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bearing temperature
High temperature adaptability of NTN bearing
IKO Cam Follower bearing
Precautions for maintenance and installation of eccentric IKO Cam Follower bearing

Points for attention during loading and unloading of INA rolling contact bearing

  1. The resultant force of the force shall pass through the axis of INA rolling contact Bearing as much as possible, which requires that the force application point be uniform, symmetrical and stable, and the force shall be applied through the spherical surface or parallel to the axis.

  2. The applied force should be stable and uniform without impact, which requires the use of oil pressure or tools capable of applying stable tension or pressure. If it is really necessary to use hammering, it should also be buffered by soft metal without chips such as copper sleeve, and the striking force should be as light as possible. Hammer with a copper rod or hammer.

  3.  Avoid applying force through the rolling element, which requires that the inner ring (shaft ring) be applied with force when the inner ring is installed and removed, and the outer ring be applied with force when the outer ring is installed and removed.

  4.  The pulling force shall continue to a certain extent. For example, when installing INA rolling contact Bearing, the force shall be stopped when ina bearing is just installed at the correct position to ensure that the end face of ferrule (washer) abuts against the seat hole or the shoulder end face of the shaft, and it shall not be too tight or not installed in place.

INA rolling contact bearing
loading and unloading of INA Bearing
loading and unloading of INA Bearing

Selection of matching accuracy loading and unloading of INA rolling contact Bearing

  1. In the installation of INA rolling contact Bearing, the matching degree with other accessories shall be considered. This requires not only the INA Bearing itself, but also the accessories it wants to fit. Since the accuracy of the precision ina bearing itself is within 1 μ Therefore, it is required that the matching parts (shaft, ina bearing seat, end cover, retaining ring, etc.) have high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy, especially the accuracy of the mating surface should be controlled within the same level as that loading and unloading of INA Bearing, which is very important and easy to be ignored.

  2. It must also be noted that if the matching parts of the precision INA Bearing fail to meet the above requirements, the error of the precision ina bearing after installation is often several times larger than that of the original INA Bearing, or even more than 10 times, and it is not a precision loading and unloading of INA Bearing at all. The reason is that the error of the matching parts is often not simply added to the error of the INA Bearing, but added after amplification by different times.

  1. In order to improve the actual fitting accuracy of ina bearing installation, it is necessary to use the measuring methods and measuring tools that do not deform the INA Bearing to carry out the actual precision measurement of the fitting surface dimensions of the inner hole and outer circle of INA Bearing. All the measuring items of the inner diameter and outer diameter can be measured, and the measured data can be comprehensively analyzed. Based on this, the dimensions of the ina bearing installation parts of the shaft and seat hole can be accurately matched. The actual measurement of the corresponding size and geometry of the matched shaft and seat hole shall be carried out under the same temperature conditions as the measurement loading and unloading of INA Bearing.

  2. In order to ensure a high practical matching effect, the roughness of the matching surface of the shaft and seat hole and loading and unloading of INA rolling contact Bearing shall be as small as possible.

  1. During the above-mentioned measurement, two groups of marks that can indicate the direction of large deviation shall be marked on the outer circle and inner hole loading and unloading of INA rolling contact Bearing, and on the corres ponding surfaces of shaft and seat hole on both sides close to the assembly chamfer, so as to align the large deviation of matching two sides with the same direction during the actual assembly, so that the deviation of both sides can be partially offset after assembly.

  2. The purpose of the two groups of orientation marks is to comprehensively consider the compensation of the deviation, which not only improves the rotation accuracy of the supports at both ends, but also partially eliminates the coaxiality error of the seat holes between the two supports and the journals at both ends. Surface strengthening measures, such as sand blasting, and inserting a precision plug with a slightly larger diameter into the primary inner hole, are all conducive to improving the fitting accuracy.

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