Function And Method Of Iko Bearing Lubricant
Function And Method Of Iko Bearing Lubricant
How To Maintain Fag Bearings
How To Maintain Fag Bearings

Methods Of Regular Lubrication And Maintenance Of Koyo Bearings

Regular Lubrication 

Koyo bearing lubrication is Regular Lubrication implemented during the planned equipment shutdown and supplemented on schedule. At the same time, the old grease is removed or squeezed out through the oil drain air—

Wipe the grease nipple clean Regular Lubrication before adding fresh grease— If the Koyo bearing box of Koyo bearing does not have an oil filler, open the Koyo bearing box cover or end cover to take out the old grease. After cleaning, add fresh grease of the same model.

In order to ensure the normal Regular Lubrication operation of Koyo bearings, we need to check the oil level and oil quality of lubricating oil on schedule. Generally, the normal oil level should be within 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the equipment oil level window or mark.

The oil replenishment mode is the oil cup, and the oil level displayed only represents the oil Regular Lubrication replenishment capacity, while the oil level of Koyo bearing box meets the operation requirements. If the oil level in the oil cup is lower than 1 / 4 of its total volume, oil replenishment can be considered.

Methods Of Regular Lubrication And Maintenance Of Koyo Bearings

The method of inspection and oil replenishment is to take out a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample and compare it with fresh lubricating oil.

Competent units can consider oil quality test to ensure that the oil quality is qualified— If the sample Regular Lubrication looks like a cloud, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is often called oil emulsification.

At this time, the lubricating oil Regular Lubrication should be replaced— If the sample becomes darker or thicker, it may indicate that the lubricating oil has begun to carbonize, and the old lubricating oil should be completely replaced— If possible, use fresh lubricating oil to flush the oil circuit.

When replacing the lubricating oil, ensure that the new and old Regular Lubrication models of the replaced lubricating oil are the same, and supplement them to meet the required oil level.

Use the oil bath lubrication system. If the oil temperature is below 60 ℃ (140 ° f) and the lubricating oil is not polluted, replace the lubricating oil once a year. If the oil temperature is 60-100 ℃ (140-210 ° f), the lubricating oil needs to be changed four times a year—

If the oil temperature is 100-120 ℃ (210-250 ° f), the lubricating oil needs to be changed once a Regular Lubrication month. If the oil temperature is above 120 ℃ (250 ° f), the lubricating oil needs to be changed once a week.

How to maintain fag bearings

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1. Wipe the cleaned fag bearing dry with dry rags, and then soak it in antirust oil. In this process, the fag bearing should be completely in contact with the antirust oil and rotate the fag bearing continuously,

so that the oil film formed by the antirust oil can cover the surface of the fag bearing and achieve the purpose of antirust.

2. First, put the fag bearing into gasoline for cleaning, wipe off the oil sludge and dust left on the fag bearing, and gently wipe and polish all rusty fag bearings with metallographic sandpaper until there is no roughness by hand.

3. Next, apply lithium grease and butter evenly on the surface of fag bearing, including inner and outer rings, wheels and cage. In addition, the fag bearing is rotated while wiping, so that the butter can really enter the fag bearing to fully lubricate it.

4. The latter process is packaging. In order to save costs, we “turn waste into treasure”, cut the discarded cement packaging bags in the warehouse into packaging bags of appropriate size,

wrap fag bearings tightly, mark the specifications and models of fag bearings, and then put them back on the shelf for storage.