Precision cylindrical roller bearing
Precision cylindrical roller bearing
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Needle roller bearing

Precision angular contact ball bearings are equipped with various series of products that can choose the best specifications according to different purposes. They are most suitable for machine tool spindles and other rotating bodies that require high vibration accuracy and fast speed.

1. The product lineup includes the basic series of ISO standards to the dedicated series for machine tools.
2. Angular contact ball bearings filled with grease and with sealing rings have been serialized.
3. Robust bearings of high-function series have a strong product lineup, including high-rigidity series to ultra-high-speed series.

High-precision angular contact ball bearings (standard series)

This is the basic series of ISO standard NSK precision angular contact ball bearings.
1. Use long-life bearing steel (Z steel) as the standard material.
2. The 70 series and 79 series products can also be equipped with a sealing ring to increase the grease life by 1.5 times.
3. According to the different types, there are two kinds of cages.

Super high-speed angular contact ball bearings (Robust series)

A series of high-function products that support the high performance of machine tools developed with the essence of proud material technology, evaluation technology and analysis technology.
In addition, the series of products with sealing rings, with their high performance and long life characteristics, can promote the improvement of machine tool reliability, and have good environmental performance and can contribute to energy saving.
1. Low heat, high speed.
2. The X-type product produced by using SHX material with excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, achieves high speed and long life 3.
4. According to different applications, a strong product lineup with different contact angles and ball material specifications has been established.
5. With a wide sealing ring, the grease life is increased by 1.7 times compared with the open type bearing, realizing a long life.

Super high-speed angular contact ball bearings (Robust series SpinShotⅡ)

Pursuing the optimization of refueling, it achieves a further ultra-high speed while achieving unprecedented silence.
1. Using oil-air lubrication, it can achieve 40,000 revolutions per minute on NT#40 level.
2. Compared with the previous oil-air lubrication, the noise is reduced by about 3 to 5dB.
3. Only use about half of the air-filled volume of the previous oil and gas lubrication, that is, reach the speed of 40,000 revolutions per minute.

Ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings (BSR series)

This is a high-precision, ultra-high-speed series product that supports small spindles with an inner diameter of 25mm or less and enables high performance.
1. Ultra-high-speed bearings specially designed for small spindles.
2. X-type products using SHX material with excellent heat resistance and wear resistance have realized long life under high rotation speed.
3. The standard adopts high-precision specifications.

High-speed thrust angular contact ball bearings (Robust series)

The Robust series are angular contact ball bearings used to withstand thrust, achieving high speed and high rigidity.
1. BTR contact angle 40°: Both high thrust rigidity and low heat build-up.
2.BAR contact angle of 30°: Compared with BTR, it pays more attention to high speed.

High rigidity thrust angular contact ball bearings (TAC-F series)

The TAC-F series is a series of angular contact ball bearings that emphasizes high rigidity and is used to withstand thrust.
1. Contact angle 50°: Rigidity is more important than high speed. It is most suitable for powerful cutting and high-rigidity shafts.
2. Non-separable, good operability.