Correct Installation And Antirust Method Of Precision Skf Bearing
Correct Installation And Antirust Method Of Precision Skf Bearing
Installation Of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings
Installation Of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Skf Matched Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

SKF paired single row angular contact balls are 72xx and 73xx series, and the standard accuracy of bearings is P6 (not marked in the bearing model). They can be randomly assembled into back-to-back form or face-to-face form, etc. Their suffix meaning: {todayhot}

B——40°; E – high bearing capacity; CB / GA – clearance / preload

SKF has 3 clearance levels:

CB – standard axial clearance, paired bearing installation;

CC – axial clearance less than CB;

Ca – axial clearance less than CC

SKF also has three preload levels:

GA – light preload;

GB – preload greater than GA grade;

GC – preload greater than GB grade;

Skf Matched Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Cage type:

SKF provides two types of cage bearings for centrifugal pumps in the petrochemical industry. Machine cut brass cage (indicated by M) and impact steel cage (indicated by J). Angular Contact Ball Bearing On the contrary, plastic cage bearings will not be used.

Here, we choose the angular contact ball bearing with suffix becbm to be used in centrifugal pumps in petrochemical industry. This is not only because less bearing Angular Contact Ball Bearing internal clearance (CB grade) after assembly can well control the sliding of rolling elements in the bearing, but also

because the design of machined brass cage is stronger and has higher working reliability than that of impact steel cage. For this reason, Angular Contact Ball Bearing many petrochemical companies are using the bearing with suffix becbm as their standard bearing.

There are two main ways to assemble and disassemble bearings.

First, press the interference ring into the shaft or into the bearing seat hole; First, the inner diameter of the bearing is increased by heating the bearing, Angular Contact Ball Bearing or the outer diameter of the bearing is reduced by cooling the bearing, so that the bearing can be easily installed on the shaft or pushed into the seat hole.

When the pressurization method is adopted, the mechanical force or hydraulic pressure will directly act on the assembled and disassembled seat ring through a special device, and the loading and unloading force is never allowed to be transmitted through the rolling element. Otherwise, it will cause indentation on the surface of raceway and rolling element, increase noise and vibration and cause damage.

If heating or cooling methods are used for assembly and disassembly, the heating temperature or cooling temperature shall be strictly controlled. Because the strength of the working surface of the bearing is affected by the metallographic structure of the metal surface, too high temperature will cause tempering effect; Over low temperature will cause embrittlement of metal surface.

Generally, the heating temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃, and the cooling bottom temperature shall not be below minus 50 ℃. At the same time, the heating shall be uniform. Practice has proved that improper bearing installation is one of the reasons for premature bearing damage. It is very difficult to assemble and disassemble the ferrule with interference.

Therefore, when designing the support, we must consider how to assemble and disassemble the bearing and how to facilitate the assembly and disassembly. For the assembly and disassembly of large bearings in heavy machinery, it is often necessary to design special equipment. If the high-pressure oil is disassembled, the oil circuit, pipeline and pump shall be designed accordingly.