Steps For Inspection And Maintenance Of Fag One-Way Bearing
Steps For Inspection And Maintenance Of Fag One-Way Bearing
Vibration Maintenance And Detection Method For Iko Tapered Roller Bearing
Vibration Maintenance And Detection Method For Iko Tapered Roller Bearing

Precautions For Using Grease In Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing

In the use of fag bearings, lubrication is an indispensable Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing process. However, there are many lubrication methods,

and the problems that should be paid attention to in the lubrication process of various lubrication methods are also different, which leads to the confusion of users. Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing Today, I’d like to introduce the precautions of cylindrical roller bearing oil lubrication and grease.

1. Grease lubrication

The relubrication of cylindrical roller bearings is carried out during the planned equipment shutdown and supplemented regularly. At the same time, the old grease is Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing removed or squeezed out through the oil drain air.

Wipe the grease nipple clean before adding fresh grease. If the fag bearing housing does not have an oil nozzle, open the bearing housing cover or end cover to take out the old grease. After cleaning, add fresh grease of the same model.

2. Lubricating oil lubrication

Regularly check the oil level and Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing quality of lubricating oil. Generally, the normal oil level should be within 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the equipment oil level window or mark. The oil replenishment mode is oil cup, and the displayed oil level only represents the oil replenishment capacity,

while the oil level of cylindrical roller bearing box meets the operation requirements. If the oil level in oil cup is lower than 1 / 4 of its total volume, oil replenishment can be considered.

Check and replenish oil methods. Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing Take a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample and compare it with fresh lubricating oil. Competent units can consider oil quality test to ensure that the oil quality is qualified.

If the sample looks like a cloud, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is often called oil Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing emulsification. At this time, the lubricating oil should be replaced.

Precautions For Using Grease In Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing

If the sample becomes darker or thicker, it may indicate that the lubricating oil has begun to Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing carbonize, and the old lubricating oil should be completely replaced. If possible, flush the oil circuit with fresh lubricating oil.

When replacing the lubricating oil, ensure that the new and old models of the replaced lubricating oil are the same, and supplement it to meet the required oil level.

The grease used in fag bearing Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing must have anti rust effect, and the anti rust agent can not be dissolved in water. The grease shall have good adhesion and can form an oil film on the steel surface, which can be maintained even if the grease is filled with water.

Grease will soften during machining, resulting in leakage. When there is an application example of vibration, the grease will be thrown into the bearing from the cylindrical roller bearing seat. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough,

the grease will continue to be Fag Cylindrical Roller Bearing thrown out of the bearing, which will mechanically disintegrate the structure of the soap and destroy the grease.

Vibration maintenance and detection method for IKO tapered roller bearing

Damage Repair Countermeasures And Maintenance Methods Of Fag Self-Aligning Roller Bearing

Bearing maintenance is a necessary condition for the operation of tapered roller bearing. The common maintenance is for the lubrication of IKO bearing.

After reading how to select the lubrication mode of bearing and understanding the lubrication mode of bearing, it is also necessary to understand the maintenance of bearing system. Let’s see how to carry out bearing lubrication and maintenance.

1. Keep the bearing lubrication clean

Before inspecting the tapered roller bearing, the surface of the bearing should be cleaned first, and then the oil seal of the bearing and its surrounding parts should be carefully inspected.

If there are bad symptoms, it must be replaced. The bad oil seal will cause damage, make the cloud of IKO bearing abnormal and cause the shutdown of the equipment.

2. Pay attention to covering exposed bearings

When checking tapered roller bearings, do not expose the bearings to pollutants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine shall be covered with oil paper, plastic sheet or similar materials. If it is possible to clean the naked bearing without disassembly,

clean it with a brush coated with petroleum solvent, and then wipe it dry with a piece of lint free cloth or blow it dry with compressed air (be careful not to start the rotation of the bearing assembly). Use a small mirror and a probe similar to that used by dentists to check the track surface, retainer and beads of IKO bearing.

Do not clean the sealed cover or dust-proof bearing; Just wipe the outer surface. If the bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced. It is much more economical to replace the bearing during the regular shutdown and maintenance period than the loss of sudden shutdown due to the damage of the array bearing.

3. Lubricant inspection of bearing

Lubricants are important not only for bearings, but also for all bearings. However, please note that tapered roller bearings should not add too much grease. Then it’s time to change the lubricant of the bearing. After draining the old engine oil,

if possible, the bearings lubricated with engine oil should be filled with fresh engine oil and let the machine rotate at low speed for a few minutes. Make the oil collect residual pollutants as much as possible, and then drain the oil. When replacing the grease of IKO bearing lubricated with grease,

the Joe remover used shall avoid cotton from contacting any part of the bearing. Because these residual fibers may wedge between rolling parts and cause damage, especially in bearing applications.

When the waviness of components is closely matched between the bearing ring and the bearing seat or transmission shaft, the bearing ring may be deformed by matching with the shape of adjacent components.

If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation. Therefore, it is important to machine the bearing pedestal and drive shaft to the required tolerances.

Local damage due to incorrect operation or installation, a small part of the bearing raceway and rolling element may be damaged. During operation, rolling over damaged bearing parts will produce a specific vibration frequency. Vibration frequency analysis can identify damaged bearing components.

Vibration behavior in applications in many applications, the stiffness of IKO bearings is the same as that of surrounding structures. Because of this feature, as long as the bearing (including preload and clearance) and its configuration in the application are correctly selected, it is possible to reduce the vibration in the application.

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