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NACHI has been striving to develop rolling bearings of the highest level. Every production step is carried out and controlled in NACHI’s own factory, from steel mill and heat treatment to parts machining and bearing assembly. Today, NACHI offers a wide range of ball bearings, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and precision roller bearings for the general machinery, agricultural, penularan, fluid, aerospace and demanding automotive industries.

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Bantalan rol Silinder Nachi
Bantalan Rol Silinder NACHI
Bantalan Bola Alur Dalam NACHI
NACHI Ball Bearing Units
NACHI Ball Bearing
Bantalan Rol Tirus NACHI
Bantalan Rol Tirus NACHI
NACHI Self Aligning Ball Bearings
NACHI Self-aligning Ball Bearing
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Bantalan Rol Jarum NACHI
Bantalan Rol Bulat NACHI
Bantalan Bola Kontak Sudut NACHI
Bantalan Rol Dorong NACHI
Bantalan Rol Dorong NACHI
NACHI Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
Bantalan Bola Dorong NACHI
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Product Description of NACHI Bearing

We are an authorized dealer of NACHI bearings. We can provide most of the bearing products in NACHI bearing catalogue. We offer a full line of NACHI products including Ball Bearings, Self-Aligning Bearings, Bantalan Kontak Sudut, Cylindrical Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings and Spherical Bearings at very competitive prices for same day or next day delivery.

NACHI Roller Bearing

The structure of cylindrical roller bearings is the simplest of all radial roller bearings, whose inner ring, outer ring and rollers are in line contact, with a large radial load capacity. They are mainly used for high speed and high precision applications such as; spindle supports for lathes, milling machines and machining centres.

Various Cylindrical roller bearing configurations are:

  • N,NJ,NF,BUKAN,RNU: integral ribs (flanges)
  • NH,NP;NUP;NUH: integral and loose ribs
  • NN,NNU: double-row bearings

Tapered roller bearings can be divided into the following components: cincin luar, cincin bagian dalam dan rakitan rol. In these bearings the inner and outer ring raceways and rollers are tapered so that the surface plane of the raceway intersects the roller axis at one point. The inseparable inner ring and roller assembly is called the “lancip” and the outer ring is called thecup”. The internal clearance is established during mounting by the axial positioning of the cone in relation to the cup. This bearing type can be used in preloaded situations to achieve higher stiffness and better shaft running accuracy.

NACHI double row spherical roller bearings are available with bore diameters ranging from 25 mm to over 1000 mm. This bearing type can withstand medium levels of axial loads in both directions and is self-aligning. Spherical roller bearings are used in paper mill equipment, rolling mills, rolling stock, vibrating screens and general industrial machinery. Spherical roller bearings can be easily mounted and dismounted by using tapered bore bearings in combination with tapered journals, tighteners or withdrawal sleeves. Tapered bore bearings can also be used to precisely set the internal clearance.

Spherical roller thrust bearing and spherical roller bearing is roughly the same, seat ring raceway surface is with the bearing centre axis on the same point as the centre of the spherical surface, this type of bearing roller for the spherical type, karena itu, has automatic adjusting function, the coaxiality and shaft deflection is not very sensitive. Spherical roller thrust bearings are commonly used in injection moulding machines, crane hooks and other large machinery. The cage is made of machined high strength brass or pressed steel.

NACHI Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are the most popular of all ball bearing types as they are available with a wide range of seals, guards and stop ring arrangements. The bearing collar grooves are circular and slightly larger than the radius of the steel balls. The balls contact the raceway points (elliptical contact under load). Inner ring shoulders are the same height (as the outer ring shoulders). Deep groove ball bearings can withstand radial, axial or combined loads and due to their simple design this type of bearing can be produced to provide high running accuracy and high speed operation.

Self-aligning ball bearings have an inner ring and ball assembly contained within the outer ring, which has a spherical raceway for self-alignment. Self-aligning ball bearings are particularly suitable for applications where misalignment occurs due to incorrect mounting or shaft deflection and are usually used in combination with pillow blocks. The cage is made of pressed steel or polyamide resin. Due to the low axial support of the rolling elements by the outer raceway, these bearings can only be used for light axial loads.

Angular contact ball bearings mainly have single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings, combined angular contact ball bearings three. Angular contact ball bearings can simultaneously withstand radial load and axial load. It can work at a higher speed. Semakin besar sudut kontak, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. Contact angle for the radial plane of the ball and raceway contact point line and bearing axis of the vertical line between the angle. High precision and high speed bearings usually take 15 degrees contact angle. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase.

Thrust ball bearing can only bear axial load. The bearing collar mounted on the shaft is called the shaft collar and the one mounted on the housing is called the seat collar. Both washers contain recesses for the ball. There are two types of thrust ball bearings: single type thrust ball bearings which can only withstand axial loads in one direction and double type thrust ball bearings which can withstand loads in both directions.

Ball bearing units provide a convenient method of applying highly reliable rolling contact bearings to applications without the need to manufacture bearing housings.
Typically, ball bearing units are characterised by the following features: self-alignment capability; sealing; easy mounting and dismounting; interchangeability with foreign manufacturing units; and a wide range of types suitable for the application. In addition NACHI ball bearing units have the advantages of ease of use and high reliability.

Other NACHI Bearings

NACHI Precision Bearings

Ball screws are precision components that convert rotary motion into rotational motion and then into linear motion (or vice versa). They are becoming increasingly popular in robotics, machine tool construction and measuring equipment technology. Thrust angular contact ball bearings manufactured for all sizes of ball screw drives have an adjustable preload and are particularly easy to assemble. These bearings have a contact angle of 60°. The large number of balls makes these bearings very robust.

NACHI Sheave Bearings

NACHI Sheave Bearings are full complementary double row cylindrical roller bearings, sealed on both sides, and uniquely designed rubber contact seals prevent dust and water intrusion. Suitable for -30 to +120°C occasions, mainly used in places with heavy loads and relatively low rotation speeds, such as rope wheels, traveling wheels, drums, dll.. of cranes

Application of NACHI Bearing

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We are professional NACHI bearing suppliers and have a large stock of NACHI linear rails and bearings, please send us the NACHI bearing type you need for a free quote!MEMPELAJARI,SKF,HOMO,NSK,KBC, NTN dan merek bantalan lainnya serta bantalan khusus yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan pelanggan telah diproduksi, dikemas dalam kotak di gudang kami, dan sedang menunggu untuk dikemas dan dikirim ke tangan Anda. Silakan kirim model bantalan yang Anda butuhkan, and we will give you the best NACHI bearing price.

Pengiriman & Paket Bantalan NACHI

Pelabuhan pengiriman: Qingdao/Tianjin
Kemampuan Pasokan: 100,000 potongan per bulan

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  2. Kemasan industri netral + kemasan karton netral + palet
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