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How To Lubricate And Maintain Fag Bearings
How To Lubricate And Maintain Fag Bearings
Several Requirements For Cleaning Contaminated And Rusted Skf Bearings
Several Requirements For Cleaning Contaminated And Rusted Skf Bearings

Importance Of Skf Bearing Seals

Skf Bearing Seals

Seals are extremely important for SKF bearings. If there is a problem in the sealing part, it will have a great impact on the bearing. Seals with irregular shape, lack of meat, micro cracks and other defects are not allowed.

However, SKF Bearing tightness test is to assess the assembly and working reliability of the oil cylinder sealing part and its connection after assembly.

Such as the sealing and Bearing Seals connection of the cylinder port of the oil cylinder, the dynamic and static seals and sealing conditions on the oil cylinder piston (between the rod cavity and the non rod cavity), etc.

The test pressure of SKF is only borne by the piston without the seal chamber, especially by the piston rod. Therefore, this kind of pressure test is usually carried out after carefully assembling the oil Bearing Seals cylinder before entering the commissioning stage of the final assembly machine.

When the frame of the machine to which the oil cylinder belongs is used to bear great pressure, it is possible if the oil cylinder is well assembled. The oil cylinder will run smoothly in the final assembly pressure test,

which not only saves the tooling for separate pressure test after oil cylinder assembly, but also saves the corresponding man hours, but also shortens the production Bearing Seals cycle, which is very useful for the production effect. If the operator doesn’t check carefully and work carefully, the gain will outweigh the loss.

Importance Of Skf Bearing Seals

Therefore, the dimensional accuracy of relevant parts shall be carefully checked before Bearing Seals assembling SKF Bearing. The sealing parts will fail due to the out of tolerance of the dimensional accuracy of the sealing groove or the roughness of the sealing surface does not meet the requirements.

In addition, check the sealing lip, and do not install defective seals into the product. In addition, the material, hardness and other Bearing Seals indicators of SKF Bearing seals shall be checked against the product certificate and delivery order.

Several requirements for cleaning contaminated and rusted SKF bearings

Several Techniques For Identifying The Quality Of Fag Bearings And Bearing Maintenance

Washing oil, gasoline, ethanol, dehydrated liquid, neutral or alkaline cleaning agent can be used to clean SKF bearings. However, it should be noted that “gasoline, washing oil, ethanol and dehydrated liquid are Bearing Seals inflammables; alkaline cleaning agents are corrosive.

The use of hydrogen chloride solvent oil is dangerous to combustion, explosion and decomposition, and may also be harmful to health. When cleaning SKF bearings, tools such as pointed brush,

flat brush or non fiber fabric can be used. Once the solvent Bearing Seals volatilizes after cleaning, the SKF bearings shall be coated with antirust oil immediately. When there is hardened oil or grease residue on the SKF Bearing, the SKF Bearing can be cleaned mechanically first, and then treated with aqueous solution of strong alkaline substances.

1. In the process of producing Bearing Seals bearings, some enterprises did not strictly follow the requirements of cleaning and antirust procedures and oil seal antirust packaging to carry out antirust treatment

on the bearing parts in the processing process and the finished SKF bearings after assembly. For example, the turnover time of the ferrule in the turnover process is too long, and the outer circle of the outer ring is in contact with corrosive liquid or gas.

2. The quality of antirust lubricating oil, cleaning kerosene and other products used by some enterprises in production can not meet the requirements of process and technology regulations.

3. As the price of SKF Bearing Steel has fallen again and again, the material of bearing steel has gradually declined. For example, the content of non-metallic impurities in steel is high

(the increase of sulfur content in steel reduces the corrosion resistance of the material itself), metallographic structure deviation, etc. At present, the sources of bearing steel used by production enterprises are miscellaneous, and the steel quality is fish dragon mixed beads.

4. The environmental conditions of some enterprises are poor, the content of harmful substances in the air is high, and the turnover site is too small to carry out effective antirust treatment. In addition, the hot weather and the violation of rust prevention regulations by production workers also exist.

5. Some enterprises’ SKF Bearing packaging materials such as antirust paper, nylon paper (bag) and plastic cylinder do not meet the requirements of antirust packaging of rolling bearing oil seal, which is also one of the factors causing corrosion.

6. The turning allowance and grinding allowance of SKF Bearing Rings in some enterprises are too small, and the oxide scale and decarburization layer on the outer circle cannot be completely removed is also one of the reasons.

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