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The Problem Of Preventing Bearing Vibration From Simple Bearing Design
The Problem Of Preventing Bearing Vibration From Simple Bearing Design
Preparation Before Installation Of Koyo Imported Bearing
Preparation Before Installation Of Koyo Imported Bearing

Installation And Disassembly Methods And Precautions Of Timken Imported Bearing

Installation And Disassembly 

The bearings shall be protected in the following ways: mineral oil-based rust inhibitor, dry phase corrosion inhibitor, VCI paper packaging, and long-term storage for ocean transportation. Timken imported bearings shall be stored in a dry and clean room with constant temperature and high relative humidity of 65%. The storage life of grease lubricated sealed bearings is limited by the storage life of grease.

(1) Take out processing

Sweat on your hands during operation will cause rust, so keep your hands clean and dry, and wear gloves if Installation And Disassembly necessary. Timken imported bearings can only be removed from the original packaging for cleaning before assembly.

If only a few sets of bearings are taken out from multiple packages sealed with volatile corrosion inhibitor paper, the package shall be resealed Installation And Disassembly immediately: the protective gas phase of VCI paper can only be maintained in the closed package, and the Timken imported bearings taken out shall be greased and oiled immediately.

(2) Compatibility and miscibility

Timken imported bearing antirust oil can be compatible and mixed with lubricating oil and mineral oil-based grease. If thickeners other than Installation And Disassembly synthetic lubricants and lithium based composite soaps are used, their compatibility shall be tested.

In case of incompatibility, especially when using polytetrafluoroethylene (ptff) or cycloalkyl fluoroether based lubricant or lubricant containing Installation And Disassembly polyurea thickener, or if the change lubricant or Timken inlet shaft is contaminated, the antirust oil shall be cleaned before greasing.

(3) Cleaning

Timken imported bearings must be dried after cleaning and Installation And Disassembly immediately lubricated with antirust oil or grease to avoid corrosion!

(4) Installation guide

Installation And Disassembly Methods And Precautions Of Timken Imported Bearing

1. The assembly site shall be kept as clean as possible without dust.

2. The Timken imported bearing shall be prevented from being Installation And Disassembly contaminated with dust, pollutants and moisture – pollutants have an adverse impact on the operation and service life of Timken imported bearing.

3. Check the mating surface of bearing seat hole and shaft: Installation And Disassembly geometric and dimensional accuracy and cleanliness.

4. Apply a little oil or grease to the mating surface of bearing ring.

5. Ensure that the shaft and bearing seat hole have a chamfer of 10-15 degrees.

6. Do not over cool the bearing: the moisture generated by condensation may lead to corrosion of the bearing and its mating surface.

7. After installation: fill the bearing with lubricant and check whether the bearing configuration operates normally.

(5) Disassembly guide

In the original design of the bearing installation position, the disassembly problem should be considered – if the bearing is installed with interference Installation And Disassembly fit, the disassembly groove should be set on the shaft or in the bearing seat hole to facilitate the disassembly of the ferrule. If the removed bearing needs to be reused:

1. Avoid hitting the bearing ring directly,

2. The disassembly force shall not be transmitted through the body,

3. Once the bearing is removed, it shall be carefully cleaned and “violent” flame shall not be used.

Requirements for installation surface and installation site

If there are iron filings, burrs, dust and other foreign matters in the SKF Bearing, the SKF Bearing will produce noise and vibration during operation, and even damage the raceway and rolling element. Therefore, before installing SKF Bearing, you must ensure that the installation surface and installation environment are clean.

SKF Bearing must be cleaned before installation

The surface of SKF Bearing is coated with antirust oil. You must carefully clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, and then apply clean high-quality or high-speed and high-temperature lubricating grease before installation and use. Cleanliness has a great impact on SKF Bearing Life and vibration noise. However, we would like to remind you that the fully enclosed SKF Bearing does not need cleaning and refueling.

Selection of lubricating grease

Lubrication has a very important impact on the operation and service life of SKF bearings. Here we briefly introduce the general principles of selecting grease. Lubricating grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The performance of different types and different brands of lubricating grease of the same type varies greatly, and the allowable rotation limit is different.

Pay attention to it when selecting. The performance of grease is mainly determined by the base oil. Generally, the base oil with low viscosity is suitable for low temperature and high speed, and the base oil with high viscosity is suitable for high Installation And Disassembly temperature and high load. The water resistance of thickener determines the water resistance of grease.

In principle, greases of different brands cannot be mixed, and even Installation And Disassembly greases with the same thickener will have bad effects on each other due to different additives.

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