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Bantalan IKO

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INI Bearing is a professional bearing manufacturer with a history of more than 50 bertahun-tahun. It is famous for producing needle roller bearings and linear guide rails. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It is the manufacturer with the highest level of internationalization, and its products are widely used in machine tools and other industries.

Merek Kerjasama

IKO Deep Groove Ball Bearings
IKO Angular Contact Ball Bearings
IKO Pillow Block
IKO Self-aligning Ball Bearings
IKO Tapered Roller Bearings
IKO Needle Roller Bearings
IKO Cylinder Roller Bearings
IKO Thrust Ball
IKO Spherical Roller Bearings
IKO Thrust Roller

Product Description of IKO Bearing

We are IKO bearing distributorswe offer a full range of IKO Bearings at very competitive prices, including high quality IKO needle bearing, bantalan rol bersilang, bantalan dorong, roller bearings, ball linear motion rolling guides, roller rolling guides, linear motion rolling guides , precision positioning tables and mechanical parts. Most products can be shipped same or next day.

Rotary Motion Products of IKO Bearing

IKO Crossed Roller Bearings

IKO Bearing designs and manufactures a wide range of crossed roller bearings that can simultaneously withstand radial, thrust and moment loads. These compact bearings have rollers that cross at right angles between the inner and outer rings. The main crossed roller bearing products are: High rigidity crossed roller bearings, Standard crossed roller bearings, Slim crossed roller bearings and IKO crossed roller bearings.

Crossed Roller Bearings

IKO Cam followers

IKO Bearing designs and manufactures a wide range of cam followers for a variety of applications, including machine tools, industrial robots, electronic component production and office automation equipment. Cam followers are bearings that incorporate needle roller bearings between a stud and a thick outer ring. The main products are: standard cam followers, solid eccentric cylindrical cam followers, eccentric cam followers, thrust disc cam followers, centrally lubricated cam followers, C-Lube cam followers, miniature cam followers, inch series cam followers, heavy duty cam followers and C-Lube units.

Cam followers

IKO Roller followers

IKO Bearing manufactures a wide range of durable roller followers with needle rollers embedded in thick outer rings, designed for smooth outer ring rotation. Crowned and cylindrical outer ring styles are available to suit a wide range of applications. The outer ring runs directly on the mating track surface. The main roller followers are: split roller followers, non-split roller followers, cylindrical roller followers and C-Lube roller followers.

Roller followers

IKO Shell-type needle roller bearings

Shell-type needle roller bearings are lightweight, thin moving parts designed to handle high speeds or heavy loads, depending on the configuration. The outer ring is made of high-strength steel and has the lowest cross-sectional height of any needle roller bearing with a streamlined profile. Two types of shell bearings are availablecage type and full complement type.

  • Bearings with cages for high speed rotation have precision needle rollers, precisely guided by cages and thrust rings.
  • Full complement roller bearings for heavy loads and low speed rotation are pressed into the housing and do not require any axial locating fixtures, providing an economical alternative for high volume production.
Shell-type needle roller bearings

IKO Machined needle roller bearings

IKO Bearing manufactures a wide range of radial needle roller bearings to meet the requirements of different applications and machine configurations. These include shell-type bearings, needle roller cages for general use and inside engine connecting rods, as well as machined needle roller bearings. The main machined needle roller bearing types are: turned needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings with separable cages, RNAF series needle roller bearings without inner ring and NAF series needle roller bearings with inner ring

Machined needle roller bearings

IKO Combined needle roller bearings

IKO Bearing produces a range of economical combined needle roller bearings, consisting of radial and thrust bearings. Cage needle roller bearings are used as radial bearings, while thrust ball or roller bearings are used as thrust bearings. Available in four styles, the series includes designs incorporating thrust ball bearings, bantalan rol dorong, angular contact ball bearings or three-point contact ball bearings. Applications include machine tools, textile equipment and industrial machinery.

Combined needle roller bearings

IKO Inner ring

The inner ring can be integrated with shell type or various machined needle roller bearings to provide good roller support without the worry of premature shaft wear. We heat treat and grind the inner ring to tight tolerances to create a hard, tough raceway for applications where it is not possible to achieve specific hardness or roughness properties on the shaft surface. They are an economical alternative to bushings as they do not require any additional machining. Wide inner rings can also be used to accommodate axially moving shafts or seals adjacent to bearings. The inner rings are available in a wide range of shaft diameters and the assembly elements include small chamfered or gently tapered receding groove options.

