Special Precautions For High Speed Bearing Installation
Special Precautions For High Speed Bearing Installation
Some Skills For Installing Fag Roller Bearing
Some Skills For Installing Fag Roller Bearing

Method For Detecting Installation Failure Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

After the installation of NTN bearing, in order to check whether the installation is correct, operation inspection shall be carried out. Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm whether they rotate smoothly.

The inspection items include poor operation caused by foreign matters, scars and indentation, unstable torque caused by poor installation and poor processing of mounting base, excessive torque caused by too small clearance, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing installation error and sealing friction, etc. If there is no abnormality, power operation can be started.

Power operation, starting from no-load low speed, slowly increase to the rated operation under the specified conditions. During the test run, check whether there is abnormal sound, temperature change Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing of self-aligning ball bearing, lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc.

If any abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately, check the machinery, and remove the bearing for inspection if necessary.

1. The installation and adjustment of low-noise NTN bearings can also follow the grouping method of long-life bearings, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing so that the fit interference is more consistent and the bearing clearance is more consistent. It is hoped that the fit interference will take a smaller value within the possible range to ensure that the deformation of the bearing raceway is small, so as to reduce the noise caused by the passage of the rolling body.

Method For Detecting Installation Failure Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

2. The clearance has a great influence on the noise. The ideal state is that when the NTN bearing is running at high temperature, the clearance value is just zero. Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing The methods to judge the excessive clearance are: the axial displacement of the self-aligning ball bearing in the static state, the reciprocating amplitude is large, and a large and turbid noise is emitted during operation.

3. If there is a nasty shriek during operation, it indicates that the preload of NTN bearing is too large and the bearing has too large pre interference. Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing The preload should be slightly relaxed. If the clearance is too large, the two bearing rings can be slightly offset along the axial direction: it not only reduces the clearance, but also increases the axial rigidity and reduces the bearing noise.

4. When the rolling element enters the no-load area, it will slip or move left and right, which will not only increase the noise, but also cause wear, which can be eliminated by small clearance and large axial stiffness.Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing  However, the clearance should not be too small, so as not to cause excessive temperature and shorten service life.

5. Sometimes, due to the large working temperature range of the main engine or the large dispersion of the size between the shaft and the bearing seat hole, it is impossible to obtain a more appropriate clearance at one time. In this case, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing the elastic constant pressure preloading method can be used for the outer ring of the self-aligning ball bearing.

The joint venture between NTN bearing and shaft is transition joint venture, and the joint venture between race and bearing seat hole is clearance joint venture.

The middle shaft ring of two-way bearing shall be fixed on the shaft to avoid migration and transformation with respect to the shaft. The installation method of bearing is mostly shaft modification under common conditions, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing so the joint venture between inner ring and shaft is win-win joint venture, and the joint venture between bearing outer ring and bearing chamber is clearance joint venture.

When installing the bearing, first fix the dial indicator on the end face of the box shell so that the contact of the dial indicator is against the raceway of the bearing shaft ring. While moving and changing the bearing, observe the pointer of the dial indicator while moving and changing. If the pointer is deflected, it is clear that the shaft ring is not perpendicular to the middle line of the shaft. If the shell hole is deep, it can also be honed with an extended micrometer gauge.

This is a good way to hone the perpendicularity of the shaft ring and the shaft centerline. If the bearing device is installed reversely, not only NTN bearing will not work normally, but also all joint surfaces will be seriously worn. Because the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring is not obvious, special care should be taken in the assembly, and the reverse assembly should not be present.

The accurate time division of the device should be that its seat ring can actively adapt to the rolling of the rolling element and ensure that the rolling element is located in the raceway of the upper and lower circles. In addition, a clearance of 0.2-0.5mm shall be reserved between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole of the self-aligning ball bearing to compensate for the error caused by inaccurate processing of parts and devices.

When the middle of the bearing ring is offset during operation, this clearance can ensure its active adjustment, avoid contact friction and make it operate normally. Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Otherwise, the bearing will be seriously damaged.