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Shaft Alignment Method For Skf Bearing Installation
Shaft Alignment Method For Skf Bearing Installation
Timken Imported Bearing Device Directly Affects The Service Life Of The Bearing
Timken Imported Bearing Device Directly Affects The Service Life Of The Bearing

Installation Introduction And Clearance Measurement Of Nsk Imported Bearing

Nsk Imported Bearing

1、 Disassembly instructions

In addition to planned maintenance, bearing disassembly will also be carried out in case of abnormal conditions and bearing replacement. Although there are no special taboos when planning maintenance and replacement of bearings, when NSK imported bearing are disassembled due to abnormal conditions during operation and must be replaced, in order to find out the causes of abnormalities and prevent recurrence, at least the following matters shall be done:

1. Collect and store the lubricant used (about 200cc)

2. Store damaged bearings

3. Record whether there are special conditions during operation

4. Record the bearing condition in case of abnormality during operation

Before starting to disassemble the bearing, first check the equipment drawing, determine the disassembly method and steps, and prepare all the tools. Nsk Imported Bearing Some operations still need to make special fixtures, so it must be studied in advance.

2、 Storage of bearings

Although the bearings are packaged for rust prevention, the environment of the storage site has a significant impact on the rust prevention effect. Nsk Imported Bearing Therefore, the storage site and storage method of the bearings should be fully considered.

Installation Introduction And Clearance Measurement Of Nsk Imported Bearing

1. Bearing storage place

If the bearing is stored in indoor high temperature and humidity environment, the antirust effect will be significantly reduced, Nsk Imported Bearing so it should be stored in a place with low humidity and low temperature difference.

2. Bearing storage method

The size and weight of the bearing shall be considered, and the handling site and equipment that can ensure the access of the bearing and will not be impacted shall be equipped. Nsk Imported Bearing For this purpose, it should be stored on the shelf of the store. The height of the lower layer of the shelf should be about 30cm from the floor, and should not be placed directly on the ground. The antirust effect of ordinary packaging varies according to the storage environment, about 1 ~ 3 years. If it needs to be stored for 10 years for special requirements, it shall be stored by soaking in turbine oil used as bearing lubricant.

3、 Installation site

The bearing installation site shall be as clean as possible and equipped with equipment that can move bearings, shafts, installation accessories, Nsk Imported Bearing fixtures, etc. It shall be equipped with operation console, measuring platform, cleaning tank, bearing heater, heating oil tank, etc.

4、 Installation instructions

1. Bearing packing form

New bearings are usually used for bearing replacement. The bearing shall be packaged after anti rust treatment, because once the bearing is rusted, it will affect the rotation performance. Nsk Imported Bearing Moreover, due to the nano (0.001mm) precision production of bearing installation, fine dust will also have a significant impact on bearing rotation. Therefore, do not unpack unless necessary.

2. Check of bearing

The new bearing and package are marked with bearing code, appearance code and clearance code. It shall be replaced after checking with the old bearing removed from the equipment. Nsk Imported Bearing For example: 23136ke4c3 bearing.

① Bearing code (bearing series code + inner diameter code)

The bearing series code refers to the first three digits 231, and the inner diameter code refers to the last two digits 36

② Appearance code

Appearance code refers to KE4 characters. Where, K represents a conical hole with a taper of 1 / 12 on the surface of the bearing inner hole. Nsk Imported Bearing (K30: it indicates that the surface of the bearing inner hole is a conical hole with a taper of 1 / 30.) E4 indicates that the inner diameter surface of the outer ring is provided with lubrication groove and lubrication hole.

③ The clearance code refers to the character C3. This C3 represents the clearance of a single set of bearings, which represents the “fit” between the bearing and the shaft and bearing seat, as well as the operation requirements of the bearing and the necessary clearance of the bearing. Nsk Imported Bearing In addition, the CN clearance is omitted.

Please confirm that the renewal of bearing is consistent with the above items of bearing removal.

3. Measure the bearing clearance

When installing tapered bore bearings, Nsk Imported Bearing it is very important to measure the bearing clearance. Clean rubber gloves must be worn when measuring the internal clearance of the bearing. In addition, when measuring the internal clearance of the bearing, be sure to ensure that the roller is in the normal position.

When measuring the internal clearance of a single set of bearings, place the bearing vertically on the measuring platform, press and hold the outer ring of the bearing by hand, do not tilt the inner and outer rings, and rotate the inner ring left and right for 1 / 2 ~ 1 cycle to stabilize the roller. Then, make any roller in the left and right rows directly above. A feeler gauge is used to measure the internal clearance, and the measuring position and measuring point vary with the size of the outer diameter of the bearing outer ring.

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