are often different, and the adjustment methods are also different. Koyo bearings support additional seals, which can effectively prevent the invasion of external enemies, but this will add additional sealing mechanism, installation and maintenance of bearings and inconvenient axial dimensions, and the sealing performance of shaft and housing will match the impact of precise body parts and tolerance. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • With a good sealed lubrication environment, but also the sealed bearing solves the problem of parts matching, but also eliminates the need for complex lubrication system. So compact, sealed key components, it is recommended to use sealed bearings. In addition to bearing in mind their own good dust seal and sealing effect, they also did not provide bearing lubricant and good operation state during operation, so as to reduce maintenance costs.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Koyo bearing seals are divided into contact and non-contact seals according to their structure. One form of contact can be divided into radial and axial seals. The sealing structure can be divided into single sealing lip and lip seal. Dust cover and rubber seal are two non-contact seals. The sealing gap of dust cover is only applicable to dust. The sealing gap of rubber ring is very small, which has good sealing effect. The rubber seal of contact seal bearing has only a very minor part. The rubber lip seal ring contacts with the rotating bearing and adheres to the interference of some parts, so as to play a good dust-proof sealing effect, but at a lower speed limit and larger friction torque.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • When Koyo bearing is in use, if it makes a loud sound, it means that it is the sound made by sliding friction between metals. At this time, there is no harmful effect on the bearing, and it will not affect its normal operation. But when this sound is made, where should we check to stop it? First of all, it is easy to produce sound when the radial clearance of the bearing is large, and it may also occur when a sudden speed occurs. Secondly, it is easy to appear in winter, and it often appears without rules. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • In severe cases, metal peeling and large-area random scratches occur on the contact surface; In general, the mechanical damage of IKO imported bearing refers to the appearance of groove marks at different levels on the alloy surface of bearing bush. Contact surface damage and ablation exist at the same time. The main reason for bearing mechanical damage is that the bearing surface is difficult to form oil film or the oil film is seriously damaged.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Plastic deformation and cold work hardening occur on the outer surface layer, and IKO imported bearing is under the repeated action of cylinder pressure (impact load). The deformation capacity is lost locally, and the grain is gradually formed and continuously expanded. Then, with the falling off of wear debris, the loaded outer layer forms a hole. Generally, when the bearing bush is pitted, the pit first appears, and then the pit gradually expands and causes the cracking of the alloy layer interface.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  •  The crack extends along the parallel direction of the interface until it peels off. This kind of damage is mostly caused by overload, excessive bearing clearance, or unclean lubricating oil and foreign matters mixed in it. Therefore, when using, attention should be paid to prevent the bearing from overload and do not run at too low or too high speed; Adjust the engine to a stable state at idle speed; Ensure the normal bearing clearance and prevent the engine speed from being too high or too low; Check and adjust the working condition of the cooling system to ensure that the working temperature of the engine is appropriate.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • The chemical impurities (acid oxides, etc.) in the lubricating oil oxidize the bearing alloy to form acidic substances. The corrosion area of the bearing alloy is generally impure lubricating oil. Cause the bearing alloy to fall off locally and form irregular small cracks or pits. The main causes of bearing alloy corrosion are improper selection of lubricating oil, poor corrosion resistance of bearing data, or rough engine operation and high temperature.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Local high temperature is formed, and there is a small convex metal surface in direct contact between the journal and the IKO bearing friction pair. In case of lack of lubrication and poor cooling, the bearing alloy will be blackened or partially burned. This fault is often caused by too tight fit between journal and bearing; Lack of lubricating oil pressure is also easy to burn the bearing.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  •  Use standard charging capacity. Each heating furnace 40 is quenched to avoid the shortage of quenched IKO bearing parts and the insulation defects of lack of time stacking. The same is true in the aging process, so that the holding time of the workpiece is sufficient.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  •  quenching, quenching oil is dispersed into oil for cooling to prevent too many workpieces from cooling too slowly, resulting in changes in microstructure and properties, which is not enough to reduce workpiece defects. Completely dispersed into oil cooling, due to a small part of the oil, heating oil, post workpiece processing and excellent performance. Using the improved technical measures, the heat treatment quality of IKO bearing parts is good, the hardness index of the workpiece meets the technical requirements, and the production is stable and normal.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • IKO bearing precision parts meet the above requirements. If it is not often, the installation accuracy of IKO bearing is larger than several times after the original error, and even more than 10 times of the error can not become an accurate IKO bearing at all, because the part of competition error can not be simply added to IKO bearing error, but increases in multiple different expansion.