Common Problems In Fag Bearing Installation
Common Problems In Fag Bearing Installation
How To Prevent The Deformation Of Skf Bearing During Installation
How To Prevent The Deformation Of Skf Bearing During Installation

Too Tight Nsk Bearing Installation Seal Will Increase Bearing Friction

Bearing Friction

Causes of bearing rotation difficulty after NSK bearing is installed

After NSK bearing is installed, when turning the outer ring or shaft of NSK bearing by hand, it feels inflexible.Bearing Friction The main reasons are as follows:

1) Dirt such as iron oxide scale and dust enter NSK bearing to produce Bearing Friction pad pressure and grinding;

2) Corrosive media such as water, acid and alkali enter NSK bearing, Bearing Friction causing corrosion of NSK bearing;

3) The clearance of NSK bearing is too small, or the inner ring of NSK bearing expands too much due to Bearing Friction temperature rise during operation;

4) The lubricant is insufficient, excessive or dry;

5) The manufacturing accuracy of, journal, shoulder and NSK bearing Bearing Friction seat is too low or deformed in use;

6) Incorrect installation and sealing, such as too tight sealing or friction Bearing Friction between sealing parts and relevant parts;

7) . cage deformation;

8) For NSK bearing with preload, the axial preload is too large.

NSK bearing is bound to overheat in the process of operation or high-intensity operation environment. Bearing Friction Therefore, in order to prevent the damage of NSK bearing caused by heat phenomenon, we must not take corresponding measures.

Too Tight Nsk Bearing Installation Seal Will Increase Bearing Friction

(1) Strictly control lcrl8ni9]ri the forging heating temperature and Bearing Friction heating and holding time of stainless steel box and flange parts to prevent the workpiece from overheating and coarse grain defects.

(2) The heat preservation temperature of the bearing should not be too high for 1150 # min, and the heat preservation time of the bearing should not be too long. The heat preservation temperature should not be higher than 1 “NSC”.

(3) In the forging production of workpiece, if the forging ratio is too small and the final forging temperature is too high, it is also easy to have coarse-grained structure defects. The forging ratio of workpiece should be appropriate and sufficient and the final forging temperature should be moderate.

(4) For the coarse workpiece with overheated structure, the method of forging and refining grain can be used to eliminate defects, prevent orange peel surface defects during cold deformation and improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

In order to ensure a high actual matching effect, the roughness of the surface matching the shaft and seat hole with NSK bearing shall be as small as possible.

During the above measurement, two groups of marks indicating the direction of large deviation shall be made on the outer circle and inner hole of NSK bearing and the corresponding surface of shaft and seat hole on both sides close to the assembly chamfer, so that the large deviation of matching two sides can be aligned in the same direction during actual assembly, so that the deviation of both sides can be partially offset after assembly.

The purpose of making two groups of orientation marks is to comprehensively consider the compensation of deviation, not only improve the rotation accuracy of the supports at both ends, but also partially eliminate the coaxiality error of the seat hole between the two supports and the journal at both ends. The surface strengthening measures for the mating surface, such as sand blasting and plugging the primary inner hole with a slightly larger diameter precision plug column, are conducive to improving the mating accuracy.