Characteristics Of Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Characteristics Of Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Basic Structure Of Rolling Bearing
Basic Structure Of Rolling Bearing

Introduction Of Several Plastic Bearings

1. Precision plastic bearings

Precision plastic bearings have improved precision and tolerance compared with traditional plastic bearings. The inner and outer rings, rolling elements and cages are made of materials suitable for precision machining. On the basis of maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings, they can be applied to precision and high-speed operation conditions.

Generally, the inner and outer rings are made of Plastic Bearings POM, PPS or peek, the cage is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (rpa66-25), or peek, and the rolling body is made of glass ball, stainless steel ball or ceramic ball.

2. Corrosion resistant plastic bearing

There are a variety of material solutions for different application conditions, which can operate Plastic Bearings freely even in severe acid / alkali / salt / solvent / oil / gas / seawater erosion, ensuring ideal durability and expected life.

3. Acid alkali resistant plastic bearing

HDPE, PE and UHMWPE materials have been proved to be used in relatively weak acid-base cross environment (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NaOH solution test OK). PVDF and PTFE materials can be used in strong acid and strong alkali environment. PTFE can be used in all concentrated acid and concentrated alkali occasions, including HF and fuming sulfuric acid and nitric acid (more than 98%)

Introduction Of Several Plastic Bearings

4. High temperature resistant plastic bearing

PVDF, PTFE (Teflon), PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), Peek (polyether ether ketone), PI (polyetherimide) have proved to be ideal materials for making high-temperature plastic bearings. Plastic Bearings PI can be used in the environment with a long-term temperature of 290 ℃ and a short-term temperature resistance of 350 ℃. It is one of the medium and high-temperature properties of all known engineering plastics.

5. Plastic bearing pedestal and plastic outer spherical bearing

Plastic bearing with seat is unique, light in weight, easy to install, corrosion-resistant and maintenance free. At the same time, it has vibration damping and impact resistance that common cast iron seat or Plastic Bearings stamping seat does not have. With the continuous development of new materials, they are more and more widely used in engineering.

Characteristics of angular contact ball bearings

Characteristics Of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearing,

namely radial thrust ball bearing, can be loaded with more steel balls, its radial bearing capacity is greater than that of ordinary ball bearing, and can also bear large axial load or pure axial load at the same time. Its allowable working speed is similar to that of deep groove ball bearing and its support rigidity is stronger, but it requires accurate installation and is very sensitive to axis misalignment error,

Generally, it does not need to bear the radial load alone, but it must bring additional axial load while bearing the radial load. This kind of bearing has many variants and is widely used. It is often made into three series with 15 °, 25 ° and 40 ° contact angles. The larger the contact angle is, the higher its axial load capacity is. However, it is appropriate to use a small contact angle at high speed.

Most of these bearings are used in pairs for small-span rigid double support shafts or precision spindles.

When in use, the clearance should be carefully adjusted. By changing the axial distance between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, the internal clearance of the bearing can be adjusted. At the same time, several sets of bearings can be installed in parallel and given a certain pre interference, which can improve the rigidity of the bearing system. A single bearing of this type can only bear the axial load in one direction. At the same time, other bearings need to be configured to offset their additional axial forces.

When installed in pairs

their additional axial forces offset each other, and they can bear the axial load of two forces upward, and have strong axial limit capacity in two directions, Generally, two sets of bearings are installed in pairs, with their outer ring wide end face opposite (back-to-back) or narrow end face opposite (face-to-face), in which the rigidity of the back-to-back installation bearing system. In order to facilitate installation in pairs or groups, some bearing factories supply bearings in pairs, three sets in groups and four sets in groups.

In this way, the processing consistency of the supplied bearings in the same batch is good, the load is borne more evenly during use, and the additional axial forces offset each other more thoroughly. This type of bearing can be divided into two types: separated type and non separable type. The separated type bearing is used when the installation conditions are limited and the outer ring or inner ring is required to be removed from the whole set of bearings for separate installation.

Because the separated type angular contact ball bearing is widely used in magneto, Plastic Bearings it is also called magneto bearing. In this type of bearing, the locking port is on the inner ring, which can be adapted to higher speed.