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Bearings for ball screw support
Precision angular contact ball bearings
Precision angular contact ball bearings

Precision cylindrical roller bearings have strong ability to withstand radial loads, and are suitable for areas that require high runout accuracy and fast speed.

1. The product lineup includes the basic series of ISO standards to the dedicated series for machine tools.
2. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings with high rigidity and single-row cylindrical roller bearings with high speed have been serialized.
3. Robust bearings of high-function series are most suitable for high-speed and high-rigidity fields.

Double row cylindrical roller bearings (high rigidity series)

The use of new materials and new designs can improve the performance of the machine tool.
1. Achieved high speed and low heat generation.
2. Realize the long life of grease lubrication.
3. The use of high rigidity PPS resin cage can restrain deformation caused by centrifugal force and realize high-speed and stable rotation.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings (standard series)

This is the basic series of precision single row cylindrical roller bearings with ISO standards.
1. Use long-life bearing steel (Z steel) as the standard material.
2. The use of high-rigidity rolling element guide copper alloy cage.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings (Robust series)

It adopts a high heat-resistant PEEK cage, and the main body uses SHX material with excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance, achieving a high speed of dmn2.2 million.
1. The best design is adopted to achieve low heat generation.
2. The main body is made of SHX material, which improves the seizure resistance, and the roller is made of ceramic material, which improves the reliability.
3. The use of heat-resistant and high-rigidity PEEK resin achieves high speed.