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Correct Application Of Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Grease
Correct Application Of Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Grease
How Are Nsk Bearings Lubricated
How Are Nsk Bearings Lubricated

Minimum Load Of Rolling Bearing

Minimum Load 

When the load is too small – if the speed is very high during Minimum Load operation, slip will occur, and if the lubrication is insufficient, the bearing will be damaged. The following are the recommended values for small load of bearing:

Ball bearing with cage P / C = 0.11

Roller bearing with cage P / C = 0.02

Bearing without cage P / C = 0.04

(P is equivalent dynamic load and C is basic rated dynamic load)

The small load of thrust bearing can be found in the overview of bearing dimension table

Minimum Load Of Rolling Bearing

Too large size will reduce the service life of the bearing: the reason is that the bearing with too large size is prone to slip, which increases the internal working stress of the lubricant originally Minimum Load designed for a lifetime. Slip will cause gluing and reliable working cycle, so as to make full use of the bearing capacity.

For this reason, as in the modified bearing life calculation method, in calculating the bearing life, in Minimum Load addition to the basic rated load, other factors affecting the bearing must also be considered.

How are NSK Bearings Lubricated

Nsk Bearing Cleaning Process

1. NSK bearing oil bath is smooth

Oil bath smoothing is a common smoothing method in NSK Minimum Load Bearings, which is suitable for the smoothing of low and medium speed bearings.

Part of NSK bearing is immersed in the groove, and the smooth oil is brought up by the rotating Minimum Load bearing parts and then flows back to the oil groove. The oil level should be slightly lower than the center of the low rolling element.

2. NSK bearing drips smoothly

Smooth oil dripping is suitable for NSK bearing parts requiring Minimum Load quantitative supply of smooth oil. The amount of oil dripping should be one drop every 3-8 seconds. Excessive oil will increase the bearing temperature.

3. The circulating oil of NSK bearing is smooth

The filtered oil is delivered to NSK bearing parts by oil pump, and the Minimum Load smooth oil after passing through the bearing is filtered and cooled before use. Because the circulating oil can take away certain heat and cool the bearing, this method is applied to bearing parts with high speed.

Spray smoothness of 4. NSK bearings

Oil mist is produced by mixing the dry shrinkage air with the smooth oil through the sprayer. In the NSK bearing, the airflow can effectively cool the bearing and avoid Minimum Load impurity intrusion. This method is suitable for the smoothing of high-speed and low-temperature bearing parts.

5. Radial smoothness of NSK bearing

Use the oil pump to inject the low-pressure oil into the NSK bearing through the nozzle, and the oil injected into the bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at a high speed, the rolling element and the maintenance frame also cause air flow around at a relatively high rotation speed.

It is difficult to send the smooth oil to the bearing in an individual smooth way. At this time, the smooth oil must be sprayed into the bearing in a low-pressure radial way, and the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the maintenance frame.

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