Self-aligning roller bearing
Self-aligning roller bearing
N series thin wall bearing
N series thin wall bearing

In terms of design, the raceway surfaces of the inner ring and outer ring of the tapered roller bearing and the conical apex of the roller converge at a point on the central axis of the bearing. The truncated cone-shaped roller is assembled in the bearing as a rolling element and guided by the large rib of the inner ring.

Tapered roller bearings can bear radial load and unidirectional axial load. When a load is applied to the bearing, an axial component of force will be generated. Therefore, like angular contact ball bearings, two bearings are generally used oppositely, or they must be used in the form of double-row bearings. In this case, you can adjust the distance between the inner ring or the outer ring to set a proper internal clearance.
Because it is detachable, the inner ring and outer ring can be disassembled separately.
As a high load capacity bearing, there is also the HR series with increased roller size and number of rollers.
According to the size of the contact angle, it is divided into ordinary cone angle, medium cone angle and large cone angle bearings.
According to the number of roller rows, it can be divided into double row and four row tapered roller bearings. In general, stamped steel cages are used, and large-size tapered roller bearings also use pin-type cages.

Metric series tapered roller bearings

For medium taper angle bearings and large taper angle bearings of the metric series, the contact angle codes C and D are respectively recorded after the inner diameter code. Ordinary taper angle bearings are not marked with contact angle codes, and medium taper angle bearings are mainly used for pinion shafts of automobile differential devices.
In the high-load capacity HR series, bearings with the basic code marked J, the outer ring width, outer ring raceway small end surface diameter and contact angle are consistent with ISO regulations. Therefore, the inner ring assembly (CONE) and outer ring of the same basic code bearing marked with this code are internationally interchangeable.
Among the tapered roller bearings of the metric series specified by ISO355, there are new sizes that are not based on the 3xx size series used in the past. Some of them are listed in the size table. The width of the outer ring, the diameter of the small end face of the outer ring raceway and the contact angle are consistent with ISO regulations, and the inner ring components and outer ring are internationally interchangeable.

Inch series tapered roller

In tapered roller bearings, in addition to the metric series, there are also inch series. Inner ring components and outer rings of inch series bearings other than four-row tapered roller bearings have their own codes.

Double row tapered roller bearings

Paired double tapered roller bearings and double row tapered roller bearings.