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How To Correctly Install And Replace Fag Rolling Bearing TechnologyHow To Correctly Install And Replace Fag Rolling Bearing Technology
How To Correctly Install And Replace Fag Rolling Bearing Technology
Precautions And Application Principles Of Iko Sliding Bearing Before Installation
Precautions And Application Principles Of Iko Sliding Bearing Before Installation

The Reason Why The Installation Of Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing Indirectly Affects Its Service Life

Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing 

Whether the self-aligning roller bearing is installed correctly affects the accuracy, service life and performance. Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing Therefore, the design and assembly department shall fully study the installation of IKO bearing. It is hoped that the installation will be carried out according to the operating standards. Items of operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) Check the size and finish machining of related parts;

(2) Installation;

(3) Supply lubricant.

(4) Clean the self-aligning roller bearing and IKO bearing related parts;

(5) Inspection after installation of self-aligning roller bearing;

It is hoped that the packaging of self-aligning roller bearings will be opened just before installation. For lubrication with lubricating oil, Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing it is not necessary to clean in general. However, imported bearings with self-aligning rollers for instruments or high-speed should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the rust inhibitor coated on IKO bearings.

General grease lubrication, do not clean, directly fill with grease. Moreover, Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing self-aligning roller bearings sealed with grease can be used directly without cleaning. The self-aligning roller bearing with rust inhibitor removed is easy to rust, so it can not be placed regardless.

When it is installed on the shell, there is usually more clearance fit, and the outer ring has interference. It is usually pressed in by a press, or there is a cold shrinkage fit method for installation after cooling. Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing When dry ice is used as coolant and cold shrinkage is used for installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of self-aligning roller bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti rust measures are required.

The Reason Why The Installation Of Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing Indirectly Affects Its Service Life

The installation method of self-aligning roller bearing varies according to the structure, fit and conditions of IKO bearing. Generally, because most of them are shaft rotation, Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing the inner ring needs interference fit. In the case of taper hole, it can be directly installed on the taper shaft or installed with sleeve. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot installed.

Cooperative application method for improving the installation accuracy of IKO linear bearing

Cooperative Application Method For Improving The Installation Accuracy Of Iko Linear Bearing

The precision parts of rolling bearings need to be used with corresponding caution, which not only changes the use of high-performance linear bearings. If they are not used properly, they can not achieve the expected performance test results. Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing Therefore, the following aspects should be considered when using bearings:

Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean. Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing Even the invisible dust bearing smile will increase the wear, vibration and noise of Timken bearing.

During use and installation, it is not allowed to use Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing strong punching carefully, it is not allowed to use hammer bearing, and it is allowed to hit directly through rolling pressure.

Use proper and accurate installation tools and special tools, Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing and try to avoid the use of fabrics, staple fibers and.

To prevent IKO bearing from corrosion, select the bearing directly by hand, fully wash Iko Self-Aligning Roller Bearing the sweat on the hand, and apply high-quality mineral oil before starting. Pay special attention to rust in rainy season and summer.

After the bearing is installed in the main engine, there is a measurement index called circular rotation accuracy.

This change approximately repeats, and the required number of revolutions represents the “quasi period” of cyclic rotation accuracy. The large amplitude of value change in the quasi period is the poor cyclic rotation accuracy. When the bearing spindle is properly preloaded, this can gradually increase the speed to close to the working speed, so as to implement the “running in” function of the linear bearing and improve the cyclic rotation accuracy of the spindle.

There is a precision instrument to improve the accuracy of IKO bearing. When the 6202 / P2 type bearing is used for the main shaft, but its accuracy still can not meet the requirements, the journal is thickened and a raceway is made on it to replace the inner ring, and the steel balls are accurately measured. Each group of steel balls is divided by three particles in size, and each group of steel balls is separated by an interval of nearly 120 °.

Due to the reduction of one heavy machining surface and one heavy fitting surface, At the same time, the stiffness of the shaft bearing system is improved, and the nearly equidistant distribution of large three particles and small three particles improves the rotation accuracy of the shaft, so it meets the accuracy requirements of the instrument.

The comprehensive verification method of bearing installation accuracy is introduced in detail. First, install the linear bearing into the main shaft of the bearing. The verification of installation accuracy should go through the following four steps:

The first is to measure the size of the shaft and bearing seat hole to determine the matching accuracy of the bearing. The inner ring and the shaft adopt interference fit, and the outer ring and the bearing seat hole adopt clearance fit.

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