Precautions For Lubrication Maintenance And Inspection Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing
Precautions For Lubrication Maintenance And Inspection Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing
Common Maintenance Methods For Prolonging The Service Life Of Ina Micro Bearing
Common Maintenance Methods For Prolonging The Service Life Of Ina Micro Bearing

Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Noise Of Ina One-Way Bearing

Ina One-Way Bearing

INA Bearing has long service life when it has slightly negative running clearance. But in fact, it is very Ina One-Way Bearing difficult to maintain the good state of the bearing. Once some service conditions change,

the negative clearance increases, resulting in a significant decline in the service life of the bearing or heating. Therefore, when selecting the initial clearance, the operating clearance is required to be only slightly greater than zero.

If ina bearing is not used properly in operation, a series of problems will occur, so we should pay attention to these problems in order to find and solve the problems in time, so as to ensure the normal use of one-way bearing. In general, the following three matters should be paid attention to in the operation of outer spherical bearing.

First, check the condition of the Ina One-Way Bearing machine in operation and monitor it to avoid equipment shutdown.

Second, if the bearing lubrication is insufficient or over lubricated, the lubricant contains magazines, the load is too large, the outer spherical bearing is damaged, the clearance Ina One-Way Bearing is insufficient, and the high- temperature friction caused by the oil seal.

Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Noise Of Ina One-Way Bearing

High temperature often indicates that the bearing is in abnormal condition

High temperatures are also harmful to lubricants in bearings. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the lubricant of INA Bearing If the one-way bearing operates for a long time at a temperature of more than 125 ℃, the service life of the bearing will be reduced.

Third, when opening the bearing housing, check the bearing and Ina One-Way Bearing regularly check the oil seal. Check the condition of the oil seal near the bearing to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent hot liquid or corrosive liquid or

gas from penetrating into the outer spherical bearing along the axis. If the bearing is well lubricated and properly blocks sundries and Ina One-Way Bearing moisture, it means that the oil seal should not be worn, If the oil seal is worn, replace it as soon as possible.

Oxidation stability refers to the ability of lubricating grease to resist the action of heat and oxygen and keep its properties from permanent change when it is stored for a long time or used at high temperature for a long time. Due to oxidation, the content of free alkali is often reduced or the content of free organic acid is increased,

the dropping point is reduced, the appearance color is darker, there is a strange odor, the consistency, strength limit and similar viscosity Ina One-Way Bearing are reduced, and corrosive products and substances that destroy the structure of lubricating grease are generated, resulting in the separation of soap and oil.

Therefore, in the long-term storage of lubricating grease, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent sunlight exposure, and the changes of free alkali or free organic acid, Ina One-Way Bearing corrosivity and other items should be checked regularly to ensure its quality and performance.

Common maintenance methods for prolonging the service life of ina micro bearing

Extreme Speed Maintenance Steps Of Ina Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Ina bearing surface is coated with antirust oil. You must carefully clean it with clean gasoline or Ina One-Way Bearing kerosene, and then apply clean high-quality or high-speed and high-temperature lubricating grease before installation and use.

Cleanliness has a great influence on the service life and vibration noise of micro bearings. However, we would like to remind you that there is no need to clean and refuel the fully enclosed bearing. How to choose grease lubrication has a very important impact on the operation and service life of bearings.

Here is a brief introduction to the general principles of selecting grease. Lubricating grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The performance of different kinds and different brands of lubricating grease of the same kind varies greatly, and the allowable rotation limit is different. Be sure to pay attention to it when selecting.

The performance of grease is mainly determined by base oil. Generally, base oil with low viscosity is suitable for low temperature and high speed; High viscosity is suitable for high temperature and high load. The water resistance of thickener determines the water resistance of grease. In principle, greases of different brands cannot be mixed,

and even greases with the same thickener will have bad effects on each other due to different Ina One-Way Bearing additives. When lubricating ina bearings, the more grease, the better? When lubricating micro bearings, the more grease, the better. This is a common misconception.

1. Bearing installation

Whether the bearing is installed correctly affects the accuracy, service life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the installation of INA Bearing. It is hoped that the installation will be carried out according to the operating standards. Items of operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) Clean the bearing and its related parts

(2) Check the size and finish machining of related parts

(3) Installation

(4) Inspection after bearing installation

(5) Supply lubricant

2. Basic condition monitoring of bearing

During use, the basic external conditions of INA Bearing operation should be monitored frequently, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement.

These regular inspections will identify potential problems as soon as possible, prevent unexpected machine stoppage, realize the production plan and improve the productivity and efficiency of the plant.

3. Re lubrication of bearings

In the process of operation, INA Bearing requires correct re lubrication to perfect its performance. The lubrication methods of micro bearings are divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to make the bearing function well, first of all, choose the lubrication method suitable for the use conditions and purposes.

If only lubrication is considered, the lubricity of oil lubrication is dominant. However, grease lubrication has the advantage of simplifying the structure around the bearing.

4. Unloading of bearing

When the bearing will reach its final service life, it should be replaced.

Although ina bearings can no longer be used, correctly removing the original bearings and replacing new bearings in time can play a good role in prolonging the service life of new bearings.

Excessive grease in the bearing and bearing chamber will cause excessive mixing of grease, resulting in extremely high temperature. How to install and disassemble? During installation, do not directly hammer the bearing end face and non stress surface. Use pressure block,

sleeve or other installation tools to make the micro bearing bear uniform stress. If the mounting surface is coated with lubricating oil, the installation will be more smooth. If the fit interference is large, put the bearing into mineral oil and heat it to 90 ~ 100 ℃ before installation.

In case of difficulty in disassembly, it is recommended that you use the disassembly tool to pull outward and carefully pour hot oil on the inner ring. The heat will expand the inner ring of INA Bearing and make it easier to fall off.

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