Are The Inner And Outer Rings Of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Interchangeable
Are The Inner And Outer Rings Of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Interchangeable
Daily Maintenance Of Manipulator
Daily Maintenance Of Manipulator

Model Selection Of Wiring Terminal

In recent years, with the promotion of social sustainable development, the R & D of wiring terminals is developing towards high performance, diversification, greenery and beauty. The performance is mainly reflected in the welding process, withstand voltage and current load capacity of the terminal, such as from traditional wave soldering to reflow soldering, and then to

Press in welding free connection mode; The continuously improved circuit board technology has greatly increased the current that can be carried by the wiring terminals installed on the panel,

At present, it has broken through the limit of 110A, far exceeding the level of previous products; Diversification includes plug-in type (LC series), direct welding type (LG series), spring type (LS series), fence type (LW Series) and bare terminal (E Series), each series has a variety of different models; green is mainly reflected in the materials of wiring terminals, including environmental protection of materials, flame retardancy of insulating materials, conductivity of conductive parts and biological erosion resistance.

The selection of terminal blocks mainly includes four aspects: model, specification attribute, digit and color:
1、 Model of terminal block

The selection of terminal model needs to be determined according to their own needs. Generally speaking, the elevator control cabinet, control board and motion control system, such as stepping motor and frequency converter, are mainly plug-in and direct welding, i.e. LC / LG series; For the lighting industry, the spring type, i.e. LS series, is mainly used. For those requiring through wall, the plug-in LZ5 series can also be used – the wiring terminal block can penetrate the housing fag bearing and fix it on the housing with screws, and the plug is connected with it from the outside of the instrument to form an anti-seismic connection.

LC2 series (plug-in terminal) ls235 series (spring terminal)

Lg500bhzl series (direct welding terminal)

LZ5 series (pluggable wall terminal)

Model Selection Of Wiring Terminal
2、 Properties of terminal blocks

The attribute of the terminal is an important factor in selecting the terminal. The attribute of the terminal mainly includes rated current, applicable wire diameter, applicable wire gauge, single core / multi-core wire diameter, screw specification, stripping length, voltage withstand value, number of poles, insulating material / flame retardant grade, service temperature, etc. The user shall decide according to the factors such as installation equipment, thickness of wire used, service environment, etc. If the rated current, applicable wire gauge, service temperature, etc. are inappropriate, the use of wiring terminals will cause faults or even danger.

With the development of the Internet, the purchase scope of terminal blocks is expanding. In particular, UL, IEC, CSA and din do not have a unified standard when determining the power and performance specifications of terminal products. Users need to understand the differences between UL and IEC specifications. IEC is the specification standard for wiring terminal products manufactured in Europe, while UL is the standard for products manufactured in the United States.

In Europe, the current rating of devices is determined by monitoring the temperature of metal conductors as the current increases. When the temperature of the metal pin is 45 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature, The measuring personnel take the current at this time as the rated current of the device (or larger current value). Another item of IEC specification is the allowable current value, which is 80% of the larger current. In contrast, UL standard takes 90% of the current value when the metal conductor temperature is 30 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature as the nominal current value of the device. It can be seen that the temperature of the metal conductor is a very important factor in all applications. This is more important for industrial equipment For industrial equipment, it is usually necessary to work in an environment with a temperature of up to 80 ℃. If the temperature of the terminal is 30 ℃ or 45 ℃ higher than this temperature, the temperature of the terminal will exceed 100 ℃. According to the nominal value type and insulating material of NSK bearing, the products must work at a current lower than the rated value, so as to ensure that they can work reliably within the desired temperature range. Sometimes, materials suitable for compact packaging devices may not meet the heat dissipation requirements well, so the current of such terminal devices must be much lower than the rated value.

3、 Number of digits of terminal block

Each type of terminal block has a difference of 2-24 bits in quantity. Users need to decide through their own scope of use, that is, how many wires need to be led out. The number of bits used by different installed equipment is different, and more bits are used in the field of relay protection, while less bits are usually used in household terminal blocks.

4、 Color of terminal blocks

In terms of color, if there is no requirement for appearance, the color of wiring terminal can be selected arbitrarily. If the wiring terminal is to be installed at the front end of the equipment,

It will affect the beauty of the equipment, so you can choose the terminal color according to the color of the equipment. Gold plated terminals are a good choice,

Gold plating not only enhances the performance of metal devices in signal propagation, but also improves their appearance.