Inner ring

IKO Thrust bearing

IKO Bearing designs and manufactures axial bearings with precision machined cages and rollers to withstand high axial loads in confined spaces. Two types are availablethrust needle roller bearings and thrust roller bearings.
Axial needle roller bearings have needle rollers and cages made from precision formed, case-hardened steel plates.
Thrust roller bearings have cylindrical rollers with cages and are ideally suited to applications requiring high precision at high speeds and fluctuating heavy loads.

Thrust bearing

IKO Roller bearings

IKO Bearing designs and develops compact roller bearings for heavy machinery such as construction equipment and industrial machinery. Three types are available for different applications: Cage roller bearings, full complement roller bearings and roller bearings for pulleys.

Roller bearings

Plain Bearings Products of IKO Bearings

IKO Spherical bushings

Whatever your load handling challenge is, there is a spherical bushing to solve it. Our iko spherical bearing have an inner and outer ring with spherical sliding surfaces that can withstand both large radial loads and bi-directional axial loads. Ada 2 main typessteel-on-steel spherical bushings and maintenance-free Spherical Bushings.


IKO Rod ends

Rod end spherical plain bearings help you achieve precisely controlled movement in articulated mechanisms without misalignment or damaging deflection. These iko spherical plain bearings have uniform clearance between sliding surfaces for better tilting, oscillation, low-torque rotation and smooth power transmission, and provide excellent wear resistance. Ada 2 main typesl-ball rod ends and piloball rod ends

Bantalan IKO

Linear motion rolling guide of IKO Bearing

As an IKO distributor, we can provide a full range of iko linear rails, including spherical rolling guides, roller rolling guides, ball spline rolling guides and other iko linear bearings, please fill out our online form to get the latest iko Bearing price list

IKO Ball Type Linear Motion Rolling Guide

IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of ball guideways to achieve precise linear motion in a variety of industries from semiconductor manufacturing to machine tools. C-Lube models feature built-in lubrication elements to provide long-lasting, maintenance-free operation for 20,000km. IKO linear slide focus on high rigidity for complex loads, quiet operation and other design features to meet specific application requirements.

Ball Type Linear Motion Rolling Guide

IKO Roller Type Motion Rolling Guide

IKO Bearing designs and manufactures a wide range of roller guideways to achieve precise linear machine movements in a wide range of industries from machine tools to semiconductor manufacturing. The C-Lube roller linear guide Super MX guideways and roller linear guide Super X LRX guideways are a range of high performance roller components that offer high rigidity and precision as well as repeatable and smooth linear motion.

Roller Type Motion Rolling Guide

IKO Ball spline linear guides

IKO Bearing designs and manufactures a wide range of compact ball spline guideways to achieve precise linear movements in applications ranging from medical device to semiconductor manufacturing. External cylinders enable smooth linear movements along the spline axis.Including C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG GuidesLinear Ball Spline G Guides,Block Type Linear Ball Spline LSB guides and Stroke Ball Splines.

Ball spline linear guides

Application of IKO Bearing

IKO bearings, guide rails and worktables are widely used in various industries, and are mainly displayed in aerospace, automobile, automation, semiconductor, food and other industries

Display Pabrik dan Gudang

We are professional IKO bearing suppliers and have a large stock of iko linear rails and bearings, please send us the IKO bearing type you need for a free quote!MEMPELAJARI,SKF,HOMO,NSK,KBC, NTN dan merek bantalan lainnya serta bantalan khusus yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan pelanggan telah diproduksi, dikemas dalam kotak di gudang kami, dan sedang menunggu untuk dikemas dan dikirim ke tangan Anda. Silakan kirim model bantalan yang Anda butuhkan, and we will give you the best IKO bearing price.

iko bearing

Pengiriman & Package of IKO Bearing

Pelabuhan pengiriman: Qingdao/Tianjin
Kemampuan Pasokan: 100,000 potongan per bulan

  1. Kantong plastik + kotak tunggal + karton + palet kayu lapis
  2. Kemasan industri netral + kemasan karton netral + palet
  3. Sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan

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