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UBC Bearings is a manufacturer of standard bearings for the aftermarket and OEM as well as engineered bearings specially designed for special applications. As a UBC bearings supplier, we offer a full range of UBC products including Ball Bearings, Self-Aligning Bearings, 각도 접촉 베어링, Cylindrical Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings and Spherical Bearings at very competitive prices for same or next day delivery goods.

UBC Bearings Products

UBC Cylindrical Roller Bearings
UBC Spherical Roller Bearings
UBC Deep Groove ball Bearings
UBC Bearing Units
UBC Tapered Roller Bearings
UBC Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Product Description of UBC Bearings

We provide a full range of UBC bearings, and focus on bearing categories, if you want to buy ubc bearings, please contact us for a ubc price list.

Cylindrical roller bearings are designed for high radial load applications. The bearing designs are available in single row, 이중 행, multiple row, cage or fully complementary construction. Most cylindrical roller bearings are designed with separable inner or outer rings for easy mounting and dismounting.
UBC cylindrical roller bearings have achieved consistently good performance in applications such as compressors, wind power generation, construction machinery pulleys and rolling mills.

UBC 베어링

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of curved rollers and a spherical outer raceway, with the two inner raceways angled at an angle relative to the shaft. This construction allows the bearing to have self-aligning characteristics and is suitable for applications where there are mounting errors or shaft deflection.
UBC’s spherical roller bearings are widely used in coal mining machinery, metallurgical gearboxes, power plants, industrial gearboxes, cement mixers, paper industry, power transmission and other heavy industries.

UBC deep groove ball bearings are made from vacuum degassed steel and advanced heat treatment technology. The material is more resistant to fatigue and deformation than ordinary products. The whole series use rolling elements of grade G10 or above and high quality grease. the tolerance of UBC deep groove ball bearings is generally 2-3um narrower than the ISO standard, and the vibration and noise level is one level stricter than the ISO standard.

The bearing unit is a double sealed ball bearing mounted in the housing for easy installation. The outer diameter of the bearing is spherical, so the bearing is designed to have some alignment properties for the shaft alignment of the installation. The bearing design is sealed with a double lip for operation in harsh environments. The bearings can be fixed to the shaft by means of set screws or adapter sleeves.
UBC bearing units are widely used in many industries such as mining, 야금, agrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, conveying systems, 등.

The inner and outer ring raceways and rolling elements of UBC tapered roller bearings are designed with logarithmic curves, which can effectively reduce the stress concentration on the raceways and increase the service life of the bearings. The rib of the roller adopts hard turning process, and the optimized rib structure helps to reduce friction and improve the lubrication effect of the bearing.
UBC tapered roller bearings are widely used in compressors, pitch and yaw gearboxes for wind power generation, RV reducers for intelligent robots, elevators, industrial gearboxes, 농업 기계, 등.

Angular contact ball bearings are designed with single row, double row and four contact structures. Bearings can bear combined radial and axial loads, and the larger the contact angle, the greater the axial load capacity.
Angular contact ball bearings are mainly used in oil pumps, blowers, 공기 압축기, various gearboxes, 사이클로이드 감속기, 식품 포장 기계, spindles, high-frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators and other industries.

Application of UBC Bearings

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UBC,SKF,궐련,NSK,KBS, NTN 및 기타 브랜드의 베어링 및 고객의 요구에 따라 맞춤형 특수 베어링 생산, 우리 창고의 상자에 포장, and are waiting to be packaged and delivered to your hands.Please send us the ubc bearings model you need, and we will give you the best ubc bearings price.

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