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Ball Bearing
Common Suffix Of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Common Suffix Of Skf Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Needle Bearing

Needle bearing is a roller bearing with cylindrical rollers.

Compared with its diameter, the rollers are thin and long. This kind of roller is called needle roller. Although it has a small section, the bearing still has high load bearing capacity. Therefore, Needle Bearing it is especially suitable for occasions with limited radial space. The contour surface of the needle roller shrinks slightly at the near end face. The result of the line contact correction between the needle roller and the raceway can avoid the destructive edge stress.


In addition to the Needle Bearing listed in the catalogue,

which can be used in general engineering, Such as: open type pressed outer ring needle roller bearing (1), closed type pressed outer ring needle roller bearing (2), needle roller Needle Bearing with inner ring (3) and needle roller bearing without inner ring (4) In addition, SKF can also supply various types of needle roller bearings, including:

1. Needle cage assembly 2. Needle roller bearing without rib 3. Self aligning needle Needle Bearing roller bearing 4. Combined needle / ball bearing 5. Combined needle / thrust ball bearing 6. Combined needle / cylindrical roller thrust bearing. Punching outer ring needle roller bearing


The pressed outer ring Needle Bearing roller bearing is a needle roller bearing with a thin pressed outer ring.

Its main feature is that the section height is very low and the load bearing capacity is high. It is mainly used for Needle Bearing configuration with compact structure and low price, and the hole in the bearing box can not be used as the raceway of needle cage assembly.

The Needle Bearing and bearing housing must be installed in an interference fit manner. If the axial positioning functions such as box shoulder and stop ring can be omitted, the bore in the bearing box can be made very simple and economical.

Needle Bearing

The punching outer ring needle roller bearing installed on the shaft end has two sides open type

(1) and one side closed type

(2) The base end face of the closed punching outer ring can bear little axial force. Needle roller bearings with stamped outer rings are generally not attached with inner rings. When the journal cannot be hardened and ground, the inner ring listed in the table can be used. The hardened steel plate outer ring of the punched needle roller bearing cannot be separated from the needle roller cage assembly.


The free space for storing lubricant can extend the lubrication interval.

Bearings are generally designed in a single row. Except for the wider bearing series 152216222032538 and 3038, which are equipped with two needle roller cage components. There are lubricating oil holes in the outer ring of the bearing. According to the needs of users, all single row stamped outer ring needle roller bearings with shaft diameter greater than or equal to 7mm can be equipped with outer ring with lubricating oil hole (code suffix AS1). Needle roller bearing with pressed outer ring with oil seal


When the oil seal cannot be installed due to space constraints,

needle roller bearings (3 to 5) with oil seal stamped outer ring at open end or closed end can be provided. These bearings are equipped with polyurethane or synthetic rubber friction oil seal, which is filled with lithium base grease with good anti rust performance, and the applicable operating temperature is – 20 to + 100 ℃.


When selecting SKF bearings,

we should select whether SKF bearings meet our mechanical application range according to the size, specification and speed of SKF bearings. Here is a simple analysis: First, size constraints. Generally, the space where SKF bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or SKF Bearing inner diameter) is limited by mechanical design or other design.


Standard SKF bearings have a wide range of sizes and forms,

Standard SKF bearings are used in the design of mechanical devices (this is designed to make SKF bearings easy to purchase. Here’s a digression. Some SKF bearing catalog models do have some, but some non-standard SKF bearings are not available in Chinese mainland, and sometimes futures will be very long time. So when SKF bearing is selected, the cost of SKF and the load of SKF replacement should be considered.