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • In order to ensure higher actual results, the shaft and seat hole shall match the surface of IKO bearing, and the roughness shall be as small as possible. In these measurements, IKO bearings and cylindrical holes, as well as the assembly chamfers on both sides of the corresponding shafts and holes, near the surface, indicate the direction of the large deviation of the two marks. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Therefore, in the actual assembly, the large deviation of both sides matches the same aligned position, so that after assembly, both sides partially offset the deviation After the NTN bearing is pressed into the bearing, it shall rotate flexibly without blocking feeling. If there is obvious inflexible rotation, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large, and the tolerance should be adjusted. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • If the NTN bearing rotates by hand after being pressed into the shaft, there is an obvious “rusty” feeling, it may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, when controlling the tolerance of shaft and bearing chamber, it is also necessary to control the roundness. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance, not the roundness.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Because NTN bearing is a high-precision product, if it is not assembled properly, it is easy to damage the NTN bearing channel, resulting in bearing damage. The bearing shall be equipped with a special mold during assembly, which cannot be knocked at will. When pressing the shaft, only the small ring can be stressed, and when pressing the large ring, only the large ring can be stressed.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  •  Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is required during assembly. During press assembly, the upper and lower molds shall be outside the horizontal state. If there is inclination, the bearing channel will be damaged due to stress and the NTN bearing will produce conduction sound.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • When the NTN bearing is installed on the rotor for dynamic balance, it is easy to enter the iron filings generated during dynamic balance into the bearing, so it is necessary to perform dynamic balance before installing the bearing. In order to facilitate assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease in the NTN bearing chamber for lubrication effect during assembly, but it is often difficult for operators to control the amount. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • If there is a large amount of oil or grease in the bearing chamber, it is easy to enter the bearing along the shaft when the bearing rotates. The bearing chamber shall not be coated with oil or grease. If it must be coated, it shall be controlled and there shall be no accumulation in the NTN bearing chamber.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • The service life of NTN bearing is closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It must be done well in each link in order to make the bearing in the running state and prolong the service life of the bearing.
  • The additional sealing device supported by NTN bearing can effectively make the bearing work normally without being invaded by external dirt, but this additional sealing device will increase the axial dimension of the mechanical mechanism and bring inconvenience to the use and installation of the bearing. 
  • At the same time, the sealing function of the additional sealing device is often affected by the machining accuracy and geometric tolerance of the matching parts of the journal and shell. Therefore, in the parts with compact structure and strict sealing requirements, If the motor supports NTN bearings, deep groove ball bearings with seals have been used in large quantities.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Sealing can prevent the invasion of external foreign matters. Foreign matters entering the bearing, especially metal foreign matters, often cause abrasive wear in the working raceway of the bearing, affect the service accuracy of the bearing and shorten the service life of the bearing. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Any harmful gas and water entering the NTN bearing will not only cause the corrosion of bearing parts, but also affect the physical and chemical functions of NTN bearing lubricant, Destroy the lubricating oil film and accelerate the aging of the lubricant. The sealing device can also prevent lubrication loss and reduce environmental pollution.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Generally, sealing is essential for NTN bearings. If a bearing is directly exposed to the working environment without any sealing device, it is often harmful.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • NTN bearings have a certain internal clearance, but sometimes when the bearing is installed or the bearing group assembled in pairs is used, the preload is often applied to the bearing to produce a certain pre deformation between the moving elastic body and the inner and outer rings, so as to achieve the required working purpose. At this time, NTN bearing will operate under the condition of negative clearance.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
Influence of common IKO bearing damage state

Influence of common IKO bearing damage state

  • Negative clearance is one of the characteristics of dynamic bearing, and any kind of sliding bearing must work with clearance. Adding some chemical additives to the lubricant of NTN bearing can reduce the noise of NTN bearing and reduce the noise of NTN bearing by 3.9 ~ 9.2db from the original basis. It is suitable for use in micro or small NTN bearing.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Generally, if NTN bearings are used correctly, they can be used until the fatigue life is reached. However, there will be accidental and premature damage, which can not be resistant to use. This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, limits the use of quality known as failure or accident. Most of them are caused by careless installation, use and lubrication, foreign matters invading from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and shells.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • As for the damage state of NTN bearing, for example, the clamping of the ring retaining edge of roller bearing can be considered as the reason. These reasons can also coincide with insufficient lubricant, unsuitable, defects of oil supply and drainage structure, intrusion of foreign matters, installation error of NTN bearing and excessive deflection of shaft.