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Maintenance And Damage Countermeasures Of Fag Bearing
Maintenance And Damage Countermeasures Of Fag Bearing
Common Quality Defects Of Koyo Imported Bearing Parts After Heat Treatment
Common Quality Defects Of Koyo Imported Bearing Parts After Heat Treatment

How To Lubricate And Maintain Iko Bearing Maintenance Method

Maintain Iko Bearing Maintenance 

1. IKO bearing cleaning

When removing the lower IKO Maintain Iko bearing for maintenance, first record the bearing appearance, confirm the residual amount of moisturizer, and wash the bearing after sampling the moisturizer for inspection. As a cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used.

The cleaning of the removed bearing is divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. Put the metal mesh pad bottom in the container respectively, so that the IKO bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container.

During rough cleaning, if the Maintain Iko bearing rotates with dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of IKO bearing, which should be paid attention to. In the coarse cleaning oil, use a brush to remove the moisturizing grease and adhesive. After it is roughly clean, turn to fine cleaning.

Fine cleaning is to carefully clean IKO bearing while rotating in cleaning oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.

2. Maintenance of IKO bearing

In order to judge whether the Maintain Iko removed IKO bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check after the bearing is cleaned, and carefully check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface, the wear of cage, the increase of IKO bearing clearance and

whether there are damages and abnormalities related to the decline of dimensional accuracy. For non separable small ball Maintain Iko bearing, support the inner ring horizontally with one hand and rotate the outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth.

How To Lubricate And Maintain Iko Bearing Maintenance Method

1. Oil bath Moisturizing

Oil bath moisturizing is a common moisturizing method in IKO bearings, which is suitable for low and medium speed bearings. Part of the bearing is immersed in the groove, and the moisturizing oil is carried up by the rotating bearing parts and then flows back to the oil groove. The oil level should be slightly lower than the center of the low rolling element.

2. Drip oil to moisturize

Oil dripping moisturizing is suitable for bearing parts requiring quantitative supply of moisturizing oil. The amount of oil dripping is generally one drop every 3-8 Maintain Iko seconds. Too much oil will increase the bearing temperature.

3. Circulating Oil Moisturizing

The filtered oil is transmitted to IKO bearing parts by oil pump, and the moisturizing oil after passing through the bearing is filtered and cooled before use. Because the Maintain Iko circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat and cool the bearing, this method is suitable for bearing parts with high speed.

4, spray moistening

The dry compressed air is mixed with the moistening oil through the sprayer to form an oil mist. In the IKO bearing, the airflow can Maintain Iko effectively cool the bearing and prevent impurities from invading. This method is suitable for moistening high-speed and high-temperature bearing parts.

5. Spray moisture

Use the oil pump to inject the high-pressure oil into the bearing through the nozzle, and the oil Maintain Iko injected into the IKO bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at high speed,

the rolling element and cage also form airflow in the surrounding air at a fairly high rotation speed. It is difficult to send the moisturizing oil to IKO bearing by general moisturizing method.

At this time, the moisturizing oil must be sprayed into the bearing by high-pressure spraying method. The position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the cage!

Abnormal temperature rise

1. Excessive lubricant: reduce lubricant

2. Insufficient or unsuitable lubricant: add lubricant or select appropriate lubricant

3. Creep of mating surface or excessive sealing device: the external diameter or internal diameter mating surface of IKO bearing is corrected, and the sealing form is changed

Common problems and Countermeasures in bearing use

Strong metallic sound

1. Abnormal load: select appropriate assembly clearance and preload

2. Poor assembly: improve the machining accuracy of the shaft and improve the installation method

3. Insufficient lubricant: supplement or use appropriate lubricant

Regular tone

1. Corrosion, indentation and scar of channel caused by foreign matters: clean relevant parts and use clean grease

2. Channel peeling: fatigue wear, replace the bearing

Irregular abnormal sound

1. Foreign matter intrusion: clean relevant parts and use clean grease

2. Excessive clearance: pay attention to fit and select appropriate clearance

3. Steel ball scar: steel ball fatigue peeling or foreign matter jamming, replace the bearing

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