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Source Of Vibration And Noise Of Skf Bearing
Source Of Vibration And Noise Of Skf Bearing
Nsk Imported Bearing Measurement Specification And Error Regulation
Nsk Imported Bearing Measurement Specification And Error Regulation

Reasons For High Temperature Of Fag Bearing In Germany


Generally, the temperature of fag bearing can be inferred from the temperature outside the bearing Reasons chamber. It is more appropriate if the oil hole can be used to directly measure the outer ring temperature of fag inlet bearing.

Generally, the temperature of fag bearing starts to rise slowly with the operation of the bearing, and reaches a stable state after 1-2 hours. The Reasons normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine.

If the lubrication and installation parts are appropriate, the bearing temperature will rise sharply and Reasons Reasons abnormal high temperature will occur. At this time, the operation must be stopped and necessary preventive measures must be taken.

The thermal sensor can monitor the working temperature of fag bearing at any time, and automatically alarm or stop when the temperature exceeds the specified value to prevent the occurrence of combustion shaft accident.

High temperature often indicates that fag bearing has been in abnormal condition. High temperatures are also harmful to bearing lubricants. Reasons Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the lubricant of the bearing. If the temperature of fag bearing exceeds 125 ℃ for a long time, the bearing life can be reduced.

The causes of high temperature fag bearings include insufficient or excessive lubrication and lubricant. It contains impurities, excessive load, bearing ring damage, insufficient clearance, high friction caused by oil seal, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to Reasons continuously monitor the temperature of fag bearing, whether measuring the bearing itself or other important parts. If the operating conditions remain unchanged, any temperature change can indicate that a fault has occurred.

Reasons For High Temperature Of Fag Bearing In Germany

The regular measurement of fag bearing temperature can be aided by a thermometer, such as a digital Reasons thermometer, which can accurately measure the bearing temperature and display it in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Important fag bearing means that when it is damaged, it will cause equipment shutdown. Therefore, this kind of bearing should be equipped with temperature detector. Normally, FAG bearings will have a natural temperature rise after just lubrication or re lubrication and last for one to two days.

Generally, the bearing with operating temperature above 150 ° is called high temperature bearing. When the Reasons operating temperature of chromium bearing steel exceeds 150 °, its hardness will drop sharply and its size will be unstable, so that fag bearing can not work normally. Therefore, for fag bearings operating at 150 ° to 350 ° operating temperature,

if the ferrule and rolling element are still made of ordinary high carbon chromium bearing steel, special Reasons tempering treatment must be carried out for fag bearing parts, which shall generally be tempered at 50 ° higher than the operating temperature.

The bearing steel tempered according to the above requirements can be used normally at working temperature.

However, due to the decrease of hardness after tempering, the service life of fag bearing is reduced.

(1) Clean heat treatment waste water, waste gas, waste salt, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation from heat treatment production will pollute the environment. To solve the environmental pollution problem of heat treatment and implement clean heat treatment (or green heat treatment) is one of the development directions of heat treatment technology in developed countries.

In order to reduce the emission of SO2, Co, CO2, dust and cinder, the use of coal as fuel has been basically eliminated, and the use of heavy oil is becoming less and less. Most of them use light oil, and natural gas is still an ideal fuel. The waste heat utilization of combustion furnace has reached a high degree.

The optimization of burner structure and the strict control of air-fuel ratio ensure the reasonable combustion, so as to reduce NOx and CO to a low limit; Using gas carburizing, carbonitriding and vacuum heat treatment technology instead of salt bath treatment to reduce the pollution of waste salt and CN toxic substances to water sources;

Water soluble synthetic quenching oil is used to replace some quenching oil, and biodegradable vegetable oil is used to replace some mineral oil to reduce oil pollution.

(2) Precision heat treatment precision heat treatment has two meanings: on the one hand, according to the use requirements, materials and structural dimensions of parts, it uses physical metallurgy knowledge and advanced computer simulation and

detection technology to optimize process parameters to achieve the required performance or give full play to the potential of materials; On the other hand, the stability of the optimized process is fully guaranteed, and the product quality dispersion is very small (or zero) and the heat treatment distortion is zero.

(3) Scientific production and energy management of energy-saving heat treatment are potential factors for effective utilization of energy. Establishing a professional heat treatment plant to ensure full load production and give full play to equipment capacity is the choice of scientific management.

In terms of energy structure of heat treatment, primary energy is preferred; Make full use of waste heat and waste heat; Adopt the process with low energy consumption and short cycle to replace the process with long cycle and high energy consumption.

(4) Less and no oxidation heat treatment is from using protective atmosphere heating instead of oxidation atmosphere heating to controllable atmosphere heating with accurate control of carbon potential and nitrogen potential.

After heat treatment, the performance of parts is improved, heat treatment defects such as decarburization and cracks are greatly reduced, finishing allowance after heat treatment is reduced, and material utilization and machining efficiency are improved.

Vacuum heating and gas quenching, vacuum or low pressure carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing and boronizing can significantly improve quality, reduce distortion and improve service life. The heat treatment quality control of fag bearing parts is strict in the whole machinery industry.

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