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • If it is not detachable, it will be more troublesome! Use destructive methods. Use a precision screwdriver to reach into the seam of the side cover and pry the side cover up. Don’t doubt it. That’s it, but the side cover can’t be installed back! Well, throw it away! Remember, just dismantle one side and destroy both sides!Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Therefore, only investigating NTN bearing damage, it is difficult to know the real cause of the damage. However, if we know the use machinery and conditions of NTN bearing, the structure around NTN bearing, the situation before and after the accident, and combined with the damage state of NTN bearing and several causes, we can prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. The commonly used cleaning agent is neutral water-free diesel oil or kerosene, and sometimes warm lye is used as needed. No matter what kind of cleaning agent you use, always filter it and keep it clean.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • After cleaning, coat Timken bearing with antirust oil or grease immediately.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • In order to judge whether the removed Timken bearing can be reused, its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring should be emphatically checked.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • The inspection results can be judged by those who use Timken bearings or are proficient in bearings. Support must be provided during disassembly, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Disassembly of SKF Bearing periphery of vibrating screen
  • Remove the outer ring of the interference fit, set several screws for the outer ring extrusion screw on the circumference of the shell in advance, and tighten the screw equally on one side. Remove it at the same time. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, separable bearings such as vibrating screen tapered roller bearings, etc., and several cuts are set on the housing shoulder. At this time, gaskets should be used, and then removed with a press or gently patted slowly.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Second, disassembly of cylindrical hole bearing of vibrating screen
  • When removing the inner ring, you can actually use a press to remove and pull it out, which is so simple. At this time, pay attention to make the inner ring bear its pulling force. The inner ring of large vibrating screen bearing is disassembled by oil pressure method. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole arranged on the shaft to make it easy to pull out. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • The SKF Bearing with large width is disassembled by the combination of oil pressure method and drawing fixture. Induction heating method can be used to disassemble the inner ring of the bearing of Nu and NJ cylindrical roller vibrating screen. It is a method of drawing after heating part in a short time to expand the inner ring.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • III. disassembly of tapered bore bearing
  • When disassembling the small SKF imported bearing with fixed sleeve, it is necessary to fasten the support inner ring on the bearing, then turn the nut back several times, and knock it down with cushion block or hammer.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • As we all know, the sales volume, quality and quality of SKF bearings are at the forefront of the world. It has its professional flow production line. After strict factory inspection of each process, SKF bearings are sold all over the world to provide support for the industrial development of the world. The quality of SKF imported bearings is an important basis for it to win market recognition, so from what aspects to judge the quality of SKF imported bearings?Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • First, the industrial design of the bearing is reasonable and perfect, with the world level, and the strong quality ensures its service life. SKF Bearing forging must go through rigorous processes such as forging, bearing heat treatment, turning, grinding and bearing equipment. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Various processing processes will affect the service life of the bearing. Among them, the quality of SKF imported bearings is directly related to bearing failure. With the continuous progress of scientific and technological inspection, SKF bearing surface inspection found that the grinding process of metamorphic layer is closely related to the quality of fish SKF bearing surface.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Second, the metal lottery used in SKF Bearing manufacturing was once a major factor affecting bearing failure. Now, with the continuous progress of metallurgical technology, the extraction of raw materials has been well improved and the quality of materials has been greatly improved. Now the quality factor of raw materials has decreased significantly in bearing failure. At this stage, this problem still exists.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Third, whether the material selection of bearing manufacturing is qualified or not is also a factor that must be considered for bearing failure. In the detection of SKF Bearing Failure, it is mainly to find out and solve the main factors of bearing failure according to a large number of Beijing materials, data analysis, failure environment and forging process, so as to facilitate the continuous optimization, service life and efficiency improvement of SKF Bearing.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • Extend the service life of SKF Bearing to avoid sudden early failure of bearing. The installation condition is one of the primary factors in the use factors. The improper installation of SKF Bearing often leads to the change of the stress state between the parts of the whole bearing, and the SKF Bearing operates in an abnormal state and fails early. Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
  • According to the technical requirements of SKF Bearing installation, use, maintenance and repair, monitor and inspect the load, rotating speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the running bearing, find out the cause immediately if any abnormality is found, and then proceed.Influence of common IKO bearing damage state
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