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Type Selection Requirements for Long Life INA Bearing

Choose model with high load capacity for long life bearing

  • INA Bearing selection should take into account the price of INA Bearing, or use INA Bearing with higher load capacity but more expensive, or use ordinary  for long life bearing and try to prolong its service life.
  • Ina bearings with high load capacity are used, such as cylindrical roller ina bearings with convexity, spherical roller ina bearings with symmetrical rollers, reinforced tapered roller ina bearings and ball ina bearings, ball ina bearings with modified ball groove bus, or 70000cd series ina bearings are used to replace deep groove (single row centripetal) ball  for long life bearing.
  • These ina bearings with high load capacity or due to the improvement of stress distribution, Or there may be higher fatigue life due to the large number of rolling elements.
long-life ina bearings
long-life ina bearings
long-life ina bearings

Choose the appropriate for long life bearing size

  • In order to choose the proper size of  for long life bearing, the working load, rotating speed and operating temperature of INA Bearing must be accurately calculated or verified.

  • Load has a great impact on the service life of INA Bearing, so although it is difficult to measure the load, it should also be measured as accurately as possible. When it is difficult to measure the load, the actual power consumed by the motor can be measured, and the power loss along the drive path can be calculated and deducted until the ina bearing load that is closer to the actual load is calculated. 

  • If the calculated or measured load is too large, the expected fatigue life of INA Bearing will inevitably be reduced by a larger margin, which must be remedied. If the installation position allows, the I for long-life ina bearings with a larger size can be selected; If the radial dimension is limited, a wider ina bearing should be selected when there is a wider ina bearing; If the wider INA Bearing cannot be used, the INA Bearing with higher load carrying capacity can be used.

Choose proper material for long life bearing

  • The price of  for long life bearing material should also be taken into account. When vacuum smelting or electroslag remelting steel has to be used, it should be noted that the lubrication conditions must be improved in order to double the expected fatigue life of INA Bearing. Of course, the cost of selecting  for long life bearing made of this kind of high-quality steel is much higher than that of selecting ina bearings with high load capacity. 
  • However,  for long life bearing that are difficult to access in machines and are extremely difficult to install and disassemble, or ina bearings used in mining and tunnel operation machinery, it is sometimes necessary to consider using them in situations where maintenance is extremely difficult.

Deformation control measures of INA Bearing during heat treatment

  • Use reasonable cooling methods: the influence of cooling process on deformation after metal quenching is also a very important deformation reason. The deformation of hot oil quenching is smaller than that of cold oil quenching, which is generally controlled at 100 ± 20 ℃. The cooling capacity of oil is also crucial to deformation. The stirring method and speed of quenching affect the deformation. The faster the cooling speed of metal heat treatment, the more uneven the cooling, the greater the stress generated, and the greater the deformation of the die. Pre cooling can be used as far as possible on the premise of ensuring the hardness requirements of the mold; 

  • Step cooling and quenching can significantly reduce the thermal stress and structural stress produced during metal quenching, and it is an effective method to reduce the deformation of some workpieces with complex shapes; For some workpieces with special complexity or high accuracy requirements, isothermal quenching can significantly reduce deformation.

  •  Use appropriate medium: on the premise of ensuring the same hardness requirements, try to use oily medium. Experiments and practice have proved that under the premise of no difference in other conditions, the cooling speed of oily medium is slow, while that of aqueous medium is relatively fast. Moreover, compared with oily medium, the change of water temperature has a greater impact on the cooling characteristics of aqueous medium. Under the same heat treatment conditions, the deformation of oily medium after quenching is relatively small compared with that of aqueous medium.

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