Key Points Of Force Application During Assembly And Disassembly Of Iko Bearing
Key Points Of Force Application During Assembly And Disassembly Of Iko Bearing
Installation And Maintenance Of Sliding Koyo Bearing
Installation And Maintenance Of Sliding Koyo Bearing

Preparation Before Installation Of Rolling Nsk Bearing

Rolling Nsk Bearing

(1) Before NSK bearing installation, the machining quality of shaft, seat hole and relevant parts (such as dimensional accuracy, shape Rolling Nsk Bearing accuracy and surface roughness) shall be checked with appropriate measuring tools according to the technical requirements on the design drawing.

(2) If there are bumps, burrs, rust spots or solid particles (such as wear debris, sand and soil) on the assembly surface of the shaft and bearing seat hole, it will not only make the installation of NSK bearing difficult and the installation position incorrect, but also the solid particles will play a grinding role if they fall into NSK bearing, and the working surface of NSK bearing will be abraded or scratched when NSK bearing rotates,

Therefore, it must be carefully checked before installation. If the above defects are found, they Rolling Nsk Bearing should be corrected. For example, use an oil file to remove burrs, raised bumps and rust spots, and polish them with fine abrasive cloth, such as cleaning solid particles, dirt, etc.

Preparation Before Installation Of Rolling Nsk Bearing

(3) The assembly surface shall be cleaned with clean gasoline, kerosene, toluene or xylene solution, wiped dry with clean cloth, and then coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, which Rolling Nsk Bearing can make the installation and operation more convenient.

(4) Before installation, open the NSK bearing package, immerse it in the above gasoline and other liquids and rotate it gently by hand. Ensure that the sealing oil on the cage, rolling Rolling Nsk Bearing element and raceway surface is thoroughly cleaned.

(5) When cleaning a large number of NSK Bearings, first scald them with hot engine oil with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ to melt the sealing oil. At the same time, dig out all the old oil with a seamless tool without falling debris, then scald them for a few minutes, then rinse the engine oil with kerosene, and then clean them with gasoline. After cleaning, wear film gloves and dry NSK Bearings on clean cloth or paper on the workbench.

(6) Note that NSK bearing with seal can not be cleaned by this method, and the inside of the seal should beRolling Nsk Bearing  kept as it is and can not be cleaned.

The above two methods can significantly simplify the installation process.

The oil filling equipment required to operate the hydraulic nut and use the oil filling method is supplied. For details of these Rolling Nsk Bearing products, see the relevant section in the online catalog “maintenance and lubrication products”.

When the hydraulic nut is used to install the bearing, it must be positioned on the threaded part of the journal or the thread of the sleeve, so that the annular piston is close to the inner ring of the bearing, the nut on the shaft or the retaining ring installed at the shaft end. Press the oil pressure into the hydraulic nut through the oil pump to move the piston axially with the force required for accurate installation. Use the hydraulic nut to install the spherical roller bearing onto the

Using the oil injection method, the oil is injected between Timken bearing and journal under high pressure to form an oil film. This oil film separates the mating surfaces and significantly reduces the friction between the mating surfaces. This method is generally used when installing the bearing directly on the conical journal, but it is also used to install the Rolling Nsk Bearing bearing on the set sleeve and push sleeve specially prepared for the oil injection method.

The oil pump or oiler generates the necessary pressure to inject oil between the mating surfaces through the groove and oil distribution channel on the shaft or sleeve. When designing the bearing layout, the necessary grooves and channels on the shaft must be considered. The Rolling Nsk Bearing spherical roller bearing is installed on the withdrawal sleeve with oil groove. The withdrawal sleeve is pressed into the bearing hole by injecting oil into the mating surface and tightening the screws in turn.