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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Non Standard Bearing Shaft Gear Hobbing
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Interpretation Of The Hidden Costs Of Small And Medium Sized Bearing Companies

Competitiveness, especially small and medium-sized bearing companies and developing bearing companies, they always encounter development bottlenecks in a certain period of time, always feel that the cost of operations has been rising, but it is difficult to find the “location” of the cost, we call it For “hidden cost”.

If you can find these “hidden costs”, it is undoubtedly like finding “pathogens”, then the next step of “appropriate medicine” must be when it takes off again. If it is possible to sum up a variety of “hidden costs” that enterprises often have, enterprises can conduct comparative self-examination accordingly. Today, are you still “invisible”?

1. Bearing talent turnover cost

There are many bearing companies that are lacking in human resource management. They believe that the talents are unlimited, and they have become “iron camps”, and employees will naturally become the “water soldiers”.

It must be said that the departure of a bearing technician is a considerable cost to the company. Because the company has to bear the upfront costs of newly recruiting employees in this position, it also has to bear the risk of whether the new employees are suitable for the position. The new employees have also experienced a running-in period before they adapt to the factory process. The resignation of important old employees may lose important internal materials or information, and after leaving, they may enter their competitors’ companies.

2. Overtime cost

Many bosses always think that it is a kind of dedication for employees to “work overtime” after work. As everyone knows, this may imply a high cost. There are three reasons:

(1) The reason for working overtime is not necessarily because the work tasks are too heavy, but the work efficiency of employees is low. Overtime means low efficiency. If objective work tasks are really heavy, then companies should add new personnel and positions in time for development and progress.

(2) Overtime consumes more employee energy and physical strength, seriously overdraws the health of employees, and in the long run, some important employees will not be able to exert their effectiveness for a long time, and there are hidden dangers that burden the company, such as some mechanical operation employees. Long hours of overtime lead to mental disorders and accidents, and companies have to pay a heavy price for this.

(3) Overtime employees are not necessarily “business”. Some employees are called overtime after work, use company resources to engage in their personal affairs, and also receive company’s overtime fees. Important losses and data for many companies Loss, etc., all occur during off-hours, and overtime has become a dead end for companies to “smudge and dirt.”

3. Manufacturing process cost

There are too many chaos in the enterprise because of the process. This is a common problem in enterprise management. For a slow-developing enterprise, the process must be chaotic or unreasonable. They bear a high cost for this, but have been blind to it. Processes are the industrial chain of business operations. Just like assembly lines, without scientific and reasonable bearing manufacturing processes, system control of various processes is lost. Many jobs are abandoned halfway, and many jobs need to be reworked. But I have to admit that this will become a mess that wraps the forward feet of the bearing company.

4. Meeting cost

The operation of a bearing company is nothing more than a race against time. The meeting is a collective activity for bearing companies to solve problems and issue instructions, but it is also a high-cost business activity.

5. Position dislocation cost

There is a famous saying in human resource management “put the right person in the right place”.

Some bearing factories arrange technicians to spend a lot of time every day to mopping floors, cleaning and machine tools, and some leaders take the lead to participate, which seems to be a good thing.

6. Purchase cost

There are different ways of purchasing in different companies, but this is an important part of the cost that affects the operation of bearing companies. We often only focus this cost on the purchase price and quantity, and it is difficult to see other factors besides.

7. Communication costs

In today’s economically turbulent environment, the business rhythm of bearing companies is becoming faster and faster, but everything has certain limits. The fast-paced operation has also brought many troubles to enterprises. Communication is an important part of business operations. Many companies are doing numerous system trainings and spiritual trainings, but most of them do not have “communication skills” training.

8. Cost of stagnation resources

Stagnant resources can be said to be a wide range of “hidden costs” in enterprises, such as idle equipment, backlog of inventory, low-utilization job occupations, idle funds, and shelved businesses. Although they may not continue to consume the investment of the enterprise, they are part of the enterprise’s assets, and the enterprise will bear hidden costs such as interest.

Therefore, in an enterprise, the amount of stagnation resources reflects the level of enterprise resource utilization.

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