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新台币 is the third largest bearing manufacturer in the world. It has the ability to produce ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, tapered bearings, 圆柱轴承, 滚针轴承, constant velocity universal joints for automobiles ,ntn linear bearings and other products.As a NTN bearing supplier, we can offer the full range of bearings from the NTN catalogue.

Cooperation Brands& NTN Bearing Supplier

NTN 深沟球轴承
NTN Cylinder Roller Bearing
NTN Pillow Block Bearing
NTN Pillow Block
NTN Needle Roller Bearing
NTN Self-aligning Ball Bearing
NTN Spherical Roller Bearings
NTN Thrust Ball Bearings
NTN Thrust Ball
NTN Tapered Roller Bearings
NTN Tapered Roller Bearings
NTN Thrust Roller Bearings
NTN Thrust Roller Bearings

Product Description of NTN Bearing

We are an authorized ntn bearings distributor. NTN is a leading manufacturer of virtually all bearing types. We can provide most of the bearing products in NTN bearing catalogue. If you need our help, we are happy to help you, you can fill out our online form to chat with a bearing engineer.
We support the full range of NTN-SNR BEARINGS products and specialize in the following products.

NTN Ball Bearing

As a NTN bearing supplier, we can offer a full range of NTN ball bearings.With over 90 years of ball bearing manufacturing expertise, NTN offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry to suit your application. Our ball bearings are available to you off-the-shelf in sizes ranging from 10mm to 320mm outside diameter. Contact us for the latest ntn ball bearing catalog and buy ntn bearings online.

Deep groove or single row radial ball bearings are the most widely used bearings in all general industries. They utilize uninterrupted raceways, making them the best choice for radial loads. NTN radial ball bearings are usually fitted with pressed steel cages but are also available in machined brass or molded nylon. As a ntn ball bearing supplier and distributor,we also offers bearings with locating snap rings on the outside diameter.


Single Row Angular Contact

Single row angular contact ball bearings have raceways with high and low shoulders. These opposing raceways are designed to carry thrust loads in one direction. NTN can preload bearings at the factory to produce the correct load when the bearing is put into service. Bearings in this series are fitted with a specific internal clearance so that they have a specified contact angle under load. The standard contact angle used by NTN is 30°, but in many cases a 40° contact angle can also be specified. We also offer special high-speed bearings with phenolic resin cages and 15° contact angles.

Single Row Angular Contact

Double Row Angular Contact

Double row angular contact ball bearings have an inner and outer ring with double raceways. The orientation of the two rows is such that the contact angle is similar to a pair of back-to-back single row bearings. NTN’s 5200 和 5300 series offer a one-piece inner ring double row raceway that can accommodate thrust loads in either direction. The 3200 和 3300 series have filler grooves so installing them requires a thrust load on the unnotched face of the ring.

Double Row Angular Contact

Insulated Ball Bearings

Electrical pitting often occurs in bearings used in electrical equipment such as electric motors and generators due to current leakage. Currents present in the vicinity of the bearing can flow through the bearing causing the current to arc between the rolling elements and the rolling surfaces. The generated arc will increase the temperature of the steel at the arc point and change the material structure of the steel, which will eventually cause the bearing to fail. Coated bearings or ceramic hybrid bearings can prevent this electrical pitting.

Insulated Ball Bearings

Speciality Ball Bearings

Double row self-aligning bearings use an inner ring with a single spherical raceway. 在这个配置中, the inner and outer rings may be misaligned with each other. The boundary dimensions of self-aligning bearings can be the same as standard ball bearings.We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing Speciality Ball Bearings.

Speciality Ball Bearings

NTN Roller Bearing

As a NTN bearing supplier, we can supply a full range of NTN roller bearings, including Spherical Roller Bearings, 圆锥滚子轴承, Cylindrical Roller Bearings and eedle Roller Bearings.We have ntn bearings for sale online.Please contact our sales managers for ntn bearing price list and ntn roller bearing catalogue.

Spherical roller bearings are designed for extremely demanding applications and must be able to withstand high loads, severe misalignments, contaminated environments, shock and vibration. And since a plant near you offers the highest load ratings and production volumes in the industry, there’s no reason to look elsewhere for spherical roller bearings.We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing spherical bearings.


NTN tapered roller bearings are designed for the most demanding applications in industries such as mining, forestry and steel fabrication. Utilising a tapered roller and raceway arrangement where the rollers and raceways meet at a common apex, NTN’s tapered roller bearing rollers are guided by contact between the large ends of the rollers, providing high capacity for radial and single thrust loads. With nearly 100 million tapered roller bearings produced annually under the NTN and Bower brands, NTN bearings rival all major competitors in the market.


These bearings use cylindrical rollers as rolling elements and have a high load carrying capacity. The rollers are guided by a retaining edge on the inner or outer ring. The inner and outer rings can be separated to facilitate assembly, as they are usually press-fitted to the shaft and housing respectively. This makes cylindrical roller bearings ideal for applications where the shaft is subject to thermal expansion, 例如电动机. We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing Cylindrical Roller Bearings.In addition to normal cylindrical roller bearings, we can also produce insulated cylindrical roller bearings.


Needle roller bearings use small needle rollers (6mm diameter or smaller) as rolling elements. These bearings have a smaller cross-section, higher load carrying capacity, higher stiffness and lower inertia forces, helping to reduce the size and weight of machinery. They are designed to withstand vibration, operate in harsh conditions and are interchangeable with plain bearings.We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing Needle roller bearings.

Needle Roller Bearings

NTN 带座轴承

As a NTN bearing supplier, we can provide full range of NTN bearing units, welcome to contact our online staff to get the latest NTN bearing price.

Flanged disc units or heavy duty disc bearings are primarily used in agriculture. These flanged disc bearings are designed for the most demanding farming applications operating in heavily contaminated environments. NTN’s heavy-duty disc bearings are securely mounted in rugged, corrosion-resistant housings for optimum performance in a variety of environments. NTN bearings are available in a variety of high-quality bore options such as hexagonal, square and round to better meet the high demands you place on this rugged industry.

Flanged Disc Units

The large number of options in the NTN-SNR bearing housing range makes it possible to find a solution for every application. We can offer you.

  • Different types of bearing housings: single-piece or two-piece housings for single or multiple bearings
  • Suitable materials: grey cast iron, ductile iron, special materials
  • Wide range of shaft diameters: from 20 毫米到 480 毫米
  • 2 types of lubrication: grease or oil
  • Different types of bearings in the housing: spherical roller bearings, 深沟球轴承, 圆柱滚子轴承, special bearings
  • A range of sealing systems available, optimally suited to the operating environment: double lip seal, V-ring seal, felt seal, labyrinth seal, flint seal. We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing NTN Bearing Housings.
NTN Bearing Housings

The NTN-SNR self-aligning bearing unit is available in a wide range of over 40,000 possible combinations. It covers most industrial applications and offers a high-quality, value-for-money solution.

Mounting self-aligning bearing units is easy for anyone and requires no specialist technical skills. 实际上, they are very simple: housing + bearing insert.We are a professional NTN bearing supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing NTN Self-aligning bearing units.

NTN Self-aligning bearing units

Application of NTN Bearing

Factory and Warehouse Display

We are a professional NTN bearing supplier and have a large stock of bearing ntn, please send us the bearing type you need for a free quote!

船运 & Package of NTN Bearing

装运港: Qingdao/Tianjin
供应能力: 100,000 每月件数

  1. 塑料袋 + 单箱 + 纸盒 + 胶合板托盘
  2. 中性工业包装 + 中性纸盒包装 + 托盘
  3. 根据客户要求



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