What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing Imported Fag Bearings?
What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing Imported Fag Bearings?
Nsk Bearings Use Grease For Accuracy And Speed
Nsk Bearings Use Grease For Accuracy And Speed

Standard Method Of Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing And Lubrication Maintenance

Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing 

As the rolling bearing is treated with rust prevention and packaged, do not open the package before installation.

In addition, the antirust oil coated on the bearing has good lubrication performance. For general-purpose NSK bearing or bearing filled with Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing grease, it can be used directly without cleaning.

However, for instrument bearings or bearings used for high-speed Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing rotation, clean cleaning oil shall be used to wash away the antirust oil. At this time, the bearings are easy to rust and cannot be placed for a long time.

Clean the bearing and housing and confirm that there are no scars or burrs left by machining. There must be no abrasives (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) molding sand, chips, etc. in the shell.

Secondly, check whether the size, Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing shape and processing quality of the shaft and shell are consistent with the drawings.

The method of installing rolling bearings depends on the matching, condition and structure of NSK Bearings. Generally, because most of them are shaft rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit.

Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing installed. In the case of taper hole, it can be directly installed on the taper shaft or installed with sleeve.

When it is installed into the shell, there are usually many clearance fits, and the outer ring has interference. It is usually pressed in with a press, or there is a cold shrinkage fit method for installation after cooling.

When dry ice is used as coolant and cold shrinkage is used for Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti rust measures are needed.

Standard Method Of Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing And Lubrication Maintenance

Installation of bearing: whether the installation of rolling bearing is accurate affects the accuracy,

service life and function. Therefore, the bearing installation plan and disassembly part enrich the research. I hope it can be installed according to the homework Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing standard. The names of homework standards are usually as follows:

(1) Clearing and bearing related components;

(2) Check the size and components related to the case;

(3) Installation;

(4) Inspection after bearing installation;

(5) Supply of smoothing agent.

Just close the packing bearing before installation. Generally, the grease is smooth and unclean, and the grease is directly added. Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing Smooth oil, generally not clean, but use instrument or high-speed bearing and clean it with clean oil,

and remove the antirust agent coated on NSK bearing. Remove the bearing and rust inhibitor. We can’t leave it alone. In addition, it has been sealed up. The VTC grease bearings are not washed directly.

The installation method of bearing varies according to the bearing layout and premise. Generally, more shaft torsion will disturb the appropriate requirements of the inner ring.

The installation of rolling bearing shall be determined according to Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing the bearing structure, size and the matching nature of bearing components.

The pressure shall be directly added to the end face of the tightly matched ferrule, and the pressure shall not be transmitted through the rolling element. The bearing installation generally adopts the following methods:

Installation of thrust bearing

The fit between the circumference of the thrust bearing and the shaft is generally transition fit, and the fit between the race and the bearing Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing seat hole is generally clearance fit. Therefore, this kind of bearing is easy to install.

The central shaft of the two-way thrust bearing should be fixed on the shaft to prevent rotation relative to the shaft. Generally, the installation method of NSK bearing is mostly shaft rotation, so the fit between inner ring and shaft is win-win fit, and the fit between outer ring and bearing chamber is clearance fit.

Press fit

The inner ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the shaft. When the outer ring is loosely matched with the bearing seat hole, the bearing can be press installed on the shaft with a press, and then the shaft and the bearing can be installed into the bearing seat hole.

During press installation, an assembly sleeve (copper or mild steel) made of soft metal material shall be padded on the end face of the bearing inner ring. The inner diameter of the assembly sleeve shall be slightly larger than the diameter of the journal,

The outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the retaining edge of the bearing inner ring to avoid pressing on the cage.

For grease lubricated rolling bearings and NSK Bearings with oil seals or dust covers on both sides, the sealing rings need not be cleaned before installation. Check the size and finish machining of relevant parts.

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