Maintenance And Repair Of Ina Bearing
Maintenance And Repair Of Ina Bearing
Choose Iko Bearing Grease
Choose Iko Bearing Grease

Maintenance Of Iko Bearing


1. Maintenance, overhaul and abnormal handling of IKO bearing in order to maintain the original performance of IKO bearing in good condition for as long as possible, maintenance and overhaul shall be carried out to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation and improve productivity and economy.

Maintain the operation standard of corresponding mechanical Maintenance operation conditions and carry out it regularly. The contents include monitoring the operation status, replenishing or changing lubricants, and regular disassembly inspection.

As maintenance items during operation, there are rotation sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant state of IKO bearing, etc.

Maintenance Of Iko Bearing

2. The damage and Countermeasures of IKO bearing are general. If IKO bearing is used correctly, it can be used until the Maintenance fatigue life is reached. However, there will be accidental and premature damage, which can not be resistant to use.

This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, limits the use of quality known as failure or Maintenance accident. Most of them are caused by careless installation, use and lubrication, foreign matters invading from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and shells.

As for the damage state of IKO Maintenance bearing, for example, the clamping of the ring retaining edge of roller IKO bearing can be considered as the reason.

These reasons can also coincide with insufficient lubricant, unsuitable, defects of oil supply and drainage structure, invasion of foreign matters, installation error of IKO bearing and excessive deflection of shaft.

Therefore, it is difficult to know the real cause of the damage only by investigating the damage of IKO bearing. However, if we know the use machinery and conditions of IKO bearing, the structure around IKO bearing,

the situation before and after the accident, and investigate the damage state and several causes of IKO bearing, we can prevent the recurrence of similar accidents.

Choose IKO bearing grease

Installation Of High Speed Precision Iko Bearing

The selection of IKO bearing grease is directly related to the stable operation of the equipment. In order to give better play to the good condition of IKO bearing, the selection of IKO bearing grease must be considered from the following aspects:

1. Antirust performance

The grease used in IKO bearing must have anti rust effect, and the anti rust agent can not be dissolved in water. The grease shall have good adhesion and can form an oil film on the steel surface.

2. Mechanical stability

Grease will soften during machining, resulting in leakage. During normal operation, grease will be thrown into IKO bearing by IKO bearing seat.

If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the structure of the soap of the grease will be mechanically disintegrated during operation, resulting in the destruction of the grease and loss of lubrication.

3. Oil seal

Oil seal is a necessary barrier to protect IKO bearing and lubricant from external pollution. During the operation of IKO bearing, no matter sundries or moisture can penetrate into IKO bearing to prevent damage to it.

Correct installation and maintenance is an important factor to give full play to the long service life of IKO bearing. At the same time, attention must be paid to the cleanliness of IKO bearing, the correctness of IKO bearing selection and the selection of appropriate installation and maintenance tools.

In addition, IKO bearings must be protected from pollutants and moisture, and ensure correct installation and lubrication. Therefore, IKO bearing configuration design, oil seal condition, lubricant type and lubrication cycle, and even special maintenance all play the same and important role.

4. Mixed grease

Never mix incompatible oils and fats. If two incompatible oils and fats are mixed, their consistency will soften, and the IKO bearing may be damaged due to the easy loss of grease.

If you don’t know what kind of grease IKO bearing used originally, you must completely remove the old grease inside and outside IKO bearing before adding new grease.

5. Classification of oils and fats

It is mainly distinguished according to the temperature and working conditions: the grease can be classified according to their allowable working temperature. The consistency and lubrication ability of the grease are affected by the working temperature.

The IKO bearing operating at a certain temperature must choose the grease with correct consistency and good lubrication effect at the same temperature. Grease is made in different working temperature ranges, which can be roughly divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature grease.

At the same time, there is a kind of grease called extrusion resistance or extrusion resistance, and molybdenum disulfide is added. At the same time, additives are added to strengthen the strength of lubricating oil film.

6. Important factors for selecting oil

If the grease is selected incorrectly, all measures to prevent IKO bearing are also futile. It is very important to select a grease whose base oil viscosity can provide sufficient lubrication effect at the working temperature. The viscosity is mainly affected by the temperature.

It decreases with the increase of temperature and increases when the temperature decreases. Therefore, the base oil viscosity at operating temperature must be known. Machinery manufacturers usually specify the use of a certain grease, but most standard greases have a wide range of applications.

The following are several important factors for selecting grease: type of machinery; Type and size of IKO bearing; Operating temperature; Workload; Speed range; Working conditions, such as vibration and the direction of the spindle is horizontal or vertical; Cooling condition; Sealing effect; Peripheral environment.

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